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Things that Begin with the Letter C

Crooks, criminals, Canada, and chill. Things were going so well this week. I nearly nabbed some crooks during a robbery. It turns out the real joke was on me though as a thug tried to break into our house later … Continue reading

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FKT: Onesie

Enter your own caption. Onesies are abundant in our home so I snatched one and placed it atop my head. Creative? Not so much. This post proves no political affiliation whatsover and hasn’t been endorsed by any candidate, including Ralph … Continue reading

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All the Lights are Changing Green to Yellow

Neither here nor there. It’s not as though I don’t have anything to say. All of you know that’s definitely not the case. I suppose I’m in one of those listening moods these days. There’s so much happening and my … Continue reading

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They Named a Town After Me

Last we spoke, I drove through boring Kansas, staying overnight in a lonely Wichita motel room. From there it was on to southern Arkansas where my friend and his wife were living. It was my first chance to see a … Continue reading

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Joe the Blogger

Joe the Blogger wants to be recognized. Who cares about Joe Six Pack or Joe the Plumber? I’m a blogger and I have needs. I need to know which candidate for President will best suit my needs. Somedays I’m torn … Continue reading

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Strutting About Daycare

So yeah, we have our daughter enrolled in a weekly music class. I’m in the habit of visiting her during her thirty minute music session. I scurry across the street, peek in her class window from outside, and see her … Continue reading

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Names Will Never Hurt Me

No, go get him. Tackle him, he’s got the ball… not me. When I was little I had a tremendous group of childhood friends. We did many things together to keep ourselves busy. I was rarely home after the bus … Continue reading

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