Nobody Rolls on the Floor While Laughing

Rewind eight years and you’d find me and my fiancée in our spacious suburban apartment planning our late April Hawaii wedding. She would have just started her brand new job at the Starbucks corporate office after leaving a boring job at Eddie Bauer.

I was working at a tech company which developed software for pulp and paper companies. I trained papermill staff how to use our rather un-user friendly software to hopefully ease their burdens. That job sent me to Europe twice, my present job has sent me to Canada twice, where I learned a lot about myself.

We were a youngish couple on the brink of marriage. Who knew what was in store for us over the next eight years. It was late in July of 2001 when I landed a job with my current employer. For those of you who don’t know me, most of you, I was a chronic job changer before my wife and I got married. Loyal I was, but not willing to stay at a job I didn’t like. When you have a spouse, a mortgage, and a child… you make safe decisions.

That being said, check out all the things that have happened* over the past eight years:

  • bought our first house, sold it, and then bought another one
  • September 11th
  • our daughter
  • started a blog and thus learned how to effectively kill time on the net
  • trained for and completed an Ironman
  • watched my wife do the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk
  • saw my friend join the Peace Corps
  • stay up late farting around on the computer
  • gifted a Wii from bloggers who threw our family a Virtual Baby Shower
  • know the difference between a skirt and a dress
  • aware HTML doesn’t mean Hot To Make Love and exactly why ROFLMAO is wrong
  • Most importantly I’ve learned the strength of (anonymous) support. Yes, this is me complimenting you bloggers. I would say bloggers are still quite misunderstood, especially by many Facebook users who would never blog. I’m hopeful this will change in the next few years. Even though I was given grim news on Monday, you’ve all be so incredibly supportive. I thank each and every one of you. iPod sock anyone?

    *like all my list posts, this is nowhere near an exhaustive list of events which have happened over the past 8 years. It’s an attempt to fill my blog with vaguely interesting material which might encourage a blogger to comment.


    About lessinges

    Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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    46 Responses to Nobody Rolls on the Floor While Laughing

    1. Michelle says:

      It sounds like a busy 8 years. I agree, bloggers don’t get enough credit for the sense of community that forms. It’s amazing how people can be so supportive and helpful to strangers and I’m surprised that there are still people out there sceptical of blogs and bloggers.

    2. Talk about blog compliments! I can say with all honesty that you are definitely among the top three bloggers turned friends. You are insanely supportive, your comments are thoughtful, you always follow through with emails if you want to go that extra mile (which you always do) and you are a loyal blogger. Considering your popularity in this here parts, that’s no easy feat. It’s said that when you point the finger at someone else, three are pointing back at you. So while you may be pointing at your readers and thanking us, remember that those three pointing back at you speak only the truth.
      Have a good day!

    3. As for your title, clearly you have not met several of my students, past and present.

    4. justrun says:

      I! Am encouraged to comment!
      As for being a good blogging supporter, it certainly takes one to know one in your case. You are one of the better, more thoughtful commenters.
      And I think you either a) stay up too late, or b) get up way too early. Either way, take care of yourself!

    5. Amanda says:

      WOW! You got a Wii from blogging buddies? Thats fantastic!
      Starting my blog, and then “meeting” all the people I have is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done in recent years. I think only another blogger would understand the way it is.

    6. SM says:

      Quit taunting me with that damned iPod sock. Sheesh!
      EM totally stole the show with that comment of hers. But you know what? It’s true, yo. I’m quite thankful and proud to call you and a few other bloggers (who, oddly enough I met because of you) friends. And considering that I have never physically met any of you, that’s saying a lot about the blogging community.
      Wii’s rule and I’m still super glad that we were able to pull that off. Obviously, so are you.

    7. brookem says:

      aww, yay for bloggy love.
      and seriously? Hot To Make Love?! i love it. im using it. ManFriend will love that shit.

    8. furiousBall says:

      you bastid! you got a Wii!!!

    9. Maggie says:

      Dude, I totally missed Monday’s blog. But I went back and read it. I’m so sorry. That sucks big time. Hang in there.

    10. sprizee says:

      Didn’t your wife also complete a local triathlon of here own? I completely forgot about how you didn’t know the difference between a dress and a skirt. That one still shocks me.

    11. churlita says:

      That’s the nice thing about blogging. It’s so reciprocal.

    12. Cheryl says:

      WE don’t need iPod socks! We have blogging. Ok maybe I should just speak for myself.

    13. Rachel says:

      You definitely deserve all of the blogger support you’ve received! Congrats on all of your huge successes. More than I can say for my past 8 years.

