Yellow Snow is for Snowballs

Whoa, perhaps I should go to bed. I feel a strong desire to update this blog though, but I nodded off while the blinking cursor stared me down. I honestly can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already.

We graciously offered to host my family for the festivities. Believe it or not, it will be the first time Baby Singe meets a couple of her cousins, weather permitting of course. There will be 10 people like me at our house on Christmas day. May the force be with you Mrs. Lessinges.

Speaking of the weather, did you hear about the epic snowstorm in Seattle? If not, I want you on my jury. I decided I would finally get outside and go sledding on Monday night. i found a very fast hill a couple blocks away. It’s remarkable how planting my bony ass on a thin piece of hardened plastic can make the world seem so blissful. I derived much joy as a child from cherished sledding days. Apparently the joy is still there as I discovered on the icy hills Monday night.

Not only do we still have snow on the ground, but another storm is brewing. That being said, many residents are now bitching about too much snow and wishing it would just go away. Mother Nature doesn’t operate on timetables or people’s work schedules. I realize the snow is a big inconvenience, but it’s too bad more people can’t just enjoy it for what it is, something out of the ordinary. It’s ashame to see so many bent out of shape because they can’t drive where they want or get wherever they need to be in a timely fashion. I suppose this illustrates why I’m more of an “in the moment” person.

I think snow in Seattle is a bit like becoming a new parent. For the first part of its arrival, it’s absolutely all you can talk about with anyone with two ears. As the snow lingers, you learn to accept it and you slowly resume normal conversations not revolving around the weather. Chatting about the weather is one of the most boring topics since it’s completely out of our control. It makes for great blog fodder on Christmas Eve though.

Anyways, Happy Holidays to everyone! I wish you all a great final week to 2008. This year is going down as the year blogging took a major hit from other social networking sites, but this is still my preferred medium. Vive les blogues et les blogeurs! Now I’m off to bed, but not before pressing my nose to the window to search for snow.


About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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18 Responses to Yellow Snow is for Snowballs

  1. The sheer joy and excitement that you’re displaying over the snow is just endearing. It’s like you’re that kid who tried chocolate for the first time. I’m glad that you are enjoying la neige and that you went sledding. All the best to you and your family, Lessinges!!

  2. tori says:

    Merry Christmas!
    And I love that you are an “in the moment” kind of person. I don’t like when people get all bent out of shape about things we can’t control. I am getting tired of shoveling snow, but I’m not going to grumble about it because it won’t change anything and will just make other people grumpy/annoyed. It has been so cold here (negative 16 as a high some days!) that we haven’t gone sledding yet but it snows here all the time. When it warms up a bit that is what I can’t wait to do with the kids. I think that’s the best part of having kids…getting to do all the fun things from childhood all over again and seeing the looks on their faces when they do something new for the first time. Awesome.

  3. SM says:

    Aw…you’re awesome. Excellent attitude, my friend.
    Have a wonderful holiday, Efo, and I hope you all have fun hosting Christmas*!!
    *That’s why we have a small house now…aside from the three of us, there is really only room for one other person. Not that i don’t like being around my family…I just don’t like being a hostess.

  4. brookem says:

    glad to hear that you’re embracing the big big snow!
    even being in new england where big snow is the norm, people STILL harp on about it for days, it’s all everyone can talk about, especially news peeps, and really, that doesn’t do a damn thing to make it go away. just cozying up inside with some hot chocolate (avec schnapps) is my way of dealing. woo!
    happy holidays friend!

  5. big bro says:

    after a while, talking about the weather is like talking about oil and gas prices. Then we sound like grandpa!
    enjoy the snow and family. give all my best to Npo! You’ll have quite the handful!
    Cheer bro!

  6. Sizzle says:

    That’s a good snow attitude. I’m all fine with snow until it prevents me from driving. Which basically means I need to get chains for my car and learn to drive in this. I even ordered some shoe clamps so I can get around on these icy sidewalks. I think not having the right equipment to deal negatively impacted my attitude.
    I hope your family is able to make it to your house safely tomorrow! Merry Christmas!

  7. churlita says:

    I have a lot of Facebook friends who used to live in Iowa, but now live in Seattle and it’s all they can talk about.
    It snowed a ton here last night, and I just wish I didn’t have to work today so I could go out and sled on it.

  8. emma says:

    I truly hope you get your snow! Having grown up in Colorado, I know exactly how you feel. The holidays are extra special if there’s fresh snow on the ground, that dampened silence that settles with the flakes, and that crisp, clear scent in the air… Ah!
    We’re getting rain, rain, and more rain down here in lala land. Maybe if I make a lot of ice cubes and don’t turn on the heater, the rain will turn to snow? Or I’ll just gaze off into the distance at the snow capped mountain tops.
    Merry merry to you and yours!

