Let’s Get it Started

Black-eyed peas (the dish, not the band) aren’t actually peas , they’re beans. Perhaps this is an intentional misnommer. According to many, there’s this Southern tradition which involves eating 365 black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day to bring luck and prosperity for the year. Being open to new traditions, we thought we’d give this black-eyed peas thing a shot. My wife’s boss gave her a packet of 365 black-eyed peas which we prepared and ate on January 1st, 2009.

New Year’s Day was a dandy. My wife crashed before midnight on New Year’s Eve while I watched the local festivities on TV, a far cry from my midnight pot banging as a youth. Thursday was a fairly uneventful day as I remember. After we ate our 365 black-eyed peas for dinner, we put our daughter to bed and virtually rocked to Guitar Hero III on the Wii. After nearly two hours of dismantling the atomic guitar, we heard a faint sound over the basement baby monitor. We put Slash on ice and dashed upstairs to spy on Baby Singe.

Turns out Baby Singe wasn’t a big fan of the black-eyed peas. She chundered (a more pleasant made up term for when one violently expells a variety of things through their nose and/or mouth) all over herself, her crib, and her stuffed doggie. She cried for a few minutes as we cleaned up the carnage and comforted her. Twenty minutes later she was back to sleep.

I go back downstairs to relax in front of the TV. I hear an audible whimper over the basement baby monitor. I rush upstairs to make sure our little one is fine. I gently scoop her into my tense arms and slowly rock her. Her stomach begins to rumble and once again, she chunders. I yell in the direction of the bathroom as my wife is in the shower cleaning herself up after round one. Once again we clean our little girl, changing her sheets and pajamas and get her back down in her crib. Yep, a couple hours later she chunders again for the final time.

2009 is off to a bang! We’re not sure if the black-eyed peas are to blame. I believe you make your own luck. Maybe it’s 365 black-eyed peas per person. Maybe they aren’t supposed to land on the floor. Maybe I’m supposed to pledge my allegiance to Fergie or something. Let’s review what has happened since January 1st.

January 1-2: our daughter throws up three times
January 2 : Mr. Singe takes a sick day to watch after his daughter
January 5: notified my current job will not exist after January 31st
January 10: our Prius was rearended on the way to the zoo
January 12: forced to watch the E! Fashion Police Golden Globes recap
January 13: someone didn’t hold a door open for me

In the interest of fairness, here’s the good stuff of 2009

January 1-13: our house hasn’t received any flood damage
January 5: my work computer was fixed by tightening a hard drive screw
January 10: our manly Prius sustained no visible damage from the car accident
January 10: our rainy weather made for an awesome zoo visit
January 11: found a lost beagle, Regal, and returned him to his parents
January 12: received much praise from a co-worker
January 11-13: Baby Singe slept through the night

The year is young, the year is young, the year is young. The British are coming, the British are coming, the British are coming!


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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33 Responses to Let’s Get it Started

  1. meno says:

    But, aren’t peas beans???
    Eh, what do i know??
    You found a little lost doggie? Good kharma for you for the rest of the year.

  2. SM says:

    Oh. Egan. Don’t even get me started on my theory of the black-eyed pea stuff.
    But, you have, so here goes. In my family, the tradition (no doubt modified from the tradition you speak of) is you eat as many Black-eyed peas as you are old in order to have a lucky year. Obviously this sucks as you get older (because really, those things are nasty unless you smother them in hot sauce).
    ANYWAY. I’ve long stated that the years I actually ate black-eyed peas were some of my worst years, luck wise and the years I skipped were damn good. I ate some this year and so far so good. But we’re only in the second week of the year. I’m hoping it stays OK and that my black-eyed pea theory will be busted.
    On a side note. Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock? I totally rock that shit. Already beat easy and am close to beating medium. In case you’re curious.

  3. SM says:

    Ugh. In my rant about those nasty beans, I totally forgot that I wanted to say that I’m sorry Anna got sick. Stupid black-eyed peas!

  4. SM says:

    Oh My God.
    The Beagle’s name was Regal? For real?
    That. Is. Awesome.
    Jack Tripper in da house!

  5. egan says:

    Meno – are you getting all technical on me. Yes, I know tomatoes are fruits, geesh. Yes, we found a lost doggie and gave the owners a call. Baby Singe was so excited to see the dog on our porch. She loves dogs.
    SM – well I’m certain I ate at least 35 peas, so I should be good for the year. I never heard of this tradition until about two weeks ago. I’m not sure if I will ever repeat the tradition.
    I can only play the easy level on Guitar Hero III and only the Weezer song at that. I’m sucky. Good luck to you rock goddess!
    SM – yep, at least I wasn’t home alone or sick when this recent incident happened. I don’t like sick babies.
    SM – sure does make you wonder how many other beagles are named Regal for the same reason. You better believe it, Baby Singe says “exactly” now because we apparently say it more often than we realize.

