Two Panes, Two Countries, One Take

A few bloggers inquired about the attempted break-in which happened a couple weeks ago. Here you go! Monday (10/27) afternoon around 2:00pm, a rock was thrown through our basement door window. A grapefruit sized hole in the window was discovered by yours truly Monday night, thankfully before stepping on all the shattered glass.

The rough time estimate is known because my neighbor saw the crook walk into our backyard. He didn’t think much of it since we have a landscaping crew that mows our lawn every couple weeks. The crook wasn’t able to get inside our house since the deadbolt requires a key which I don’t leave the key in the deadbolt for obvious reasons. We dodged a huge bullet this time, but we aren’t taking any chances. Last week we had ADT install a home alarm system. The peace of mind is well worth it, especially with a 15 month old child running around the house and our light traveling.
The day following the break-in attempt, I boarded a plane for Toronto. My mission during this trip was to record an informational training video for a large automaker. I was given a 16 page script. There was no need to memorize the script, but I also didn’t think I’d record the entire 16 pages on one take. Wow, was that ever interesting. You bet, I felt like a local news anchor or Will Ferrell. That’s not an easy gig to say the least. Clearly annunciating directions, not losing your place while reading the script, and making love to the camera… not easy tasks for a curly haired guy who typically spends his working hours behind a computer and not a camera.

Did I mention my 16 pages were in French? Oh, yeah. I read the script in French for my Quebecois peeps. I haven’t had butterflies in my belly that bad since my high school swimming days. Thankfully I held my own and nobody posed any live questions during Friday’s “live” broadcast. Phew!
To date, my most recent work trip to Toronto was my most enjoyable work travel ever. I had to work on Wednesday and Friday, but had Thursday completely free. I did what any guy would do with a day completely unbooked, I shopped. I bought some new shoes,a new sweater, a new shirt, and a new French/English dictionary. During my off day, I also hung out with the GTA‘s best teacher, Essentially Me. We walked around, had lunch, chatted about public schools in Canada, bloggers, and tried to visit a museum (oops, too late for that one), browsed books, and walked some more.

Hanging out with my co-workers was also really nice. Sometimes you learn more than you’d like to know, but you finally get to see a different light. This is what I enjoy about business travel. Sitting in my cubicle, I tend to put up “I’m busy” facade. When you’re on the road, the facade is removed and you can relax. I’ll admit the 8-10 drinks I consumed Tuesday night over the course of seven hours made things rather pleasant. Vive le courage liquide!

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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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17 Responses to Two Panes, Two Countries, One Take

  1. SM says:

    I’m a bit jealous that you have been able to hang out with EM not once, but twice!!! So not fair!

  2. SM says:

    Oh, and I’m glad the burglar wasn’t able to get in and that you guys are protected now. We’re looking into alarm systems now that the little man is here.

  3. justrun says:

    Making love to the camera… hahahaha! Nice.
    So glad you got the ADT. The peace of mind is worth it and then some.

  4. meno says:

    I hope you wiped the camera off when you were done.

  5. kirk says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t ADT that threw the rock?

  6. egan says:

    SM – yeah, she’s a pretty cool person. Very interesting to hear her stories about teaching that’s for damn sure.
    SM – the alarm system is a good thing so far. I’m happy we got it since it’s a great deterrent.
    Justrun – yep, it’s worth it big time for us. I don’t want to be too paranoid about the house. The alarm allows me to relax a bit more.
    Meno – oh no you didn’t. That’s so awesome. It wasn’t that kind of movie, naughty one!
    Kirk – I used to be suspicious of them too. I despised their calls after buying a new house. They pried and pried, but we weren’t biting. Now we’re feeding out of their hands. Damn crooks!

  7. thistle says:

    break-ins…horrible. On one of my parent’s trips out of town they were broken into, and yours truly was the one who walked in and discovered the mess. Not a happy event. Think they ended up getting ADT too…hmmm…was your doorway marked with a suspicious yellow envelope stuck on the front door?
    and me…i used to have a german shepard…never even bothered to lock the door…ever… 🙂

  8. I’m glad we had the great weather for walking around when just a few days earlier it was really cold! We lucked out that’s for sure. Hooray for bookstores and pizza! We’ll hit the museum next time.

