They Named a Town After Me

Last we spoke, I drove through boring Kansas, staying overnight in a lonely Wichita motel room. From there it was on to southern Arkansas where my friend and his wife were living. It was my first chance to see a familiar face since leaving Portland a week ago and my first opportunity to visit a nifty Wal*Mart.

I drove vast distances the first week in order to attend a weekend wedding in Memphis. Prior to leaving my friend’s Arkansas house Saturday morning, their phone rang. My girlfriend called with some news. She was pregnant! I kid. She purchased a one way ticket to Chicago, where her mom resides. She would meet me in the Windy City in three weeks. Suddenly my mildly aimless road trip required a bit more planning to make it to Chicago in three weeks. My funds weren’t growing so perhaps it was good have an “end game”.

We drove a few hours from their Arkansas dwelling to Memphis for the lavish evening wedding. We saw Graceland, saw some not so picturesque parts of Memphis, touristy locales, and got drunk on the famous Beale street in the process. We drove back to Arkansas Sunday afternoon, recuperating in front of the tv that night.

After spending the weekend in Arkansas/Tennessee, it was time to head south Monday morning. I drove through humid Lafayette and pulled up shop at another KOA campground ten minutes west of town near Egan, Louisiana. I visited my namesake town for some fun photo opportunities. (pictures to come later)

Tuesday morning I rolled up my tent and drove east to New Orleans, parking my car in the French Quarter. I scouted out suitable restaurants and admired the city’s architecture. What a great place to sample the local food offerings, or so one might think. I found a Wendy’s, ducked inside, and ate some food. I slowly made my way back to my parked car, noticing people walking around with their alcoholic beverages. We have “open container” laws in my neck of the woods prohibiting the transportation of alcoholic beverages between establishments.

Paranoid about theft, I hightailed it back to my Honda destined for the next big city, Atlanta, Georgia. One of my brothers had relocated there from Seattle about a year or two before my road trip. Tuesday was memorable for two reasons: warm ocean water and hurricane damage. I’d never felt warm ocean water and never personally witnessed hurricane destruction. Both intrigued me immensely. In Biloxi, Mississippi where both paths merged near abandoned casinos and beaches, one could easily see the impact of Hurricane Georges in the region.

I arrived in Atlanta late Tuesday night. I spent three or so days in Atlanta from what I can remember. Great timing, my sister was also in town for a softball tournament. It was nice to see her and my older brother. I accompanied my sister to Six Flags one of the days. We don’t have amusement parks in Seattle due to our perpetual gray weather. My visions of Atlanta were different than the reality. I pictured a flat brown landscape, but Atlanta is hilly and was far greener than expected. I hit the touristy Stone Mountain and some covered bridge near it. My brother and I went out a few times as I was introduced to the swanky Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta and some dance clubs. The guys loved me!

Next up, Charlottesville, Virginia! My buddy, Cy, who happens to be celebrating a birthday today, October 17th, attended law school at the University of Virginia. I’ve known Cy since grade three. I spent a couple nights in Virginia and also visited some historical sights such as Yorktown, Thomas Jefferson’s house in Monticello, Richmond, and the Confederate Museum. Not only did I get to meet up with Cy, but my other childhood friend Mike was stationed in Newport News. The three of us have been close friends since grade school so it was a unique treat to spend the weekend together on the other side of the continent.

Trip tracker:

1. Portland –> Boise, Idaho
2. Boise –> Provo, Utah
3. Provo –> Denver, Colorado
4. Denver –> Wichita, Kansas
5. Wichita –> Monticello, Arkansas
6. Monticello –> Memphis, Tennessee
7. Memphis –> Lafayette, Louisiana
8. Layfayette –> to Atlanta, Georgia
9. Atlanta –> Charlottesville & Newport News, Virginia


About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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14 Responses to They Named a Town After Me

  1. How funny! They named Jesus’ mother after me!

  2. Golden AKA Katrina says:

    Wow, they named a Hurricane after me!
    It was funny at first.. ‘Katrina blows through Louisiana!!’ Ahahahaaa.. but then.. it wasn’t so funny anymore. Relevance you ask? Well.. didn’t you mention New Orleans? Then see.. up there.. they got started talkin about being named after stuff too.. and .. well.. I have apparently had too much coffee. I also did Hot Yoga today.. wow.

  3. Let’s see…..there are a few songs named after me – Jenny Jenny …867-5309iaian….did I sing that right? Besides I like to be called Jenn…

  4. JLee says:

    Sorry, that song was named after me. I called DIBS! lol

  5. Diane Mandy says:

    Egan? WHo knew?
    They names a steak after me!

  6. churlita says:

    I’m named after a castle in Ireland, which also just happens to be the name of a plantation in a novel that takes place in the south too. I don’t think there are any towns in this country that I share a name with.

  7. Cheryl says:

    How fun! There’s a city in Minnesota named after you too, but they added an “a” between the E and G. Sigh…

  8. sprizee says:

    I was named after one of my dad’s ex-girlfriends. I was suppose to be named April because I was scheduled to arrive in April (real creative mom!). But I arrived early so I got the ex-girlfriend’s name instead. Strange. Yep!

  9. egan says:

    Essentially Me – wow, I didn’t know where your name originated. So cool. I thought it was from the Sound of Music.
    Amy – yes, you didn’t know I had a sister? She’s much older than me, but has a big role in who I am today.
    Golden – I don’t recall Hurricane Golden, but I guess I don’t remember all of them. Hot yoga? You’re a stud. I can hardly take hot showers let alone exercise in a hot room.
    Jenn – I knew a few Jenns growing up. They all seemed like wonderful people. I’m guessing you’re no different.
    JLee – now stop fighting over Tommy Tutone’s lame one hit wonder. Both of you are better than that crummy song.
    Diane Mandy – steak? Wow, I think I will pass on having edible stuff named after me.
    Churlita – hm, we could change that. Let’s bid on a town so we can own it and then change the name. Ebay oftentimes has towns for sale. Maybe there’s one in Alaska with about 7,000 people you could buy.
    Cheryl – I know that town well. I hear about it more often than any other. There are three cities named Egan in the US. Egan, Louisiana, Egan, Illinois, and Egan, South Dakota. Lucky me.
    Sprizee – you’re very very funny young lady. No, I will not Twitter. Your name has an interesting origin.

  10. Amanda says:

    I don’t think I was named after anything or anyone. They just liked the name…. :(.
    On a brighter note, I left you a “Superior Scribbler” award on my blog.

  11. brookem says:

    i think it’s cool your documenting this whole trip now. i kind of miss the italics though?
    what did you think of six flags? are you an amusement park type of guy? too bad you don’t have more around you!

  12. egan says:

    Amanda – are you certain you weren’t named after Amanda Bynes? I kid. You gave me an award? Lucky me. Let me take a peek. Thank you very much.
    Brookem – you don’t miss the italics. You’re the one who complained about them. I thought Six Flags was a hoot, but I had only been to one amusement park before that, the Marriott’s Great America in Santa Clara, California before you were born.

  13. Dagny says:

    No, no, no. Thomas Jefferson’s home is called Monticello — which is located on the edge of Charlottesville in lovely Keswick County. Sorry but my mama, the proud Virginian, would have wanted me to say that.
    I have spent loads of time on the roads between Charlottesville, Richmond and Tidewater. That would be during those years before I came to my senses and dropped out of law school at that other fine Virginia institution.

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