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It’s gut check time here politically speaking as we’re less than 4 weeks away from electing a new president. After watching parts of the first three debates, there’s something bothering me. Well more than one thing, but one which I’m seeking some feedback. We all know Palin is nutty, that’s not up for debate.

Seriously though, I want to know how America can tell other countries what they can and can’t do within their own borders. Why is it okay for America to build nuclear weapons, but not okay for Iran or North Korea? Hell, try trespassing on Joe American’s rural acreage and someone will likely shoot your eye out.

What makes the reasons any different for North Korea or Iran? Why can’t they build nuclear weapons if we continue to amass our own arsenal? By no means am I condoning political activity by either country, but let’s call a spade a spade. Our actions locally and abroad don’t warrant any bragging Country of the Month awards. You know…


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26 Responses to Those Countries

  1. meno says:

    It’s the schoolyard bully mentality. Or as my dad used to say, “Because i’m bigger than you.”
    It doesn’t make me proud, rather the opposite.

  2. justrun says:

    I’m just asking. I don’t really have a definitive answer, and I’ve questioned this myself.

  3. thistle says:

    i could make some comments here that would probably bring me some hate mail, which i’m just not prepared to deal with right now, so i won’t…but i did read a comment somewhere (wish i could remember but i don’t, may have been someone criticizing the Mayor of Wasilla)that pointed out that your current administration ‘lacked intellectual curiousity’ and hence was dangerous in it’s complete inability to view or appreciate the rest of the world’s diversity of government/religion/history etc…i thought that described the situation pretty well…not all countries are ready to be democracies and trying to ram it down there throats for their own good (and your own agenda)is not necessarily going to work…it’s just not that simple to changes 1000’s of years of history and culture…not sure why they can’t get that…
    and…once again i have broken my rule about ranting…uh..commenting on another country’s political situation…sorry 😳

  4. Gwen says:

    You really have to ask? Because we are god’s gift to the world. Kind of like you and women, Egan. So you should understand.

  5. egan says:

    Meno – I would agree. What sort of leadership role are we setting if we can’t lead by example?
    Justrun – I think you’re right, intent. I guess “intent” is so vague and is precisely the excuse Mr. Bush used about seven years ago to build a case for entering Iraq and Afghanistan. Six years later and “intent” has not be proven. I hear you though and I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking about this.
    Thistle – please don’t censor your comments. You’re free to say what you want. Afterall, we blow the “free speech” bit all the time. Might as well speak your mind on a blog. It’s very true that not all countries are ready or willing to have a democracy. We may think it’s the best way to go, but it’s not a perfect system. All you have to do is turn on a tv a few weeks before elections to see this illustrated rather well.
    Gwen – oh yeah? Tell me more. Me and women? Clearly you jest. I do think this is one of the funnier comments I’ve read on my blog in sometime. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. mone says:

    Thats what I used to ask my husband a few years ago. He was totally convinced that “somebody needs to be in charge”.
    But why America?
    “Who else could it be? We are the biggest country in the world.”
    Me – shaking head.

  7. mez says:

    How do I put this without offending thee, whom I think is the beez neez? Know that I say this with present company excluded but it’s got something to do with you guys being arseholes 😛

  8. churlita says:

    I know. We have the world’s biggest entitlement issues. Can you imagine if N. Korea had been the country who accidentally bombed the Chinese embassy back that many years ago instead of us? Yeah.

  9. ubermilf says:

    We’re not going to be the biggest anymore. I could point fingers (BUSH) but that’s beside the point.
    I have many reasons to believe that the US is run by jerks, but that China is even worse. And because of Bush’s policies, we very well may need to do what CHINA says from now on.

  10. egan says:

    Mone – I think many Americans believe we need to be in charge, but I also think America’s run will end in my lifetime. Every country has their time and there are signs ours is eroding.
    Mez – you don’t offend me with this. It’s no surprise my country is a bit full of itself. I think it’s just assumed we’re the best and we should lead the world. I’ve got news for those people though, there are other amazing countries out there. Sort of like there’s always “another fish in the sea”.
    Churlita – I can’t even imagine how that scenario would have played out. It would be a disaster. But for some reason we can wink ourselves out of trouble.
    Essentially Me – is this all you have to say?

  11. Golden says:

    I agree with Thistle, and I’m ..choke.. cough.. American. I know that won’t make me very popular, but I honestly don’t…care.
    My Grandpa was Canadian… don’t I get any extra, Canadian-like rights? Can’t I be a Canadian?

  12. brandy says:

    Hey dude. I like that you wrote about this- good topic. I’m with justrun on this one. Intent matters. But I also think government stability does too.
    Unlike the United States, both North Korea and Iran have governments that strongly repress opposition. Many consider North Korea a dictatorship, while Iran represses parties that disagree with the main voice of government. For me, (although it would be great to live in a world sans weapons of nuclear destruction), it’s imperative to consider who is actually in charge of nuclear weapons, who would make the call to use them. In a country that supports democracy, there’s a greater chance of transparency- of people knowing what a leader or the majority party of a government wants to do with the weapons and of a leader using the weapon as a last resort, instead of a first option.
    I’m not sure if that really makes sense, and let me be clear in saying that I really do know what you are saying- it’s hard to want to follow a country that says ‘do what i say, not what i do’.

  13. I have wondered this many times. As a neighbour in the North, I have found myself shaking my head in disbelief, frowning in wonder and swearing at the apparent arrogance! Please, gather your comments and post the results.