    14. egan says:

      Michelle – yep, I don’t get the blogger backlash. I know it seems odd how strangers can band together for strength, but it happens.
      Essentially Me – wow, that’s one hell of a compliment. My tummy is nice and warm and I just might have a grin on my face. Thanks. How very sweet of you. My day has been off to a good start ever since I read your comment on my BlackBerry when I woke up. Mille grazie!
      Eseentially Me – I suppose you’re right, but I see ROTFLMAO from adults who clearly aren’t rolling on the floor laughing their asses off. They be misrepresentin’ yo!
      Justrun – aw, there you go too saying kind things. I like reading blogs and love commenting. I bemoan the fact I’m not commenting as often as I’d like. I stay up way too late and sometimes get up early, but I don’t usually go to bed until the little hand is past one. I love the encouragement.
      Amanda – have you met many bloggers in person? I can’t imagine there are many where you live based on what you’ve shared. Maybe you met online “meeting” which totally counts. Yes, I got a Wii from bloggers as part of my daughter’s baby shower. It was so very kind.
      SM – you wouldn’t want an iPod sock anyways. If you ask nice enough I could send you a sock with iPod etched on it with a trusty Sharpie. EM has a way of flattering with her comments, but I don’t have to tell you this. I like what you have to say about bloggers/friends. It’s very true.
      Brookem – are you down with HTML? Yah, you know me. Bloggy love is only second to the real life version.
      FuriousBall – maybe you should consider getting pregnant.
      Maggie – it does suck, but I’m going to use it as a positive. It’s not like I got fired because my work ethic sucks. Our client is attempting to save money in hard times, I get it. Merci!
      Sprizee – you are correct, in 2005 my wife did the Danskin triathlon and I was so very proud of her. The dress/skirt thing confused me, but no longer. You remember who clarified it for me don’t you?
      Churlita – very true, there’s much love to go around and plenty who will call you out if I’m acting like a fool.
      Cheryl – you don’t own an iPod do you? I kid. Yes, blogging does the trick since it gives us all a voice. What a great idea.
      Rachel – hello and welcome! I’ve seen you on my bro’s blog and it’s nice to see you here. Thanks for the kind comments. I’m guessing your last 8 years have been productive as well. Thanks for the visit.

    15. thistle says:

      i refuse to believe your little one has not given you a ROFLMAO moment…impossible…
      and i agree about the community thing…some of my best stats in weeks were during the last 3 days when i’ve been on evacuation notice…lots of people checking in to see how things were going and presumably genuinely concerned, not just looky-loos enjoying my misery vicariously 😦

    16. egan says:

      Thistle – our daughter makes us laugh very hard often. Last night she did something while eating dinner that had us in stitches. I wasn’t rolling on the floor laughing my ass off though. Maybe I will do that tonight.
      Ugh, the flood. It sounds like you’ve avoided evacuation orders still. That’s fantastic. So you check your blog traffic eh? Good to know.

    17. tori says:

      Essentially Me said what I was thinking. I feel lucky to have met you, and am so incredibly happy we were able to do that wii and keep it a surprise too. If you know me at all, you know I suck at keeping fun secrets…I am not the one to tell about a surprise party or presents because I will ruin it by accident. That shower feels like it was a million years ago! It goes by so fast!
      Anyway, I am happy to call you a friend even though we have never met. You talked me through some things when I was down, and for that I thank you. You are a very supportive kind guy and I think that’s why people are so supportive in return.

    18. SM says:

      Egan, when I can I go comment crazy again? I’ve been holding back since you haven’t been blogging as much lately. But I’ve been kind of having crazy-blog-commenting withdrawals.
      Oh, and Tori – I won’t call the person out, but someone did accidentally spill the beans about the Wii before Efo received it. It was pretty hilarious.

    19. egan says:

      Tori – well thank you very much for the nice sentiments. Someday I’m assuming we’ll meet because of my Chicagoland connections. I haven’t formally thanked you for the card you sent, but want to. So yeah, thank you for the card. It was nice to read more about your family and see the picture. I have to ask who’s idea was the picture frame? The baby shower was a long time ago wasn’t it. So long ago I can’t remember who sort of let the cat out of the bag.
      SM – you can go comment crazy whenver you want. I’m not ever going to stop anyone unless you’re some crazy blogger who insists on pissing people off, then I might cut you off. That’s not you though.
      You know, I think I forgot about the Wii thing being exposed early. Was that you or was it EM? The two of you are confusing me these days with your new “names”. If memory serves me correctly, EM blurted something out. Oops.

    20. SM says:

      Damn, I said I didn’t want to call her out. But yeah, it was EM. She felt so bad. But it was all good. You were still surprised. Just in a different way.
      And yeah, it really does seem like ages ago, doesn’t it? That was a fun day.

