Another Year, Another Quiet Evening

Welcome to 2009! Last year we stayed in didn’t do much of anything. This year was precisely the same because the little one isn’t so interested in staying up late. That’s clearly not an issue for me. Next December things could be different. Instead Mrs. Lessinges and I watched the Dark Knight on our new HD TV. I must say I loved the action flick when I initially saw it in the theatre, but the second viewing felt really long. Bale’s Batman voice was odd and I got tired of Two Faced’s stupid coin. I get it. Heath was awesome though and should at least get nominated for an Oscar. Keep in mind this is the same guy from Brokeback Mountain who had an Aussie accent. Yikes, “had”… so sad.
I went for a burrito run Wednesday night. After getting our burritos, I jumped in the Subaru and powered on my new HD radio. Dammit, The Police were on again. I thought to myself how cruel life can be. I swear whenever I get in the car I hear Sting whether it’s The Police, Sting & Co., or the Dire Straights singing about MTV with Sting doing his special backing vocals. He’s everywhere which got me hoping for a Sting Free 2009. Annoyed with The Police song I quickly changed the radio station. Yep, Sting was on again before I could even finish picturing a Sting Free 2009. Well, good thing I’ve got my iPod wired into the new stereo and a Bob Dylan CD waiting in the wings. If I went my entire life never hearing Sting (of any sort), Blondie, or The Pretenders again I’d be the luckiest man on this earth. See, I don’t ask for much this year.
STATUS UPDATE: Egan discovered a great song I doubt many know called Red Hill Mining Town. It’s by a quaint act from Dublin, Ireland with a goofy lead singer who looks nothing like the person who married Cher and probably can’t ski. You should give it a listen.

Yours Truly,
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29 Responses to Another Year, Another Quiet Evening

  1. Happy New Year buddy boy!
    You know last night, there was this guy who wouldn’t leave me alone and I had to tell him more than once to don’t stand so close to me. He was the king of pain in my ass. He was all like, “I’m wrapped around your finger.” For some reason, he kept on calling me Roxanne and saying to his friends about me, “Every little thing she does is magic.” It was not attractive in the least. I mean, do you know how he approached me?? With a message in a bottle!! It was so hard to get that piece of paper out of there! It got to the point where every breath he took annoyed me. So I just ended up pretending I was completely baked out of my mind and just kept repeating, “De do do do, de da da da.” That got rid of him pretty quickly.
    Anyways, I hope that you have a Sting free New Year! You should try satellite radio … is that like your HD radio?? Anyways, look into it if it’s not. It’s pretty cool!
    Au revoir Singe!

  2. egan says:

    Essentially Me – I asked for this didn’t I? Well done.

  3. ¡op uɐɔ ı ʇɐɥʍ ʞooן

  4. alexa says:

    happy new year!!!

  5. egan says:

    Essentially Me – is this how you will blog all of 2009? Please say yes. If I was a travelling salesman who spent inordinate amounts of time in his car commuting, I’d consider satellite.
    Alexa – thank you very much. Enjoy your 2009 as well and Tweet Tweet for me or maybe Essentially Me has that covered.

  6. qt says:

    Happy New Year! I rarely listen to the radio in the car. I’m probably the last person on earth who still buys CD’s….

  7. meno says:

    Sting has great arms, which he shows off incessantly.
    Every time i turn on the radio, i hear Bonnie Raitt.
    Happy New Year my friend!

  8. Chris says:

    After EM’s post, all I have left is Happy New Year, I’m kind of busy anyway. You see, I’ve got Brass in Pocket and while sad, I’ve gotta stop sobbing now because I don’t want to be the talk of the town.

  9. Pants says:

    Happy New Year, Egan!!!
    I am jealous about the burrito. I was dying for a burrito and nothing here seems to do my love of burritos justice. BOO!!!

  10. brandy says:

    My old boss at the theatre loved Dire Straights so much it was insane. Every other Friday, he would come back from lunch with a carton of wine (yes, a carton) and lock himself in his office and crank Dire Straights. I still giggle thinking about how my co-workers and I would kill ourselves laughing when he would emerge from his office, run to use the bathroom then run back to his office.
    Man. I miss my old job.
    It sounds like you had a pretty great New Years- believe it or not, mine was along the same lines. And waking up today not hungover was an excellent feeling. Your post reminded me that I need to watch that Batman movie. It’s on my list!

  11. brookem says:

    christian bale ranks among one of the top 5 HOH dudes for me, this year. rarrrrrw.
    happy 09′!

  12. justrun says:

    Every time I got in the car yesterday, Britney Spears was on. It was the radio, though, so totally not my fault. Or choice!

  13. Logo says:

    Try 107.7, that NEVER happens to me. I can have a Sting free day any time I want. 88.5 also Sting- safe.
    Essentially Me was cracking me up, too funny.
    Happy New Year, Egan. Do you want me to put the training wheels back on your blog till you get the hang of it… or, rrr, just hope for the best?

