For You to Know

The new job: busy like a beaver
My week with Baby Singe: heaps of daddy time
Ability to put rational thoughts together: not my strong suit
What I should be doing, but I’m not: showering and cleaning kitchen
Why am I avoiding said activities: I miss my blog
Is there a point to this post: do you like numbers?
First thing I did Thursday morning: checked outside for snow
Have I overindulged in food this week: Are Tori’s for show?
Current glitches: Is this thing on?
Plans for weekend: food, exercise, family, recreating

Must find free time ….


About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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12 Responses to For You to Know

  1. furiousBall says:

    no biggie, get yer shat done, we’ll all still be here

  2. meno says:

    Good luck with that free time thing.

  3. SM says:

    If you want to outsource your blog, let me know. I’m in the market.

  4. churlita says:

    Food, exercise, family and recreating should make for a perfect weekend.

  5. Felisa says:

    Isn’t the weather insane? It was just snowing yesterday and nice today!
    Anyway, good luck with finding free time. I have that same problem…

  6. logo™ says:

    wow, that pic is something
    Rationality is highly overrated or so I’ve been told.

  7. Cléa says:

    Must fine ‘me time’…

  8. egan says:

    Essentially Me – um yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing yo.
    furiousBall – I will get my stuff done and come back. Thanks for the comforting words.
    Meno – only if, only if I truly did get laid off. Then I’d have heaps of free time to galavant around the city.
    SM – what sort of outsourcing do you perform? What are your merits? Have we met?
    Churlita – I got three of the four, no exercise unless chasing toddlers counts. In my book, it doesn’t count. How was your weekend?
    Felisa – Seattle weather is what it is. Yikes, I can’t believe I typed that. I guess I have no complaints about the weather since there’s very little I can do about it. It has been this way since I was born here and it’s not likely to change. You know. Now about that free time, I’m working on it. You must be nearing your finals. Oops, you probably didn’t need that reminder.
    Wheelson – thanks man, it’s a damn good thing. So far so good in the new position. Even the offsite wasn’t too bad.
    Logo – you love Tori Spelling don’t you?
    Clea – yes, I would agree. I need to pencil it in. I missed soccer last week and that set the mood for last week. I don’t like missing soccer no matter what.

  9. SM says:

    You name it, I do it.
    that sounds dirty.
    My merits? I was addicted to blogging for a whole year…does that count? I authored many blogs then (and now, I guess…).
    And only in our dreams.
    Or something like that.

  10. Pants says:

    Glad to know it’s going well…though busy!

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