Enhancements is a term you hear often in my line of work. Enhancements to software are fun, if they work right. Sometimes enhancements never happen because the code for the software never works as expected. Enhancements can be maddening as hell if they don’t work as designed.

I’ve dubbed 2009 the year of “back to basics”. I wrote this phrase on the side of the fridge since my basic goal for 2009 is a cyber detox of sorts. I’m back to blogging and keeping my online life nice and simple. Now, I just need to make some improvements on some of my 2008 manners.

Let’s quietly discuss my hygiene… or utter lack of hygiene. The way I see it if I take 151 showers in 2009, I will have enhanced my 2008 number. My best estimates had me at roughly 150 showers last year. Part of it was me trying to conserve water and another part was simply running out of time. I figure if I mess up my hair with water and throw some product in it, most won’t be able to tell if I’ve showered or not. I don’t typically have any body odor issues, so that’s a huge plus. Unfortunately, I’m not off to a good start in 2009. Five days into the year, we have one in the books.

I dubbed oh eight, The Year I Gain Some Weight. Well, it wasn’t my intent, but it’s not like I was doing anything to fight off the pounds. The grooming wasn’t good and neither was the physical training. I can count the amount of times I worked out in the pool last year on one hand. I did squeeze in one triathlon though and was pleased with the outcome. That will be different this year, I guarantee it. These are things I can easily change.

I need to get back to who I am and what I do best. 2008 was my first full year as a parent. I learned much last year about my daughter, my wife, myself, time management, and how supportive others can be. The next twelve months or so are about “enhancing” my own life, returning to my passions and regaining the drive.

Professionally I got thrown a wildcard today as I’ve been told my current job position will not exist after January 31st. Here’s my first and perhaps most pivotal test of the early year. These “roadblocks” are what make us who we are. I’ve got much to think about over the next few days. I’m confident today’s news will provide a much needed kick in the ass. So back to basics it is. Back to defining what it is I want to do for a living. Right out the gate I will be tested and perhaps there’s no better way to enhance my character. Woot woot.


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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36 Responses to Enhancements

  1. kirk says:

    I take a shower at least once daily. Probably took 400+ showers last year. Each short. It should take a guy no more than 4 minutes to shower and primp. There are low-flow showerheads that make it so you aren’t using a lot of water. Do it for your daughter. You don’t want her to be known as the kid with the smelly dad.

  2. sprizee says:

    I have an idea. Perhaps you’d enjoy training for a half or full marathon? How about Vancouver, BC in May? Misty’s planning on doing the half there. I’d love the chance to cheer you both on at once. I can guarantee motivational signage at every turn. Provided you only turn corners 3-4 times. And lots of screaming, chanting, cheering. What do you think? Do it! Do it! Do it!
    Good luck my friend. As I stated earlier I think long term looking back at this you’re going to be really happy this happened. Of course, short term it’s stressful. I’m a bit jealous though. Think of all that quality time you might get to spend with baby singes. Yay!

  3. brookem says:

    Like I said to you before my friend, sometimes it’s just these type of unexpected things that yield the most rewarding outcomes.
    Here’s hoping this year proves to be a great one for you.

  4. sizzle says:

    Seems like you have the right attitude about the job situation. I’d be a freaking out mess. I admit it.

  5. justrun says:

    You have a great outlook on this situation. I admire that as I’d likely be crying.
    As for the showers, I probably took 400 last year. Sweat is icky to me after it’s been done.

  6. Things will work out just fine.

  7. jeci says:

    Bon courage, Egan. These things have a way of working out for the best…although that’s always easy to say when you’re not the one in the thick of something. Best of luck and I hope 2009 only proves to be a better year for the way it started off!

  8. Bob says:

    I like the idea of taking charge of the change. I’ve got my reckoning coming this month too. I’ll only get really stressed out if the misses gets involuntary time off as well.
    Just so your not the only one coming out about showers I typically take one every two days. Any more during the winter and my body cracks in half or flakes away.

  9. Michelle says:

    I’m glad you’re taking such a positive outlook on your job situation, and good luck moving in the right direction for this year!

  10. Tricia says:

    Egan, first I miss you on facebook. your witty comments cracked me up. I understand needing to simplify your online world. Facebook is all I do now. Although, I will come here to read your posts. you are hilarious!
    Secondly, get a low-flow showerhead. you’ll conserve. that’s what we did.
    Finally, i’m sorry to hear about the job. take it from someone who’s been there – it’ll all work out for the best and you’ll be able to spend alot of the special time with little one. I spent the whole summer with my little dudes during my lay off.

  11. Chris says:

    I’m glad that if you needed to be one place in cyberspace that this is the one you chose.
    I have this kinky little feeling that 2009 is going to be a good year for you and that would be a terrific thing.