  14. SM says:

    A Sting free 2009 would rock. As would a John Mayer free 2009.
    Glad you had a good night, though. Nothing wrong with low-key.
    The first time I watched The Dark Knight, I felt it was too long, too. But I blamed it on the fact that I was in a movie theatre, hugely pregnant and extremely uncomfortable. I’m hoping it’s better at home while in my comfy chair and can pause it anytime I want.

  15. brandy says:

    SM, I know you are kidding about John Mayer. I mean, sure… the guy is a complete tool but he can play the guitar better than any other human alive. Can we just put a muzzle on him?

  16. churlita says:

    Happy New Year to the Singe family.

  17. egan says:

    QT – I think you’re right about the CD thing. Maybe you can phase them out in 09? Happy New Year to you as well.
    Meno – whenever I complain about Sting you talk about his arms. I’m beginning to wonder if “arms” isn’t code for something else.
    Chris – those words of yours sound familiar, very familiar. Hmmm…
    Pants – the burrito totally hit the spot on New Year’s Eve. I thought the place wouldn’t be open, but it was and I was ever so grateful. Passing gas is the only way to say adios to a year.
    Brandy – was this former boss of yours beating off to Dire Straights or something? Why the need for a bathroom? I think the memories from old jobs is what makes things so great. Some day I will have plenty to share about my current job. The Batman movie is fun, a bit long, but still engaging. My wife will say any movie with Christian Bale is a must see.
    Brookem – my wife will agree with you on Christian’s hotness. He’s a looker alright.
    Justrun – I can’t tell you the last time I heard Britney on the radio. Thankfully the stations I listen to most often never play her. I only hear her stuff when watching those entertainment shows hosted by freaky blonde women.
    Logo – you could be on to something. I could avoid the radio altogether and never hear him again. Well that’s until I watch TV or enter a Target. I’m sending out an S.O.S. to make him stop. Yes, please put the training wheels back on my blog. Merci.
    SM – watch it at home and let me know what you think. I dig the movie, but guess I didn’t remember it being so long. Any movie over two hours is pushing it with me. That means those overrated LOTR movies are dead to me. Peter Jackson thinks long equal better, but he keeps forgetting movies aren’t always like male porn stars.
    Brandy – I beg to differ about his guitar playing. There are some really magnificent guitar players out there, many have mastered their trade via GH III. John is cheesy.

  18. Amanda says:

    WOW! HD Radio. Its something that I can only dream about here in Palembang. There is no HD of any sort here I think. Would you believe that music in the car is new for us here in Palembang. The company got us a new car and it has a radio in it (YAY!)…so, I got an FM tuner and plugged my old MP3 player in. Maybe its time I join the rest of the world by getting an iPod so I can actually jump around with the song selections.

  19. Kailyn says:

    They got your playlist mixed up with mine obviously.

  20. Cléa says:

    EM steals this post. Hands down.
    PS I like Sting.

  21. Golden says:

    Ok.. I gotta say it. You aren’t facebooking, you aren’t twittering, you aren’t even BLOGGING! I am anxiously awaiting a new post. Just sayin…

  22. big bro says:

    Could you add Howie Mandel to who we don’t hear from in 2009?
    I am quite curious how EM wrote upside and backwards…

  23. sprizee says:

    Hey there Mister Monkey,
    I discovered this great band from Georgia that sings about the end of the world, and standing in the place where you live and losing their religion. I think you would really like them. They’re called Rapid Eye Movement. Check them out!

  24. brandy says:

    We will never agree on John. Or Jessica Biel, but I still think you are awesome.

  25. egan says:

    Amanda – the HD world is new to me, but I’m liking it very much right now. Whoa, things are much different there in Palembang. I will loan you my iPod if you so desire.
    Kailyn – you like Sting? Is it his arms that do it for you?
    Cléa – yes, she did a magnificent job with her ode to Sting/The Police. Lucky me and even luckier for the readers.
    Golden – new post? Did you hear the news? J’ai besoin de trouver un autre boulot par le 31 janvier.
    Big Bro – we could definitely add Howie to the list. He’s an irritant. EM used a website where you put in your sentence and it spits it back to you. I bet I can find it for you… hold tight.
    Sprizee – I put that Post Script in there just for you and I hope it pleases you very much.
    Brandy – I’m glad you think I’m awesome. 2009 is all about the awesome things in life.

  26. egan says:

    ˙ɯǝ sɐ ןooɔ sɐ ǝq uɐɔ ooʇ noʎ ˙ƃuıdʎʇ ʇɹɐʇs ʇsnɾ puɐ ɯoɔ˙ʇxǝʇʎɯdıןɟ oʇ oƃ ˙ʇı punoɟ ı – oɹq ƃıq

  27. Golden says:

    What’s the news.. I no speaka frenchie..

  28. egan says:

    Golden – check your non-work email or read the comments on the current post.

  29. sari says:

    That is one of my favorite songs, from a band that for the good part of the last 20 years was my favorite band.
    Now I’m sort of feeling like they’re just too big for me anymore, but I still love that song.

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