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What’s on My Mind?

Sign of the times? There are three houses on our street for rent. The owners moved out of their houses within the past 6-9 months to pursue new job opportunities and/or a new home elsewhere. A year ago, Breeder’s Row … Continue reading

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Brushed Back

Take three, I started this post the first time chatting about how busy I’ve been with work and how it’s changed my blogging. I highlighted the measly paragraph and hit the Delete key on my keyboard. I took a second … Continue reading

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Tying off Loose Ends

We bought a treadmill off of Craigslist Sunday morning. Those things are a bitch to move considering they weigh more than our old MINI Cooper. It was quite the ordeal to acquire and place the treadmill inside our house. Once … Continue reading

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FKT: Kleenex

Ho hum… Wednesday afternoon was kind of slow at work. My cubicle mate and I chatted about life and shifted topics to marriage proposals. We discussed the intimate details of how I didn’t get down on bended knee to propose … Continue reading

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146 Years in the Making

What were you doing in 1863? Most of us weren’t around to answer this question. Most of America was in the midst of a bitter civil war. A civil war I’ve read much about courtesy of books passed down a … Continue reading

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The Laws of Murphy

Much has been said over the past couple days about sleep. A plague on both of your houses Daylight Savings Day.  Honestly, it wasn't too bad for us since our daughter awoke at 5:45am on Friday and Saturday morning.  Sunday … Continue reading

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Power, Sketchy, and Beneath Me

Have I mentioned my short-term jobs on this blog before? I can’t remember much these days so bear with me. I’ve had some brief jobs in my life which might make some think I have commitment issues. I’ve had numerous, … Continue reading

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About a Man

For those living under a rock, there’s this nifty reality TV show called The Bachelor. There’s this single dad on the show who happens to be divorced. During Monday night’s finale he choose one woman (Melissa) over another (Molly). The … Continue reading

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Chirp #1

I'm putting my socks on, gonna piss, and go to bed. ================================================== @Cléa – you make me laugh, very funny and let's Tweet together.  @Kirk – no, that's an auto signature I need to disable.  I will get to it … Continue reading

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Tweet You

Get ready to learn about the awesomeness that is Twitter, on my blog.  For a little bit, this blog will be transformed into a Twitter-esque outpost.  Some of you may not understand Twitter, consider the following posts to be your … Continue reading

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