  9. brandy says:

    Jet setter! I’m definitely glad that you got to go and spend some more time with EM, it sounds like you guys had a blast. And 16 pages of French? My goodness Egan, I don’t envy that situation. I think I could have pulled it off only if my 16 pages were talking about all the colors and numbers to hundred. Good for you for pulling that off!
    Security system definitely sounds like a good idea, with assholes smashing windows.
    And here’s where I ask the most redundant question.. seriously? Who does stuff like that?

  10. Cléa says:

    You certainly have been busy! Good to learn what you’ve been up to of late en francais et avec EM.
    “A local news anchor or Will Ferrell” but much better looking!

  11. sizzle says:

    What a close call- how scary! Glad you got ADT.

  12. qt says:

    Your trip sounds fun – I have always wanted to check Toronto out. I think I’ll wait for the summer, tho….and yes, consider getting a doggie, especially a German breed of any kind. Even a standard size schnauzer is protective enough to make a difference as a warning system.

  13. tori says:

    I’m so glad everything was ok with the break in. How scary!
    I am jealous that you got to hang out with Essentially Me, and jealous that she got to hang out with you!

  14. churlita says:

    I bet it was hard leaving town right after a failed break-in. Half the time we don’t even lock our doors. I’ve been trying to get better about that.

  15. Golden says:


  16. sari says:

    Great Odin’s raven!
    Ok now that I’ve got Anchorman quotes stuck in my head, I’m glad you’ve got an alarm system. It helps the peace of mind quite a bit! And your trip sounds fun!

  17. egan says:

    Thistle – I would hate to be the person to discover someone else’s vandalized house. That’s such a crappy feeling. Nope, we didn’t have a yellow envelope. Did the crooks leave pictures? Dogs, at this point we don’t have one. Who knows though because our daughter is obsessed with dogs.
    Essentially Me – yeah, that day was pretty nice. I know, the first day I arrived it was damn cold and snowing. I’m not sure how you Canadians manage the cold. That being said, I will take the cold over the heat any day. I like layered clothing. Bring on the museum. At least we went to the museum’s store after we found the entrance.
    Brandy – thugs! Gangsters! We’ve had a wave of gang violence going through our part of the city recently. There’s a lot of graffiti and petty theft right now. For the most part they break-in and get the hell out after stealing computers, iPods, camera, etc. It’s highly annoying, but hopefully the alarm will act as a good deterrant.
    Thanks for the well wishes on the French thing. I was very very stressed about it. I think it went pretty well all things considered. I didn’t even get a sore throat and I’m stoked you didn’t even bring that up. Well done.
    Cléa – salut mon amie! Now don’t make me blush with the kind remarks. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get a big head and audition for the local news spot. That’s just not me. Hangin’ with EM was cool, she’s a good friend.
    Sizzle – yeah, I’m glad we got ADT too. The close call was a good warning without losing any valued possessions. Phew.
    QT – we might get a dog in the future, but my wife is highly allergic to pets and there’s the whole poop situation. Maybe after our daughter is potty trained we’d consider it. Go to Toronto! It’s a fun city and it’s very clean. I think I’m in love with Canada.
    Tori – no need to be jealous. We only ate pizza, chatted about school, did some shopping, and spilled coffee on her coat. It was all very boring if you ask me. EM needs to step up her entertaining skills. Of course I kid, she’s great. Yes, we’re happy nothing bad happened with the break-in. Damn crooks!
    Churlita – I can’t sleep if I know a door is unlocked. Perhaps that’s what sucks about living in a big city. I hated to leave town the day after, but relieved I was home when it happened.
    Golden – you’re so predictable.
    Sari – you know what? I’ve never even seen that movie, maybe I should though. The alarm makes me feel safer about things and that’s why we bought it.

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