You Nearly Sunk My Battleship

“I’m so glad we didn’t purchase that money pit”


I wipe my brow and wince each time we drive by a handful of homes in Seattle. Before we bought our first home, we had submitted an offer on a For Sale By Owner (FSBO for short) and backed out at the last minute. The owner started getting picky about stuff she wouldn’t fix before we moved in. For us, it was too much and we got a weird vibe about the seller. She and her ex-husband owned the home, but there were some marital complications.

The day we were supposed to sign the papers on her house, we stopped by a quaint home about two miles south or hers. The house was tiny, but was move-in ready. We bought the tiny house a couple weeks later.


There have been a few cars I almost purchased, but for some reason walked away from the deal. Ford Focus. Nah, didn’t need that car. Plus I didn’t really care for the guy trying to suck his claws in my pocketbook. Then there were a few others: Tina, Isabella, Jennifer, and Stephanie.


This time yesterday I had an absolutely perfect blog topic in my head. I sat down last night to type it up. POOF! It was one of those blog posts I pictured in my head and imagined how it would be so much better since I’m no longer on Facebook. Alas, it’s gone. I will scan the depths of my mind to find it. [searching} Nope, nothing. This losing of terrific blog post ideas happens way more often than it should.


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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18 Responses to You Nearly Sunk My Battleship

  1. kirk says:

    Pocketbook? Um. Do you put this in your man purse?

  2. meno says:

    I believe it’s important to listen to your instincts in cases like that house deal.
    The blog post will come back to you. Probably in the shower or when you are driving.

  3. Golden says:

    Then there were a few others: Tina, Isabella, Jennifer, and Stephanie.
    Under the heading of CAR?
    After the sentence including the phrase ‘suck his claws in my pocketbook’
    I’m pondering this whole combination. I’ll get back to you.

  4. Matt says:

    We have several near misses like that. The sporty car I desperately wanted to lease soon after we were married and broke, the new house that was just a teensy bit too much for our pocketbook (I understand what you mean by this term – grandma uses it all the time!). We really like living debt-free (except for the house, of course!)

  5. Cléa says:

    Easy come easy go?
    I escaped a similar house situation that would have been a nightmare. It was a rental property but I smelled something shoddy from the start. Sometimes your instincts tell you.

  6. lora says:

    i swear i would be a genius famous millionaire blogger if only i were smart enough to carry around a pen and notebook so that when i thought of something i could at least jot it down. grr.
    thanks for stopping by and letting me find you! i put you on my google reader, and i can’t wait to read more!

  7. Michelle says:

    Blog ideas get lost in my head all the time. As for houses, we’ve bought both houses based on our gut feelings. The first after just one visit the second after two visits in one day. We’ve just been drawn to them.

  8. emma james says:

    Blog posts get lost in my head too. And sometimes they get lost mid-type. And sometimes they just get others lost. I’m getting a sense that it’s the nature of the beast.
    Be grateful you live in a state where one can own a house. Down here in lala land we just stare at them longingly from our place in stalled traffic.

  9. SM says:

    Sadly, we weren’t able to avoid a bad house purchase. We’re still paying for it today and we sold it three years ago. Always follow your intuition when it comes to big purchases like that.
    When it comes to cars, though, I’m happy to say that we haven’t made any car purchasing mistakes.
    I’m always coming up with good stuff to write about and then the minute I’m acually sitting in front of the computer it’s gone. I hate it.

  10. logo says:

    I suffer from phantom blog post syndrome as well.
    hate that

  11. lora says:

    I don’t have your email, so I have to reply to your comment in a comment!
    I think it is just something wonky with crappy old Blogger.
    The html is showing up in my edit screen, it just isn’t translating to the post. I’ve had this problem a few times in the past couple months. I know the html is right (well, I’m assuming) because I’m not getting any error messages and I’m doing it through both the html and compose modes. Grr. This is why I need to buy my own domain.
    But thank you! I hope you are having a good day!

  12. sari says:

    I come up with SO MANY good blog posts at 3:37 AM.
    Unfortunately, they never make it to my computer.
    Oh well.

  13. Golden says:

    What is the relevance of “Then there were a few others: Tina, Isabella, Jennifer, and Stephanie.”
    After the info about the car? Am I not reading that whole paragraph correctly? Am I dumb? Am I having a senior moment? Do I ask a lot of questions?

  14. egan says:

    Kirk – I’m all retro and shit.
    Meno – lots of things come back to me while in the shower. So far the blog post is avoiding traction.
    Golden – I love how much thought you’re putting into the four names. Maybe I name my cars, maybe I’m messing with you… maybe I’m being intentionally random because this post is lacking in content.
    Matt – I’m glad you understand the pocketbook thing. I was scared I suddenly aged twenty years. Is the current house a find? I know you’re in the middle of a project, but it seems pretty solid. J’adore ta grand mère beaucoup.
    Cléa – it really is amazing how well the gut instinct can come into play. The flip side is when it hasn’t served us so well and we’ve made silly purchases. I do that all too often.
    Lora – hello and welcome. Yes, a pen and a piece of paper. Why did I not think of that? Well because most of my brilliant ideas hit me when I don’t have either item handy… like the shower or my car. I need an assistant. Thanks for the visit.
    Michelle – so both home purchases have been a good thing? Damn those blog ideas. Well there’s always the kids to blog about right?
    Emma James – and to think LA is a cheaper market than San Diego and SF is scary. Do you sit in a lot of traffic? Do you text while in traffic? Do you have a cute Bluetooth headset you use? I’m feeling inquisitive.
    SM – sorry to hear you’re still paying for one of the bad purchases. I guess we still pay for many things long after we’re done using them. I’m not sure what happens when I sit in front of the computer to share. Somehow, more often recently, they vanish into thin air. It totally sucks.
    Logo – yes, it’s the pits. Somebody will pay!
    Lora – how will buying your own domain change things? Blogger does suck, we can agree on that, but it is free. I was once on Blogger a long time ago, but couldn’t deal with it when I had issues.
    Sari – I’m staying up to 3:37 tonight to see what happens. I’ve got two more hours to go. Wish me luck.
    Golden – yes, yes, yes… what’s your deal with all the questions? Cut me some slack yo. I’m fragile these days.

  15. Chris says:

    FSBO is commonly pronounced “Fizz-bo” (long o sound)

  16. egan says:

    Chris – yes, that’s precisely how one pronounces it. Well done.

  17. Next time I check your fengshui for you before any big purchase – nah I’m just kidding! 🙂

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