Twinkle Twinkle Little Belly

Much has been said about kids. People make a living writing books about raising kids, teaching kids, telling you how to raise your kids, and putting them on TV so you don’t have to work for a living. Heck, if you’re really lucky a complete stranger will give you unsolicited advice about the outfit your child is wearing or how they shouldn’t eat wild boar before age two.

We were all kids at some point in time. How much do you really remember from that time of your life? It’s doubtful you remember visiting the dentist before you could gnaw on an apple or the crazy uncle who makes animals noises whenever the opportunity arises.

Becoming a parent is an eye opener. I’ve done some fun things in my life and seen a decent amount of the world. However, as a parent you see the world through a little one’s perspective. You meet neighbors you may have avoided before. You learn those neighbors aren’t so bad after all. You have a conversation with somebody you may have deemed “unschmooze worthy”. Most importantly you have a great excuse to do something exciting each weekend in the name of “exposure”.

The last four weekends have been a complete blast. Seattle endured a long cold winter this year and spring has finally arrived. Our daughter wants to be outside as often as possible now. Through her parents tutelage she’s learned wonderful stuff.

  • identifying moss
  • how to lift her shirt and say “boobies”
  • how to put on her own shoes
  • empty paper rolls make great megaphones
  • a magnifying glass can be used to start a fire
  • laughter is the way to everyone’s heart
  • how to say “pine cone”
  • developed her own naked dance

    This list is rather incomplete, but each items on this list created a lasting impression on her father. A couple years ago I wondered how my life would change. The unknown can be big and scary. And yeah, that’s what she said. ….umm…

  • About lessinges

    Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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    15 Responses to Twinkle Twinkle Little Belly

    1. meno says:

      So put her to work doing the naked dance and then you’ll never have to work again!

    2. Amanda says:

      It sounds so naive in hindsight but I never expected my life to change this much. I never even really thought about it changing. So, it all took me by surprise at first but I’m getting to enjoy all the quirks of motherhood now. Kids are so useful in making new friends for their parents! Or being the reason why you can’t make it to some boring event.

    3. SM says:

      Meetng the once avoided neighbors one is very familiar to me. Having an extremely happy and very outgoing baby makes it impossible for people not to stop us on our walks and see the little man.
      This post makes me smile.

    4. Golden says:

      Bullet #2, I think that’s the best one of all. Who doesn’t need to know how to do that?? We should all make a habit of doing that once a day.
      My son is approaching 15 FAAAST.. and let me tell you, I miss his little toddler self, but let me tell ya, it just keeps getting better. It will be especially grand if I can get him to lift his shirt and say ‘boobies’ tonight. Don’t think I won’t try.

    5. Golden says:

      and let me tell ya, I really like using the phrase ‘let me tell ya’.

    6. Pants says:

      That boobies trick will be popular when she’s older!
      I’m glad you guys are having such a great time with your little munchkin and enjoying being outdoors after a long, cold winter!

    7. churlita says:

      What a happy post. I love reading about how much you love your daughter.

    8. emma says:

      Lift her shirt and say “boobies,” huh? You’ve taught her well… to provide you an ulcer when she’s 16. LOL. An endearing expression of your love. So glad you’ve been having so much fun!

    9. Chris says:

      Identifying moss is way impressive. I did a naked dance once and 4 people died! LOL
      I am glad oyu are having such a wonderful time – treasure them all and may you and your family enjoy many many more.

    10. qt says:

      Boobies already? Jeez, they grow up so fast these days….;)

    11. Gwen says:

      #2: that one is going to come back in bite you in the ass one of these days. 🙂

    12. Felisa says:

      You should teach her to say “that’s what she said!”
      Of course she doesn’t have to understand WHEN to say it but when can you not say it anyway??
      Anyway, I hope you guys had fun the last couple of days. I went to Green Lake and there were SO many kids running around having fun. I hope your little one got to enjoy it too!

    13. Cléa says:

      Complete this sentence:
      Fast forward 15 years. She’s lifting her shirt and saying boobies. Egan says, “…”

    14. Maggie says:

      I remember you talking about your baby coming and how excited and scared and unsure you were. It was fun to read because I knew you’d feel exactly as you do today. Scary is right, and that never really goes away, but the flip side is so worth it.
      Especially when they say boobies, I mean pine cone.

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