  6. furiousBall says:

    i just eat the black eyed peas that i named Fergie

  7. kirk says:

    Peanuts aren’t nuts. You learn this when you have a cat named Peanut (or as she’s called south of the border Cacahuete. Which I believe is the same as the French).
    Sorry about your kid getting sick, but I’m pretty sure the black eye pea thing is for grown ups. Silly monkey.

  8. SM says:

    Yeah – it kind of makes me want to get a beagle just so I can name it that. The Regal Beagle ruled!
    Skip the pea tradition in the future. Not worth it. Seriously.

  9. Matt says:

    I’d never heard of the BEP thing until just now. I think I may have had some in some chili recently which would explain my luck with the whole bathroom/bedroom remodeling fiasco. Also, sick babies are not fun. Especially when they are… what did you call it?…chundering. My daughter was sick yesterday with strep, but she’s much older, so basically just sits there. M. stayed home with her, since I was being evaluated. But what’s the diff? From one cesspool into another…

  10. Matt says:

    Oh, and your offer for free rent in exchange for kneewracking labor? No thanks. I already have a place to crash in Seattle where I’m treated like royalty, thanks.

  11. Christina says:

    Wow, you’ve had quite a year so far. I’m sorry for the bad stuff, but I’m glad things are getting better with Anna because a sick baby is no fun at all. I hope the year gets better (and better and better)!

  12. egan says:

    FuriousBall – so are you a Fergie lover or hater? People seem very torn with her.
    Kirk – mais oui, it’s the same word in French. Rosetta Stone? I kid, you’re smart like that. Just for grown-ups, I will hold you to this one. I think diapers are just for babies, but I wear them… oops. Thanks for the well wishes with Baby Singe.
    SM – on your advice and based on how things are going so far this year, we will be skipping the (let’s get it started in here) black-eyed peas.
    Matt – good, glad I wasn’t the last human on Earth to learn of the BEP tradition. Chundering is the term we used in college and it’s persisted all these years. Strep is awful, I wish her luck.

  13. egan says:

    Matt – I can’t believe you would reject my sweet offer for a place to stay in the Emerald City. What’s wrong with you? I’m hurt beyond belief. I just may put a curse on your bathroom remodel project if you’re not careful.
    Christina – I think things will turn around. All things considered, we’re in a decent situation. I’m confident things will work out for the best. Sick babies are a shadow of themselves which makes it so tough. They’re off by just a bit and that’s what makes it rough on them and the parents.

  14. Matt says:

    Go ahead and send your flying monkeys! I’ll feed them BEPs!

  15. justrun says:

    Regal the beagle? Woah.
    I’m sure chundered black-eyed peas are just as lucky, if not more so.

  16. tori says:

    Well you could look at it as getting the bad stuff overwith quick at the beginning of the year so that the rest is wonderful, right?
    That regal thing was awesome!
    I am sorry Anna was sick. It is really difficult to have a sick kid at any age but at least when mine chunder (excellent word), they can make it to the bathroom first most of the time now.
    Do you have to eat the black eyed peas plain? Or can you have them in a dip. Because I have an awesome recipe for a dip that has black eyed peas in it. I had never heard of that tradition before though so I think I will pretend I still don’t know about it.

  17. egan says:

    Matt – you mean business. I wouldn’t dare send you flying monkeys. I’d more likely send you 100 Hannah Montanas or maybe just one would do the trick.
    Justrun – maybe that’s true, chundering them could be a sign of good things to come. They refuse to be consumed.
    Tori – I agree about the bad stuff. Had we not eaten the black-eyed peas, I wouldn’t have given these sequence of events much thought. I don’t think you have to eat them plain. We sure as heck didn’t, but maybe that’s where we weren’t wrong. She did hit the bucket during round two.

  18. Amanda says:

    I’m sorry to hear about all the chunder-ing. Hope your daughter is ok now.
    I found it interesting that Black Eyed Beans are called Black Eyed Peas :). Seriously. I mix it in with my white rice on a regular basis here and always called them beans. I don’t particularly like them and they haven’t done anything for my luck but it adds to my otherwise slightly protein deficient diet.

  19. brandy says:

    I had no idea that the peas weren’t peas. I always learn something cool from your blog. Also? I join everyone else in saying well done on the dog situation. I’m sure you racked up some awesome karma points with that one! Hope Miss Anna is feeling better now.. that’s great news about sleeping through the night.

  20. logo says:

    Ive a friend who had us eat grapes at midnight on New Years. I think I prefer that.
    Poor baby, poor Prius, lucky dog.
    Are flying monkeys good with bathroom remodels?

  21. big bro says:

    Until you mentioned being forced to watch the GG fashion rewindy thingy all was fine- now I’m worried- poor you and the Mrs. with visions of sheer Rene Z. giggling in your head- yecky!!!
    makes me want to chunder.
    Are Men at Work from the land down chunder?

  22. Our tradition isn’t black eyed peas, but rather lentils. And it’s just a bowl .. no need to count out how many you are eating. I had no idea BEP tasted so stank … I’m wondering if the idea for the group name was Fergie’s since she looks dirty. Bad joke, I know. You made me laugh with the pledge allegiance thingy. I’m glad little pumpkin is feeling all better! I miss seeing all the updated pictures not that you are not on FB anymore. That was my favourite part of that site.

