Feel free to skip the video if you’ve had enough election coverage for awhile. I’ve never seen my fair city this pumped about anything positive that doesn’t involve sports. Therefore I had to record the excitement unfolding on 5th Avenue South.

Election tidbits:

  • I’m of the opinion the close race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was a good thing. It got Barack battle ready before the real deal, like a dry run. I know there were Barack supporters upset Hillary didn’t concede earlier, but I think it was critical for her to stay in the race.
  • I listened to a Kansas voter call CNN today. She thinks Americans have forgotten about 9/11 based on the results of yesterday’s election. Hello Kansas Lady, we haven’t forgotten one bit, but we’ve moved on. Americans will never forget that awful day as long as we live. However, there’s also something to be said for moving on. September 11th was more than seven years ago and our country is a vastly different place than it was then.
  • Along the 9/11 lines, last night and today I feel global support. I feel loved. I feel like America has surfaced again on the world front. After the horrific events of September 11th, the world had our backs. Pleas of encouragement flooded the internet from around the globe. World leaders offered their sympathies, their financial resources, and even their troops. A couple years later we had eroded the international support due to nefarious acts in the Middle East. Today, I feel the world community once again has our backs.
  • Gracious in defeat. I found McCain’s concession speech very impressive. I think he did our country a great service by attempting to heal the wounds of a bitter election. Sure he wasn’t my pick, but there’s something to be said for the polish he displayed Tuesday night. Barack’s speech, not too shabby either.

    Final thought: I’m very excited about what happened last night. Barack accomplished something I never thought I’d witness in my lifetime. The road ahead will not be easy though as all of us have our work cut out. Don’t tune out politics. Please stay involved, informed, and don’t be afraid to laugh.

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    Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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    19 Responses to O-Hell-Ya

    1. SM says:

      That’s crazy, yo! Crazy awesome.

    2. SM says:

      I love it when you add stuff after you initially post something. Keeps us on our toes.
      I am so glad that I’m not the only one who feels that it is time to move on from 9/11. No, we won’t ever forget that day – the fear and terror we all felt. And we shouldn’t. But at the same time, we can keep that day in our minds and hearts without reliving it every single day as some do.

    3. egan says:

      SM – crazy, cool, amazing, a shock, … I could go on and on. It’s done though and I think this is going to change things big time. Yeah.
      I know, I added stuff after the fact because I had some stuff to get off my chest. Politics do that to me. Yes, 9/11 will always live on in our minds and hearts. It doesn’t mean we govern out of fear. We’ve moved on.

    4. sprizee says:

      Happy happy joy joy.
      You know what I loved about yesterday? That it didn’t take another tragedy (like September 11th) to unite us. It was amazing going out last night and celebrating. People were happy, and drunk on victory but they kept things peaceful and sane.
      You know what’s more amazing? This…
      I finally verified a rumor I heard this morning…tracking it down in a Komo article:
      …police say the scene was very peaceful, and when the party began to wane, people grabbed brooms and starting sweeping up the mess, with officers thanking them as they drove through.
      Let’s have a huge party, drink in the streets, crowd surf, hug everyone, then clean up after ourselves! No one was arrested and the parties were peaceful. Go figure. I love you Seattle.


    5. egan says:

      Sprizee – that is awesome. I am so glad things didn’t get ugly and no cars were overturned. That’s not the way to celebrate no matter what. Get rowdy,sure. Get drunk, sure. Get stupid and overturn cars and fight with police, not cool. We have a pretty great city if you ask me. I’m terribly biased though.

    6. Very well put, my friend! And the video is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    7. egan says:

      Essentially Me – thank you for the kind words. The video is alright. Tough to see much, but the audio is really what it’s all about.

    8. justrun says:

      That’s a great video. When was the last time people all across the country cheered and honked in the streets about anything? Things like that are what makes this different, and I just hope in time the people that cannot see that, will.

    9. kirk says:

      It is a good day in America. I’ve never been so proud. I’m especially excited by the excitement shared by those around the world. A collective sigh from around the globe: Maybe that America we loved is back.

