What’s on My Mind?

Sign of the times? There are three houses on our street for rent. The owners moved out of their houses within the past 6-9 months to pursue new job opportunities and/or a new home elsewhere. A year ago, Breeder’s Row thrived and now we’ve got empty wood structures surrounding us. Hopefully none of the vacant houses remain unoccupied for too long. It’s damn depressing to look inside a hollow home which used to brim with activity.
Speaking of our daughter, I think it’s safe to say I’ve been madly in love with her since she was born. “I love you mom” and “I love you dad” have rolled off her tongue recently which means I’m more sucked than ever before. She can clearly state her own affection… and objections. She has this teething chew toy giraffe named Sofie and she says “Sofie” so clearly my heart skips a beat.

Other tricks: She helps pick up food scraps off the kitchen floor after each meal and then politely hands them to us. Her new routine is to play inside our cars when we get home. She likes to pretend to drive and flip all the switches and buttons. Clearly she learned this from me. When winding down the day, she’ll talk to her animals in her crib babbling “ahh-tchoo” back and forth. AW, pretend sneezing.
Real life, stop stifling my creativity! I want it back. Where did it go? Shit, I think I need to attend Blog Camp. What would Blog Camp be like?

I picture a crowded room full of laptops. Bloggers would sit down and be told to type whatever is on their mind. Some might create memes, post pictures, or improve their typing speed. There would be classes about commenting, Bookmarking, posting audio/video content to your blogs, how to drive traffic to your respective blogs, and flirting. You’d learn how to forge friendships with random people around the globe. Where do I sign up?


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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25 Responses to What’s on My Mind?

  1. msmachine says:

    I experienced a similar blog stop. I blogged daily for about two years with interesting stories, memories, dreams and thoughts and then suddenly I lost my focus. I think that my life shifted, my priorities changed and I simply started putting more energy elsewhere. That is how I ended up with only the occasional photo posted and very little content. I think I also went through a time where I kept more of myself, to myself.
    You posts are still interesting (to me). You just can’t do it as often and your topic matter has changed a little. I tend to see that as good. Who wants to be stuck doing the same thing, thinking about the same things, or feeling the same things? You are growing. Your blogging will continue to reflect you.
    Well, don’t I just know everything?! Ha! Please feel free to laugh at me for this big comment. I have now cleared all my wisdom (hot air) and will resume my usual lurker status.

  2. sizzle says:

    Your daughter sounds adorable.

  3. Darlene says:

    I’m going through the same thing – I haven’t blogged for almost 2 months. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty to blog about, but I can’t seem to put it into words.
    If you find a blogging clamp, be a sport & sign me up too, k?

  4. Darlene says:

    and by *clamp*, I mean *camp*

  5. furiousball says:

    right there with ya, kids… it’s a different kind of love for each one of them. my little girl owns me 🙂

  6. Cléa says:

    I’m holding a “Back to Blogging Basics <supTM Class which will include a trip in nostalgia to the earlier days of blogging. Methinks you’ll want to stay back after class…

  7. SM says:

    I like Clea’s class. I would like to be enrolled.
    I hear you, though. It’s why I’m on a hiatus. OK – it’s why I’m on a hiatus from writing on my blog. And it’s really only part of the reason why I’m on hiatus…there’s other shit going on, too. Obviously I’m still reading/commenting.
    But actually sitting down and putting something into words on my own blog? I can barely fathom it right now.
    Baby Singe* is precious.
    *edit made to protect the unsuspecting child (efo)

  8. Golden says:

    I think you’re onto something. You could be the teacher of said Blogging Class.
    Sweet Baby Singe*.
    *removed Baby Singe’s name to protect her future (e-fo)

  9. egan says:

    MsMachine – well yeah and now you’ve probably got more to blog about than you may desire. My priorities have definitely shifted over the last couple years. My topic matter has changed dramatically. I used to find interesting tidbits happening around me and magnify them. Thanks for saying such nice things about me and my ever changing blog. Best wishes to you!
    Sizzle – she is. Of course she has her moments, but for the most part she makes us smile often. Not a bad thing in this harsh world.
    Darlene – yeah, I think we all go through a blog funk. For some reason I feel some of the other outlets are zapping my online creativity. Yes, another victim for my Blog Camp.
    FuriousBall – I am definitely a sucker for my daughter’s charms. It’s pathetic, but very true.
    Cléa – can I be a guest lecturer or something? Please? I would love to meet the new recruits.
    SM – can you picture Cléa teaching? She’d rock as a teacher for this subject. I think I don’t want to fall into the trap of blogging about the same stuff over and over. I sit down to blog and all I can think of these days is how I’m so busy and Baby Singe. I got to get back to writing messages on people’s dusty poor parked cars.

  10. egan says:

    Golden – perhaps that could be my calling later in life. I don’t know how good of a blogging teacher I would be based on my wimpy output these days.

  11. justrun says:

    Blog camp? Yes, let’s do that!