  9. justrun says:

    I love that you sledded!
    Merry Christmas and best wishes to all of you!
    (And here’s to some real training in ’09, eh?!) 🙂

  10. sprizee says:

    The snow made me extra happy this winter. Had it been a wind storm that knocked out power for 3 weeks, perhaps I wouldn’t have enjoyed it quite as much. But I’m all for more snow. Bring it!

  11. meno says:

    Merry Christmas Egan.
    I am still loving the snow. It’s just so beautiful.

  12. Cléa says:

    Joyeux Noel, mon ami. I heard about the snow and it sounds like so much fun to have a white Christmas.
    Nicely put about le blog et les blogueurs. I wouldn’t swap it for anything else!

  13. logo™ says:

    The snow this year has just been unreal, hasn’t it? (There we go, obligatory weather remark taken care of)
    Hope your Christmas was pure awesomeness and that your wife survived all those people like you with style and grace (I’m sure she did).
    Have a happy New Year, Egan and keep on blogging.
    It’s still worth doing even if its not a full time occupation.

  14. egan says:

    EM – the snow is finally melting with a balmy 45 degrees today. It’s one of the few times I’ve been relieved to see it go. Ten days with snow on the ground in Seattle is about eight more than normal. Mais oui, j’adore la neige.
    Tori – that truly is a great thing about parenting. Experiencing or seeing them learn before your very eyes. A definite plus for sure. Complaining about Mother Nature is like complaining about the hours of daylight. We have zero control, so why bother bitching.
    SM – our previous house was 850 square feet and we hosted Christmas one year, you have no excuse. I kid. I hope you had an outstanding first Christmas for the little guy.
    Brookem – the big snow has finally started to release its stranglehold on Seattle. It’s a welcome relief to be honest. I bought some yummy hot chocolate one of those nights I snowshoed to the food store. Well worth it. Happy holidays to you as well.
    Big Bro – the family is all coming over tomorrow since things got delayed on Christmas with the snow. I will give them all your best. I hear Kincade missed you this Christmas. How very cute.
    Sizzle – no more shoveling right? I might do my final bit of it today as my mom is coming over. I don’t want her falling on the ice. We had to postpone the Christmas day festivities due to the weather. That’s very rare.
    Churlita – I’ve heard it takes a ton of snow to cancel anything in the Midwest. I hear this a lot being married to a Chicagoland native. Sledding is the bomb.
    Emma – has the rain finally tapered off? Our snow is finally gone and we’re back into our more normal weather. I hear Colorado is quite nice, I need to spend more time there.
    Justrun – real training is right. Sledding and snowshoeing in my neighborhood do not count. Let’s keep each other honest. I know you asked me about runs for 2009. I don’t have any planned yet, but maybe I will do another marathon. It’s time.
    Sprizee – isn’t it awesome how a little frozen precipitation can make you ridiculously happy? I love it.
    Meno – it is very pretty isn’t it? Now, when it’s been around as long as it has, it gets ugly. The plowed snow doesn’t look so great. Good excuse to visit the mountains. I get the feeling Baby Singe will think snow is the norm here.
    Cléa – it surprises me that you hear about our snow in Australia. It is a small world afterall. Blogging is fun and I really miss doing it as often as I did before. Merci pour les photos de la plage!
    Logo – I will keep on blogging and loving snow. I hope my blogging is more frequent than in 2008. I will give it my best.

  15. Amanda says:

    One of the biggest wishes I have is to spend time in a snow covered place. The more the better. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about but I’m still wishing it.
    You’re sooooo lucky!

  16. Thistle says:

    Trivia Time…First time since 1971 that ALL of Canada experienced a white Christmas. I thought that was fabulous, even if the shoveling was getting a bit tedious. Belated Merry Christmas and hoping you have a great 2009!

  17. sari says:

    I hope you guys had a terrific Christmas, Egan!!!

  18. egan says:

    Amanda – I actually dream about similar things. I’d love to spend one entire winter in a place that gets tons of snow. I want to see if I’d like it or if it would drive me insane.
    Thistle – all of Canada? It’s a rather large country so that surprises me. Even those poor bastards on Nootka Sound? I’m impressed. Shoveling wasn’t so bad in Seattle, but I got stuck shoveling in the burbs yesterday at my mom’s. They got much more snow than we did.
    Sari – how are you? We had a swell Christmas with just the three of us. The snow in Seattle was amazing, something I’m probably not going to witness in this lifetime again. Bring on 2009.

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