Uneven Ears

Since returning from Toronto last week, I've had a bit of a cold. I knew things were a bit off when my ears wouldn't pop after landing at the airport. When I got home late that night, I chewed on some gum hoping it would help. Nope, no such luck. 

Sunday afternoon I tripped on our own front steps. I did one of those sweet moves where I thought one more step remained and didn't. I fell to the pavement and looked around to see anyone saw me. Ugh, I saw one neighbor looking out her kitchen window. I picked myself up, smiled, and waved to her. Embarrassed, I hurried back inside our house to clean up my left knee and right hand which were used to brace my fall. 

Monday morning, I gingerly walked up the work stairwell with a latte and oatmeal in my left hand. Somehow I tripped and dropped my caffeinated beverage and oatmeal. I got lucky this time though and only a few drops oozed out of the cup. 

I held my breath Tuesday, hoping for the best. They say things happen in threes so I was on high alert all day. I dodged cars, electrical cords, and various other obstacles throughout the day. I broke the curse. The cold still lingers today. When I blow my nose, my ears pop as if driving over a mountain pass, but no more bruises and no more falls since Monday. [knock on wood]
Friday's Forestry Fact: the very top part of a tree is fundamental to a tree's survival. The top portion of a tree is called the leader. The leader's objective is to retrieve as much sunlight as possible.  The more sunlight the leader can harness, the healthier the tree will be.   The practice of topping a tree isn't a good idea since it compromises the tree's health.

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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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11 Responses to Uneven Ears

  1. As it is said (and sung) in the South Park movie, “BLAME CANADA!”

  2. tori says:

    I had a clumsy day like that on Tuesday. All day I just kept doing one thing after another. I felt like I should just go back to bed but that wasn’t an option. Luckily I am ok with laughing at myself…I laughed a lot that day.
    My ears are always horrible on planes. That is the main reason I hate to fly. Hope yours feel back to normal soon!

  3. egan says:

    Essentially Me – I would never blame Canada for anything. You folks north of 49th parallel are marvelous. You look marvelous.
    Tori – funny you should mention the ears thing. Ever since I wrote this post, my ears are all good. Now I need to blog about my erectile dysfunction. Traveling is fun.

  4. Chris says:

    Hi Tim,
    I was entertained somewhat by Survivor Gabon though right from the picking of the tribes it was obviious how ou of balance they would be.
    No characters stand out as of yet other that that annying lady that got voted off in the second hour – time will tell.

  5. meno says:

    Last week i spilled three drinks (2 iced tea and 1 water) in one day. After the third one, i put myself on bed rest.
    I like the tree fact. I didn’t know that, but it makes sense.

  6. thistle says:

    my first thought every time i wipe out…after ‘owww’ and ‘damn, hope no one saw that’..is whether or not i can get a day off out of it…and then i lay there and see how much it hurts…hoping hoping hoping…sadly, i’ve yet to score some sick time out of it…
    but hey, how about that Canadian girl…3200?! hits for her debate drinking game…it’s standing room only over there the past 24hrs…

  7. JLee says:

    Damn that equilibrium!! Not sure if I spelled that right? My ears are clogged, but not from a cold…from freakin’ allergies!! I found a giant ragweed growing in my backyard which didn’t help. Maybe you should get a temporary walker? ha

  8. qt says:

    Dude – CUIDADO!!! You’ve got Baby Singe to support!

  9. egan says:

    Chris – ha, glad you got your call from Tim. He’s eagerly awaiting your feedback. I missed The Amazing Race premiere. I guess I know what I’ll be doing during my lunch hour.
    Meno – the term “leader” isn’t really a fancy term, but it does make sense. They’re most common on conifers. Bed rest when spilling drinks is a must.
    Thistle – what Canadian girl are you talking about for 3200 hits? Brandy? She’s a sharp cookie and I noticed someone had the audacity to attack her and not call her funny. Oh well. Wiping out and then knowing people saw you, I think that’s the best part. Humility.
    JLee – a big wheel is more my style. Allergy season is short lived here, but very strong at the beginning of spring. Good luck with that.
    QT – very true. If I fall and break my neck, who will support our child? I’m worth heaps of money I tell you. More importantly, who will blog?

  10. sari says:

    I enjoy your forestry facts!

  11. egan says:

    Sari – I’m glad you enjoy them. I will do my best to make them a weekly feature. Who says trees are boring?

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