  12. egan says:

    Justrun – it has to be nothing like BlogHer, that’s all I’m saying. It would be like Boot Camp combined with surfing the net. Somewhere in between you’d create some dedicated bloggers who will never stop blogging even if their life was threatened. I sort of kid.

  13. Amanda says:

    I like the idea of Blog camp. We’ve recently become busier at home and I find that I’m often sitting here with nothing to blog about…..
    Your daughter sounds totally adorable. A child’s affection is truly the most miraculous drug in the world. It soothes pain, depression, grouchiness….whatever!
    Sometimes, when I feel a little down, I just call out “Cuddle Time!”.

  14. Felisa says:

    She sounds so, so adorable! I think your daughter has your wrapped around her little fingers. Just wait until she can make you little handmade cards with the sweetest messages in them. My dad still waits for those… and I’m 19 😛

  15. sari says:

    Yeah. I know what you mean about blog camp. I’ve been madly trying to work on a present for my best friend’s birthday (in 2 weeks) since CHRISTMAS and guess what? I still won’t be done in time for her birthday. I haven’t blogged much at all, and I’ve read other blogs even less and I haven’t written anything since October and that really stinks.
    I actually bought a writing class at our school’s spring benefit – a friend of mine is a writer and she teaches a writing class. I am forcing myself to actually do it and I’m a bit scared.
    Our neighborhood is a rather small neighborhood. Usually houses only go up for sale if someone retires and moves away or dies. Right now we have about 4 for sale, which is unheard of.
    PS We have to get your daughter and my youngest son together – one of the highlights of his day is when Daddy gets home – he loves to run into the garage and climb into the car and push every button too. It’s the cutest.
    Have a great day Egan, I miss you!! 🙂

  16. Baby Singe* is darling…so grown up already! When you find that blog camp can you let me know?
    *edited by author to protect the 20 month old child. (efo)

  17. Golden says:

    Me thinks Princess didn’t read the previous posts where Baby Singe’s name was removed and replaced with, well, Baby Singe! 🙂
    Sorry about that.. don’t call me out.. my name is NOT Katrina…

  18. churlita says:

    So, where is this mythical land where all of your neighbors are moving to that actually has jobs?

  19. bigbro says:

    Wow! Sounds like someone has a case of the blog-stop blues! Sounds like you could use a little Camp Chippewa cheer me up to turn that blog-stop right side up!

  20. egan says:

    Amanda – yeah, it’s amazing how comforting it can be to hold a child in your arms. Last night Baby Singe woke up and I wandered in her room to comfort her. She instantly fell asleep in my arms and it brought a huge grin to my face even though it 3:15am. I get the feeling Blog Camp might have the same effect.
    Felisa – tell me you do that for your dad still. Want to come babysit?
    Sari – yeah, I’m sure you’ve got your hands full with your kids, work, and life. Blogging hasn’t been as much of a priority as I’d like. I think your writing class sounds like a good idea. I’d be curious to hear what you learn and if it was worth it.
    Okay, let’s get the kids together so they can tear one car apart. I have to reset everything once she gets out of the car. This morning she wanted to play with the buttons before work. That wasn’t part of the deal. Thanks for the nice comment Sari, great to see you on here. Trust me, I miss you and other bloggers. Being busy at work is overrated!
    Princess Extraordinaire – I will keep you posted on the blog camp. I did remove my daughter’s name just to be safe. I don’t want her name on her for search engine reasons. It’s all good.
    Golden – I won’t call you out. I’m sure you understand why I don’t want to use her name on my blog. I will forgive Princess this one time.
    Churlita – great question and the answer is Seattle and San Francisco. Two neighbors just moved elsewhere in the city while the other moved down to the Bay Area. His line of work is high tech so it makes sense.

  21. emma says:

    I wanna go to Blog Camp! I LOVE camp. Sign me up. Hell, they have every other kind of camp now. Someone needs to get on this. I see a whole career path opening up for someone. I just wanna be one of the campers.
    And on the actual blogging front – I’m just impressed that anyone has time to blog about anything, ever. And it’s actually kind of nice when people don’t do it every day. My RSS feed gets out of control otherwise.

  22. Maggie says:

    well you can sign me up as well. i need a blog boost and a virtual kick in the keester wouldn’t hurt either.
    the i love you’s are the best!

  23. Chris says:

    THis one time, at blog camp….
    sorry, i just had to

  24. egan says:

    Emma – you see an entire career path opening up for me right? This could be it, this could be what I’ve been dreaming about since a child. You can be one of the campers. I won’t even make you share a tent. I used to blog 4-5 days a week, but I just can’t do that anymore with my new job role and being a parent.
    Maggie – we have another interested participant. I may need to make this a reality instead of joking about it. The “I love you” saying will never grow old.
    Chris – I didn’t see that coming.

  25. egan says:

    Big Bro – nah, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m happiest when blogging, but I just haven’t had the time and I haven’t had much on my mind these days. I posted some videos of your niece online.

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