  12. Amanda says:

    Well maybe the fact that you are going to be working out more will automatically make you to take more showers. Two birds with one stone. HOPEFULLY that will be the case 🙂
    I hope things will work out with your job situation. It certainly sounds like a scary thing to be told…but then again, it could be life changing too.

  13. SM says:

    Hey! You totally stole my 2009 dubbing.
    Oh well…more than one person can use it I suppose.
    That being said, I’m glad that you have this outlook for this coming year. Especially with the news you’ve just received. It’s sucky but maybe this is the kick in the ass that you’ve been needing, right? And I agree with Sprizee…in the long term this is probably going to be a great thing!

  14. big bro says:

    Well, let’s look to the fresh opportunities that 2009 is presenting.
    Perhaps you could become a speechwriter for Obama or a personal shopper for Palin.
    No, wait, a tutor for the whole Palin clan- that’s got to be full-time plus!
    Good luck with 2009’s first opportunity! (sucks!)

  15. Chris says:

    big bro steals the show with his ShamWow! opening

  16. meno says:

    Wait?! You are getting laid off? I need to learn French.
    You’ll muddle through somehow, and will have more time for exercise and daddying.

  17. thistle says:

    Opportunity knocks….2009 should be a great year for you. Bilingual?…perhaps it’s time for you to move up here and put all of us non-bilingual Canucks to shame…

  18. tori says:

    I am thinking good thoughts for you with all your new things. Good luck. You sound calm and centered and sort of excited about new possibilities…hopefully that is how you feel.
    I think if you went to the pool more you might still not have to shower? I’m sort of kidding, but I mean how dirty could you be after swimming? I love the smell of chlorine, so that wouldn’t bother me…especially since I can’t smell you through the computer anyway.
    Someone above mentioned doing a marathon…maybe we should try to plan some running event for bloggers to do together somewhere? It is a good thought, but I doubt I would be on top of things enough to follow through with that so nevermind.

  19. tori says:

    And, if you need cheering up, you can laugh at me because as freaky as the Sham Wow guy is, I find him sort of hot.

  20. tori says:

    Where did my comments go? Am I crazy or did my comments disappear? I suppose I could be crazy AND my comments disappeared. Anyway, carry on.

  21. brandy says:

    I like 2009 Egan. He seems pretty cool and like so many before me, I admire your attitude towards the job situation. Also? Your showering (or lack thereof) reminds me of my little brother. Why shower so often when you can just add in some hair stuff and have 10 extra minutes to the day?

  22. big bro says:

    Tori- The shamwow guy? Really? He makes David Spade look good…and his creepy voice should be on Chucky the doll! But hey, he’ll last 20 years!

  23. logo™ says:

    shower, smower, whatev…
    Really, if Mrs. Singe isn’t complaining about the stench, no worries, right?
    This is what happens when you typically shower at the gym and then gym time drops.
    Improve your swim schedule and your shower schedule gets a boost, voila!
    Good luck on the job hunt, hope it goes quickly and well.

  24. tori says:

    Big Bro-I know! He really shouldn’t look hot to me (and only does a tiny bit) but something about him reminds me of an exboyfriend I think. Not MUCH like the exboyfriend, but he just seems sort of familiar.

  25. qt says:

    Wait! I need to learn French too, I am so out of it! 2009 is definitely coming out swinging. I’ve no doubts you can handle it.

  26. egan says:

    Kirk – yeah, yeah, yeah… four minutes, low flow shower heads, Audi, Syracuse, Macs, Democrats, Costa Rica… I got it. I smell like roses all the time, or garlic.
    Sprizee – I’d love to do the Vancouver Marathon or Half. I might be tempted to shave my head and completely dedicate myself to working out. It’s how I focus. Baby Singe, man is she ever a sweet child. Don’t make me gush.
    Brookem – I’m sure as hell hoping this is the end result. Keep those fingers crossed. I ought to teach parallel parking classes.
    Sizzle – I’m not pleased about the thought of losing benefits and the prospect of a new job in this market, but it could be a really good thing. Only time will tell. Thanks.
    Justrun – I might be crying in a month, we’ll see. The news does bum me out because hunting for a new job, whether internal or external, is never fun.
    EM – I like your confidence.
    Jeci – nice to hear from you. Yes, let’s hope this is a tiny bump and will lead to great things the rest of the year. Thanks for checking in.
    Bob – are you getting laid off? If your wife ends up in the same predicament that would totally blow. I’ve got to remain positive or else my mind will rot. Oh, thank you for confessing your showering habits. I knew there was a reason I liked you besides the curly hair.
    Michelle – thank you very much. This could be an interesting year to say the least. Definitely one of transition.
    Trish – I’m pretty sure I have a low flow showerhead. I had a very low flow one in college where I could actually turn off the water while cleaning my junk. It was the bomb, yet I froze my ass off when the tepid water wasn’t flowing. Facebook, can one social network on Facebook?
    Chris – blogging is where it’s at!
    Amanda – yeah, if I go for a run there’s a darn good chance I will bathe afterwards. I must confess there are times when that doesn’t happen though, those are the rainy runs and I don’t sweat heaps during most runs.
    SM – I’d prefer a good spanking to this wakeup call, but they all achieve the same results. So bring it on and Back to Basics we go. 2009!
    Big Bro – I like these job opportunities you’ve presented. The Palins don’t live far away, maybe I can offer some online counseling. I could always clean mom’s house in my spare time. The ShamWow guy’s headset completes the picture.
    Chris – Big Bro is the hippest person you might never meet.
    Meno – more time for kayaking and helping fellow bloggers move from the burbs to the big city.
    Thistle – mais oui, je parle français. J’adore le Canada et si tu peux me trouver un boulot, je suis la tienne.
    Tori – yes, going to the pool does sort of constitute a shower. That’s what I told myself from 7-18 and we all know how well I did with the ladies during that timeframe. I love that you backed out of the blogger running event before even completing your comment. So awesome.
    Tori – hot? If you tell me the Oxy Clean guy is hot, then it will be time for an intervention. SM can lead.
    Tori – the comments are a little slow to post sometimes. Don’t fret, they all arrived safe and sound.
    Brandy – does your brother crop his pubes? Oh, maybe that’s TMI.
    Big Bro – Tori sometimes defies logic, but that’s what we love about her.
    Logo™ – Mrs. Lessinges doesn’t tend to complain unless my scratchy beard is an issue or she can smell me. Neither of those scenarios happen all that often. I will take a shower tonight so I will be at 50%.
    Tori – you might want to stop while you’re ahead.

  27. egan says:

    QT – it’s a damn good thing I’m surly because I’m not going to let this 2009 shit get to my head. I’m going to take it to task and make it a heroic year. (I like talking tough on my blog because I never do in real life)

  28. Caro says:

    Oh Egan, je suis tellement désolée… Comme tu dois être anxieux. Il est difficile pour moi de formuler un commentaire parce qu’en vérité, il n’y a que toi pour mesurer l’ampleur de tout ce que ta petite famille aura à surmonter dans les semaines à venir. J’aurai une pensée toute spéciale pour vous ce soir dans mes prières. Bon courage mon vieux. (Je ne suis pas trop inquiête toutefois, un gars comme toi, bourré de talents et de ressources… Tu vas retomber sur tes pattes, c’est clair man.)

  29. Cléa says:

    I’m trying to get my head around the showering or lack thereof. I couldn’t NOT have one a day, sometimes two in summer.
    Sounds like you need to get reacquainted with your favourite Speedos. Hooray pour le retour au blog.

  30. well shoot. I’m sorry. But on the latter part, your attitude is great. WOOT!

  31. egan says:

    Caro – un gros merci pour tes commentaires. J’espere que ca va marcher comme ça, retombant sur mes pattes. On verra, mais je pense qu’il faut faire des changements dans ma vie. Nice to see you again!
    Cléa – don’t think about the showering too much, it’s not so bad. One a day is impossible. I’m way too lazy on the weekends. Perhaps it is time to wear Speedos more frequently. Le blog revient.
    Movin’ Down the Road – I’m hopeful things will truly work out for the best whether it’s at my current company or a new endeavor. Time will tell.

  32. sari says:

    Yeah, 2008 was the year I slacked off. I had the baby in October 2007 (Ok, so technically, “being pregnant” wasn’t slacking) but then nursed him all of 2008 so now in 2009 I’m sort of feeling…ick. Like, I should go outside and DO something.

  33. egan says:

    Sari – you’re a nursing champ. All of 2008? Wow, my wife did six months with our daughter and that seemed like a long time. 2009 is back to you then, wait.. it’s not that easy when you have the kids. What would Iron Man do?

  34. Pants says:

    Oh Egan, horrible news. I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  35. egan says:

    Pants – thank you very much. I’m going to make the most of this and start turning tricks during the night AND day.

  36. emma james says:

    Think of this as a little reminder that life is one feisty little bugger that will always throw you a curve ball or two when you least expect it. You do have a great attitude and you have every reason to expect good things. Some of the greatest moments of my life have developed out of times when I had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do next. You are most definitely not alone.
    In the meantime, for however long you aren’t clocking in, enjoy the extra time with your fast-growing little Singe. Soon she’ll be rolling her eyes at you and just wanting the car keys.
    And fyi, some of my best ideas have occurred to me in the middle of a shower – just a little plug for stepping under the water a little more.

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