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Wiping Away the Smiles

A few weeks ago something rather embarrassing happened. I was late for work and thus late for dropping off our daughter at daycare. I sign her in, get her situated for breakfast, kiss her several times, and then exit her … Continue reading

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Kermit Won’t Like Me

Earth Day is a lovely day. It is made even cuter since it shares my brother’s birthday. Yes, he’s older than the actual Earth Day event which means I’m getting wiser in the process. Green is great. The environment is … Continue reading

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Belly

Much has been said about kids. People make a living writing books about raising kids, teaching kids, telling you how to raise your kids, and putting them on TV so you don’t have to work for a living. Heck, if … Continue reading

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Q2 Goals

Ideally you play soccer when it’s sunny outside and not raining. More often than not, that’s not a reality when playing outdoor soccer in Seattle. Normally I play soccer games on Wednesday nights. This week I played a game late … Continue reading

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Flash of the Titans

One of those memories happened again. I was driving our Prius home Saturday morning after a quick visit to our local dealership. They applied Rain-X to the windshield so raindrops disperse on contact. I thought how weird it must have … Continue reading

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Relish the Excited Times

I’ve been told there are universal truths/traditions you come to accept in life. Many we learn as we go and some seem like we’ve known them since we could put on our own shoes. For starters, if you see a … Continue reading

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