    10. Maggie says:

      Personally, I believe if we continue to use 9/11 as a fear tool, or a war tool, or even a patriotic tool, then we are giving the bad guys what they want. They took something from us, it’s time to take it back. Our spirit, indomitable and free.
      I also feel that ‘the world’s got our back’ feeling. I’m excited to go out in public and speak with fellow Canadians who will not now ask me, “Why did you vote for that guy?” And I can proudly say this time around, “I voted for this guy, and I’m a proud American”.

    11. sizzle says:

      Great post- and yes, let’s stay involved. We have to! We have to participate in the change we want.
      The revelry in Seattle was awesome. I felt a part of something phenomenal.

    12. thistle says:

      great post…and the wind we had up here yesterday i believe was from that collective sigh of relief that the UNIVERSE breathed. So happy for you all…good job from an organized community 😉

    13. Golden says:

      The theme here seems to be this: We are all proud to be Americans again. As I watched the events unfold last night, and as I listened to BOTH McCain and Obama’s speeches all I could think was ‘Yes, this is the America I know and Love’ I also got to share my evening with an African American man, and I felt lucky to be able to share in what he experienced last night. I didn’t vote for Barack because he was Black, I voted for him because he is the BEST choice, by far, for too many reasons to list. However, the very fact that he IS Black, shows me that we ARE moving in the right direction. I can only hope that this helps our country to heal even more.

    14. kristin says:

      It’s an amazing and wonderful time… I kept blathering to my kids, “This is history… you are a part of history, here…” and they were like, “Oh enough already!” but yeah, I am beyond thrilled.

    15. Chris says:

      It’s all really great stuff. I agree on McCain’s concession speech, it was very well done and while I don’t want to pick at him after that, I am going to a little bit. In 2000, he was basically shunned by his party and Republican voters because they considered him to be too leftish. It’s very clear that he chose to either lie his way into getting his party to believe he’s changed his political ideals or he actually did, for the sake of the election and either to me, is a sellout – the bad kind.

    16. brookem says:

      well said efo. while you likely won’t see me posting about politics on my blog again after the other day (or bald men, for that matter), it’s still something i care about deeply. thanks for sharing your .02.

    17. churlita says:

      Beautiful post. My sentiments exactly.

    18. Even tho I voted for McCain I have never been more proud to be an American and I support our new president in all his endeavors.

    19. egan says:

      Justrun – Amen! You know, it truly is remarkable. Not many Americans tend to get all that excited about politics. This was a treat I will savor the rest of my life.
      Kirk – yes, I like the support Obama has received around the world. I just don’t picture the same happening had McCain won the election.
      Maggie – the first time I read your comment I got a bit teary eyed. This means your comment really hit home for me. It’s good to be proud of our country. Let’s hope we can keep the momentum going and improve our standing in the world.
      Sizzle – I’m glad you got to witness the excitement first hand. it was something else. Damn right. We have to keep Obama honest just as we do our local politicians. I hope we can get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
      Thistle – “organized community”? Nice dig on Palin eh? I like it very much.
      Golden – that’s very cool. It means so much to all of us. It’s truly monumental to think how this all came to be. I’m very optimistic about things to come, but keep in mind there will be those just as intent on poking holes in progress. I hear you on the BEST choice thing. To me there was no doubt and it wasn’t a lesser of two evils scenario. I believe in what Obama can do.
      Kristin – yeah, who knows if this sort of thing will ever happen again. I most certainly didn’t think I’d see a black president in my lifetime. I also didn’t think I’d see our country in such a funk. This isn’t going to be an easy hole to dig ourselves out of, but it can be done.
      Chris – I agree to some extent. I think McCain had to shift to the right a bit. It’s a problem with our two party system. There’s much debate about this. I think that’s what made his speech so great. It was John McCain talking off the cuff and not thinking about his talking points.
      Brookem – you totally dig politics and bald men. You can’t fool me.
      Churlita – why thank you. There’s much to be done in this country, but this is the right way to start. Improving the perception of our country in the world’s eyes is huge.
      Princess Extraordinaire – really? you voted for McCain? I’m glad you can admit that on my blog. I’m also happy to see you see the significance of what happened Tuesday night. I know many have already dismissed the historical perspective and are calling America a “socialist” country. If that’s what you call an America with a heart, then we’re a socialist country. Thanks for admitting the McCain thing again.

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