  23. Kailyn says:

    Oh dear. The black eyed peas are for luck. Only luck. They are usually eaten mixed with rice. For prosperity, you eat pork. And to finish the trinity, you eat leafy green vegetables — usually collard greens but any other leafy green veggie will do — for money. My people are quite superstitious but that counting the black eyed peas thing is completely new to me. And I’m just not getting the hate on the peas. They are wonderful. Especially if you throw a ham hock in the pot.
    Knowing the effects that these foods can have on an adult digestive system, I would have never fed them to a small child. You’re just asking for trouble.
    I had my usual trinity for New Year’s Day. And a few days later, a woman made a left turn into my car causing $3,000 worth of damage. But I’m still optimistic. I like to think that the trinity assured that the bad stuff will happen early in the year so that I can get onto the good stuff to which I’m entitled at this point.

  24. SM says:

    Tori, they don’t have to be plain. My mom mixes them with some ham or bacon, lots of onion and garlic and some other stuff. They probably aren’t really that bad, but I am an extremely picky eater and I have issues with texture. BEP’s have a weird texture.
    And Kailyn…my hate on the peas stems from being forced to eat them when I was a kid. And the counting out of them probably is just something modified from the original tradition – probably a way to get little kids to eat them or something: “come on Suzy…you’re 9 so you only need to eat 9 peas…you can do that!” My family is weird like that. However, I did not know about the pork and greens to complete the luck that BEP’s are supposed to bring. Very interesting. We’ve never had greens with our New Years meal, but we always have ham. So that may explain why money is always an issue…

  25. sizzle says:

    That’s quite a lot for half of January. 🙂

  26. churlita says:

    It sounds like at least things are evening out. I hope the rest of your year gets better and better.

  27. egan says:

    Amanda – the little one is back and doing very well. Thanks. I have nothing bad to say about the taste of black-eyed peas/beans. We mixed them in with rice as well. I ate heaps of them that night.
    Brandy – maybe I should call my blog and education blog then? Sounds like you’d endorse that label. I have lots of good karma in the bank and I’m ready to cash it in after 1/31.
    Logo™ – grapes would be so much better for a New Year’s Day tradition. Perhaps that’s what we’ll try next year.
    Big Bro – the GG recap was boring. It all makes me want to chunder. Today I spent much time researching the sorry state that is The Totem Lake Malls. Yes, they’re from a land of chunder.
    Essentially Me – what did Fergie ever do to you? She’s pretty; pretty overexposed. I like lentils. I didn’t mind the taste of the BEPs. They were fine, but I think Anna may have a different take.
    Kailyn – I’m glad you came to the defense here. I’m not trying to hate on the flavor of black-eyed peas. They tasted fine. It was more just the rash of bad luck that has followed since. Our daughter loves black beans so we figured she’d be fine with black-eyed peas. Maybe it was the corn she ate along with dinner that caused the problem. I like how you say “trinity”. Sucky news about the car damage. I suppose the year is young.
    SM – really? I don’t find their texture to be any different than other beans. Pork and ham do complete the whole BEP package.
    Sizzle – I know and it’s not even January 15th.
    Churlita – you’re correct. You noticed the Good side is longer than the bad list.

  28. brookem says:

    the beagles name was Regal!!?

  29. Golden says:

    Ok, I thought I was the only one that thought Fergie looked dirty, and I don’t mean that in the good way. She looks oily, like she needs a shower. Eww.. Now I think I’m going to chunder.

  30. Cléa says:

    Chunder always reminds me of this song.

  31. emma james says:

    Next time go with grapes.
    And seriously, dude, do not let this curse rub off of your poor unsuspecting readers.
    Hope the job hunt is going well and your house continues to remain floodwater and mildew free.

  32. thistle says:

    i just learned about this BEP thing this year also, from a Texan blogging friend. I had plans to try it next year (she shared her recipe), but now i’m not so sure….perhaps it’s a meal best accompanied with a shot of Beano? Baby Singe has my sympathies, i had a similar incident with a fabulous lentil soup and a bit of ginger ale…the effects of carbonation and near-indigestible complex proteins are impressive. Methinks it may be what Suzuki is citing in his monologue on ‘foods as greenhouse gas contributors.’

  33. egan says:

    Brookem – yes, I didn’t make that shit up. I almost took a picture of Regal’s dog collar.
    Golden – Fergie is definitely one of those love or hate celebs. I’d say she’s a touch overexposed.
    Cléa – I would agree with you about the song. The song does say “from a land of thunder” right? I’m fairly certain it’s not chunder. Who wants to come from a land of vomit?
    Emma James – grapes are good. I’m not going to let the BEPs get my year off to a bad start, I refuse. They didn’t taste bad, it’s more the events that followed though. The only issue we got with the flooding was an increase in the number of earthworms making their way inside our house.
    Thistle – me thinks Suzuki was very right about this. I say try the tradition next year. My guess is you will eat them and be flood free all winter long.

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