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The Corner of My Eye

Times are tough, there’s no doubt about this. Open any newspaper or read the headlines of any news website and you’ll see how countless people are losing their jobs on a daily basis. On my short work commute I drive … Continue reading

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Hello, my name is Egan Limbeaux. The job countdown remains steady at four days. I’m in a holding pattern as I’ve been told a promising position at my office, which was frozen immediately following our December layoffs, might become available. … Continue reading

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40 Hour Bookends

Potenially, I could be in my last week of work for my current company. I started in July of 2001 and wrap up my career at the end of next week. Of course this means I’ve been reflecting because I … Continue reading

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The Fives Senses

Open your eyes, look around and tell me what you see. Nah, you don’t really have to do this exercise. The gift of sight is something many of take for granted. We can picture how we looked at our first … Continue reading

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Sometimes, they’re she’s the life of the party. You have to allow her to do what she wants and chalk it up as “learning”. How else is an extremely adorable (and chatty) toddler supposed to find out what works? As … Continue reading

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You Nearly Sunk My Battleship

“I’m so glad we didn’t purchase that money pit” HOUSE I wipe my brow and wince each time we drive by a handful of homes in Seattle. Before we bought our first home, we had submitted an offer on a … Continue reading

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Let’s Get it Started

Black-eyed peas (the dish, not the band) aren’t actually peas , they’re beans. Perhaps this is an intentional misnommer. According to many, there’s this Southern tradition which involves eating 365 black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day to bring luck and … Continue reading

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Nobody Rolls on the Floor While Laughing

Rewind eight years and you’d find me and my fiancée in our spacious suburban apartment planning our late April Hawaii wedding. She would have just started her brand new job at the Starbucks corporate office after leaving a boring job … Continue reading

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Riding Shotgun with Al

Nature Lover: Some people think sand is really neat; I happen to think ice is pretty cool. If you’re not aware, ice is frozen water and is typically the main component of a glacier. I’m a rather large dork (when … Continue reading

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Enhancements is a term you hear often in my line of work. Enhancements to software are fun, if they work right. Sometimes enhancements never happen because the code for the software never works as expected. Enhancements can be maddening as … Continue reading

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