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What’s on My Mind?

Sign of the times? There are three houses on our street for rent. The owners moved out of their houses within the past 6-9 months to pursue new job opportunities and/or a new home elsewhere. A year ago, Breeder’s Row … Continue reading

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Brushed Back

Take three, I started this post the first time chatting about how busy I’ve been with work and how it’s changed my blogging. I highlighted the measly paragraph and hit the Delete key on my keyboard. I took a second … Continue reading

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Tying off Loose Ends

We bought a treadmill off of Craigslist Sunday morning. Those things are a bitch to move considering they weigh more than our old MINI Cooper. It was quite the ordeal to acquire and place the treadmill inside our house. Once … Continue reading

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FKT: Kleenex

Ho hum… Wednesday afternoon was kind of slow at work. My cubicle mate and I chatted about life and shifted topics to marriage proposals. We discussed the intimate details of how I didn’t get down on bended knee to propose … Continue reading

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146 Years in the Making

What were you doing in 1863? Most of us weren’t around to answer this question. Most of America was in the midst of a bitter civil war. A civil war I’ve read much about courtesy of books passed down a … Continue reading

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The Laws of Murphy

Much has been said over the past couple days about sleep. A plague on both of your houses Daylight Savings Day.  Honestly, it wasn't too bad for us since our daughter awoke at 5:45am on Friday and Saturday morning.  Sunday … Continue reading

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Power, Sketchy, and Beneath Me

Have I mentioned my short-term jobs on this blog before? I can’t remember much these days so bear with me. I’ve had some brief jobs in my life which might make some think I have commitment issues. I’ve had numerous, … Continue reading

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