    21. egan says:

      SM – note, you didn’t call her out. I called her out, you’re golden. I feel it’s fair to call her out because I vaguely recall a time when she spoiled a rather popular TV show finale for me. She sort of forgot about the time zone difference. Oops, I was supposed to never mention this story again because I gave her a pretty hard time about it (TWSS) and we pinky swore it would never come up again. Yikes.

    22. tori says:

      I had no idea someone accidentally told. As long as it wasn’t me, I am fine with that. I am actually sort of happy that someone besides me does things like that!
      The picture frame was my SIL’s idea. I actually hated the idea at first but she made us try it and then after she took the picture I was fine with it. It’s so hard to get all of us even looking at the camera at the same time that when I saw the picture, it was good enough for me. You’ll see that my youngest is smiling a sort of strange smile. Whatever, his eyes are open and he’s looking the right direction. I guess that’s what happens when you have a big family…someone in the picture is always going to hate it or think they don’t look great.

    23. Golden says:

      I just did a ROTFLMAO last night. If I get the really bad giggles where you’re almost saying ‘stop’! I will be on the floor. I can’t sit still… seems I get the wiggles with my giggles! Ha!

    24. meno says:

      Nothing you write could ever make me comment. Nothing!

    25. JLee says:

      That’s a lot of junk to happen! I’m commenting, but you better come visit me sometime, yo!

    26. phhhst says:

      Stopped over from thistle’s. I like the way you sum things up and I like the way you write.
      I’m going to bookmark you.

    27. egan says:

      Tori – it definitely wasn’t you, it was EM. By outing her, I’m just giving her a bad time. That’s how I roll. Yep, big families and pictures are hard since you rarely have all eyes and smiles going in the right direction at the right time.
      Golden – I will need proof of last night’s incident. Thank you very much.
      Meno – poor sport.
      JLee – I know I know, I’ve been really bad about making the rounds. Without Facebook, maybe I will get back to normal.

    28. egan says:

      Phhhst – hello and welcome to my blog. Summations are my game. My wife gives me a really bad time because I will put a summary on even a 25 second conversation with a stranger. Thanks for the nice words and the visit. Aloha!

    29. Yes I accidentally blurted it out in a fit of frustration over my car being at the dealers so long.
      I’m pretty sure I said something along the lines of, “At this rate, you’ll get the Wii before I get my car back!”
      And then I cringed. And kept yelling, “You didn’t hear that!”
      It was a sad day.

    30. Matt says:

      I’m new at blogging, and have not been as regular with the posts as I should have. BUT that’s because I spend all my time on the computer reading other people’s blogs…and they are so much better than mine, so why bother?
      The main reason I keep reading blogs is that they have renewed my faith in my profession. As a writing teacher, I struggle every day with students who have absolutely no interest in writing. But there are so many young people out there writing SO WELL just for the hell of it that it does ‘the old heart good’.
      Out of all the blogs I started off reading at the beginning of my blogginess (yes, new word, thank you!), yours is one of a couple I have kept reading. Keep it up!

    31. Chris says:

      Reading this post has encouraged me to post a reply.
      Funny thing is, when I typed the word reply in that last sentence up there, I actually typed preply then fixed it and while fixing it thought to mention here in this poorly punctuated paragraph (which of course didn’t exist at the time, except in my imagination) that to preply would be quite interesting – but to do so, I’d already have to know what your next blog post is going to be.

    32. Amanda says:

      No, I meant “meeting” as in the virtual one. So far, I’ve only met 1 other blogger and 1 reader. Pretty good considering where I live 🙂

    33. Kailyn says:

      Sorry about the job. Over the last four years, I have found that there is indeed a great deal of love out in the blogosphere. And now some of those folks are some of my closest friends outside of the blogosphere as well.

    34. Gwen says:

      I roll on the floor while laughing almost daily.
      You mean you don’t?
      And did you really just learn the difference b/w a skirt and a dress in the last 8 years? There’s a story there, right.
      Sorry about the job, dude. We might have a governorship open soon; you’re totally qualified (based on our most recent governors, anyway.)