  14. sari says:

    As I have spent the entire day preparing for, enjoying and (kind of) cleaning up after my one year old’s birthday party, I will sidestep (for now) the whole issue of this current debate to say that my friend Hilda put up a “Palin Flow Chart” that I thought was pretty funny and you might like to check it out:

  15. Candace says:

    So, like, the world needs more nukes?

  16. thistle says:

    After reading a few comments here, i’m feeling a need to comment again myself, as i love a good discussion about the state of the universe. Re: countries such as N. Korea and Iran et al…and government instability. Instability in a country (and global aggression) is often borne of poverty and need, not just dissatisfaction with the policies of a particular regime. We see that in our own countries here in N.America as both Canada and the US are struggling with the economic issues that are inflaming the political rhetoric and terrifying people into withdrawing their life-savings from the bank. Repression is abhorent, but so is illiteracy, starvation, and lack of basic medical care and central plumbing. If we must get involved, perhaps we need to assist other countries in battling some of these issues in addition to, or perhaps even prior to helping them to find the democratic way.
    And re: transparent governments…in a perfect world, a democratic government IS more transparent…i certainly like to think of the Canadian gov’t as being pretty straightforward in their actions and goals…but i’m not as confident about the US gov’t…eg. can anyone tell me why they went into Iraq in the first place…anyone?…cos i’m just not buying that whole WMD story…never have, never did…at all.
    sorry for being so long-winded…

  17. brandy says:

    Thistle, I definitely agree with a lot of what you said. Especially in regards to Canadian government being more transparent in their actions than the United States. At least, as a Canadian that’s what it seems like. As for assisting other countries in the areas of illiteracy, starvation and medical care, I definitely think those are important. And you are right- I do think instability is often borne from need, but not always.
    My issue I guess relates to when governments such as Canada and the United States offer money to aid countries in such dire need of assistance, a country that IS a dictatorship, chances are they are not going to be open to receiving aid, and if they do it’s hard to ensure that the money and supplies given are going to those who need it most (this has been the case most recently with many African nations who have received over $500 billion in aid and with the consensus being that much of that will never affect the people who need it most because the government has misused it). This doesn’t mean I think the best way to solve the world’s problems is to shove the idea of democracy down the throat of every nation. Nor do I think that a country needs to be a democracy before we can offer our help, but I guess the idea of giving money to countries who are not democratic and hoping they do the right thing with it just doesn’t really sit well with me- unless third parties such as international organizations are involved to help ensure at least some of the aid reaches those who need it. In short, I have no great answers.

  18. thistle says:

    absolutely agree brandy…recent attempts at aid have been exercises in frustration for the nations offering their assistance…so there are no simple solutions. Not even education, as i can personally attest that there were a number of Iranian students at the University i attended in the 80’s, that presumably returned home along with others who also pursued education in the western world, and still Iran…although now a psuedo-democracy…continues to be nation whose foreign policies scare the hell out of the rest of us…so much for western education and democratic reforms…they appear to have learned enough to make themselves appear more open and respectable, while keeping the wooden spoon hidden behind the door…
    ps…5 two-nies says egan is sitting back and getting a kick out of watching 2 Canadians debate foreign affairs on his site LOL…

  19. egan says:

    Golden – I agree with Thistle on this issue as well. I’m not sure when and where we stopped teaching other governments, but it appears it’s democracy or it’s not.
    Brandy – great point about the transparency. I guess that’s in theory because I swear so much stuff happens behind closed doors, Average Citizen has no clue what’s going on. I think that’s by design. Only ruffle the feathers when needed.
    Extraordinary Machine – gather my results I will. So far it looks like most commenters feel the same as me. It appears you Canadians are tired of the nukes just like I am.
    Sari – I hope your weekend was fun like ours. I’ve seen the Palin flow chart and it’s brilliant. Somebody nailed that puppy.
    Candace – um, yeah… bring on the nukes. NOT!
    Thistle – it was pretty clear to me we went into Iraq to finish something Bush Sr. didn’t accomplish, removing Saddam from power. They tried to fool us with WMD and links to terrorists, but none of that has been proven. I do believe a government is as transparent as the effort put forth by its voters. The information is out there, but most US voters are lazy and have to be coerced into showing up on election day.
    Brandy – your point about aid and it getting to the people who do in fact actually need it, is sobering. I’ve read all about this and it happens very close to home. I’m sure it happens within our borders and I read about it Haiti as well. There are no good answers, but it’s good we can talk about steps needed to help those suffering, democracy or not.
    Thistle – ha, I did chuckle to myself about Canadians discussing US politics, but not because they shouldn’t. Canadians, and people from all over the globe, seem to know a lot about America. My country does put itself out there so it goes with the territory. You said “two-nies”. I love it!
    CANADIANS – happy thanksgiving day! Enjoy your Monday off day.

  20. Yup. I want no part of this conversation so a “hi” was all you got.

  21. egan says:

    Essentially Me – you never want to talk about the issues that matter most. You’re all about teaching, Facebook, YouTube finds, etc. Ha, I kid. You’re a wise one.

  22. Cheryl says:

    I’ve asked that question so many times. And really, don’t have an answer. But it does make us look like hypocritical bullies.

  23. egan says:

    Cheryl – yeah, that’s kind of my takeaway from this. I don’t get how we’re supposed to lead by example in this scenario.

  24. Um, because we have nukes, that’s why.
    Seriously, I agree with Brandy about govt stability for not only the weapons themselves but potential diversion of nuclear materials.

  25. egan says:

    Hello Gorgeous – Hello and welcome to my blog. I guess I want to know the parameters for “stability”. I feel we should lead by example instead of empty threats. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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