    35. egan says:

      Essentially Me – these things happen and look, 18 months later I could barely remember how it all went down and who spilled the beans. No matter what, we love the Wii and it makes me think of the great blogger peeps each time I play.
      Matt – you’re going to give me a complex with your sincere compliment. I think it’s great you stop by and read. I’ve appreciated getting to know more about you on blogs and via email. I wish I paid better attention during my writing courses. I feel I could really benefit from a writing class as an adult. And yes, you know how much respect I have for teachers. They are the foundations of society as we know it.
      Chris – let’s just copy and paste this comment of yours into the next post and then it will officially be a “preply”. I don’t know that it will make sense, but it will be great fun.
      Amanda – okay, that’s what I figured you meant by “meeting”. I’m impressed you’ve met one other. How did the meeting go? Better, worse, or pretty much what you expected?
      Kailyn – that’s so true for me as well. It’s nice because you can learn much about a person via their blog. Clearly not everything, but for most of us who can read between the lines… there’s much to glean. Thanks for the job stuff. It will have a way of working itself out.
      Gwen – for some reason I can completely picture you rolling on the floor laughing your ass off. It happens nightly right? Hey, dress/skirt isn’t something I was exposed to much. One much older sister and zero girlfriends before the age of 20. Yes, there’s a story there… it’s called Egan is a loser and doesn’t pay attention enough to women’s fashion and its terms. Blagojevich hasn’t made many friends recently. Maybe he can appoint me to fill Barack’s vacated post.

    36. logo says:

      I have literally rolled on the floor because I was laughing so hard.
      I don’t do it toooo often.
      But it happens, Im just saying.
      Now that you have the skirt/dress thing figured out can you clarify the difference between culottes and and gauchos?

    37. Cléa says:

      Yeah, I’ll take the sock. A blue one, thanks.
      That’s a lot of achievements in the past 8 years. Blogging has to feature in them, because with all the so-called timewasting, bonds develop and they become part of our community. Here’s to the next 8 years. I wonder where our blogs would be.

    38. Amanda says:

      It went much better than expected. The person I met actually lives in the next street. She has so many similar interests to me and we’ve already met up 4 times in the past 2 weeks!!! Her husband and my husband get along great too and they have a little son nearly a year old so the conversations we have are similar. They’re like us….no friends here in Palembang. I’m a little worried though. We’re so enthusiastic about knowing each other but what if we get burnt out meeting each other too often?? That would be disastrous! Such is life here in Palembang……

    39. Came here from Meno and glad to read this great post.

    40. egan says:

      Logo™ – you’re just saying you roll on the floor laughing your ass off so you can use the acronym while IMing. I know that’s the case. Nobody rolls on the floor and laughs their ass off, nobody! Thanks to your comment I now know more about culottes and gauchos than I thought possible.
      Cléa – yeah, let’s keep these blogs rolling at least another 8 years. I totally forgot to mention one of the biggest highlights in the past eight years, floating down the Grand Canyon in 2005. That was such an amazing trip.
      Amanda – well it sounds like you have a lot in common with the other blogger. That’s a damn good thing. If you were going to burn out, I’m guessing it would have happened by now.
      The Real Mother Hen – well thanks for making your way over here. Meno sure is a treat. Thanks for reading this post and thanks for leaving a comment. Have a good day.

    41. Golden says:

      I have no proof. I know I’m responding a little late. I had no internet, all weekend. That was just weird. I don’t remember the last time I went a whole weekend with no internet.

    42. logo™ says:

      Consider that new knowledge my little gift to you.

    43. Diane Mandy says:

      I’m just getting back to blogging after a three-week hiatus and catching up on your life. Your post reminds me why I keep coming back to blogging. IT’s the best.
      PS. I’m sure things will work out for you on the job front. Keeping you in my thoughts.

    44. egan says:

      Golden – without a YouTube clip of said activity, I refuse to believe you busted a gut while laughing on the floor. No internet? That’s sucky. No internet at home is like no internet access at work, just not right.
      Logo™ – thank you for the key learning. I stared at photos of the two flowy items yesterday. Now I’m a master of culottes vs. gauchos.
      Diane Mandy – hello again, good to see you back. I hope your three week hiatus was relaxing. Blogging is remarkable for the friendships you can develop. Cheers!

    45. SoMi's Nilsa says:

      Sorry for being absent lately. Clearly I don’t deserve the accolades. But, you have a very strong following and that is amazing.
      Sorry about the curve-ball. What I’ve found with curve-balls like that is people generally come out the other side much much stronger and more focused. I don’t doubt you’ll do the same.

    46. egan says:

      Nilsa – why don’t you deserve any accolades? Come on, you’re the one behind such internet gems as the Blog Secret Day. If you do nothing else with your life, for one day you gave bloggers a chance to get stuff off their chest they may not have done otherwise. That’s a huge feat, but I get the feeling I don’t really need to feed your ego on this one. You know you did well.
      You couldn’t be more right about the curve ball. I happen to believe stuff like this “puts hair on the chest”. It’s how we deal with life’s curve balls that define our character. If we’re not tested, then we get too cozy… Thanks for the comment.

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