Waiting for Three Dot 0

Why not punch out a post using my BlackBerry as I wait for the much anticipated 3.0 software release from Apple. It seems like the right thing to do. My iPod touch needs pampering.

How are you people? What is up? Is life treating you well these days? I have lost touch with some of you. I won’t make excuses about why. I will simply ask you to provide an honest update to your life. Don’t even think about bullshitting me because I will call your bluff. Are you good, bad, indifferent? Fretting about relationships, money, jobs, upgrading phones, or some cute capri pants. I want to hear it all.

Moi? I am fine, thanks for asking. Life remains busy, but is manageable… or so I tell myself. I’m happy to be working in the yard again. I’m amazed we haven’t had measurable rain in Seattle for 29 consecutive days. That means it hasn’t rained since before we left for Chicago last month. Quite remarkable. I say this because I’m watering more than one should in my city this time of year.

My brother and his two boys arrive in town next week. I haven’t seen him and the boys in five years or so. It will be fantastic for the cousins to meet. On another family note, my niece who seemed to be born a short while ago during a snowstorn (1990) graduated from high school. She will be the first of her siblings to go to a four year college. I’m proud of her since it hasn’t been an easy path for her. It sure does bring back intruing memories to watch someone graduate from college. I remember thinking how weird it was to be officially free from school. For a few months at least until college started and thus a new reality.

Finally, buy a Kindle. Well, only if your credit card can afford it. I got one for Mrs. Lessinges’ birthday and she digs the iPod of books. Granted it isn’t the most romantic gift, but it has been well received. Heck, I borrowed it and even read some articles “in” the newspaper about technology. This paragraph doesn’t fit the spirit of the post, however I felt compelled to brag about the Kindle. It’s very nifty and only cost slightly more than one payment towards college.

I’m alright. That’s what I’d say. I’m surviving, but not knocking them out of the park. Oh, my download is now complete. Adios!


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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23 Responses to Waiting for Three Dot 0

  1. jaded says:

    No rain in 29 days! Surely, you jest…of course a man in your position has little time for jesting so I have no choice but to take you at your word.
    I’ve been hearing good things about the kindle. I thought my better half would enjoy it. The man tends to burn through 1.2 books a week.
    With family arriving, does that mean you will playing tourist in your hometown , again?

  2. SM says:

    You and capri pants.
    A Kindle would make me feel like I’m cheating on my bookcase. I just can’t do it. Plus? Reading off of screen like that for long periods of time hurts my head and eyes. I prefer the old fashioned way.
    And what is this new software from Apple? Is it automatic or do you have to purchase it? My iPod Touch hasn’t been hooked up to the computer for awhile so I have no idea if it needs upgrading.
    Have fun with your family!!!

  3. furiousBall says:

    good to hear from ya, i did the upgrade yesterday. and we’ve had like a month of rain straight almost over here

  4. tori says:

    I think we have all your rain. The kids have been wanting to go to the beach since they got out of school and there really hasn’t been a day that was warm enough and not raining. We might go tomorrow no matter how cold or rainy it is.

  5. SM says:

    Ugh. Nevermind about the software update. I figured it out and I can’t shell out $9.95 right now. Lame.

  6. meno says:

    I love my kindle in a way that borders on the inappropriate. Free books, daily newspapers without the paper.
    You gave her the best birthday present ever.
    Me? I am well. Child home for summer from first year of college, and she actually found a job. Grateful for that. House still for sale. Lots of activity but no offers.
    Husband working too much, but that’s pretty standard. Cat bringing in lots of dead rodents.
    The usual.

  7. brookem says:

    wow, that’s a long post to type on the bb- im impressed.
    im doing well thanks for asking. wearing capris as we speak, craving some coffee, hate the rain you gave new england (yes, YOU, personally), etc etc.
    glad you’re well!
    ps- ive wanted a kindle but probably would flip out trying to learn it?

  8. emma says:

    June gloom has finally lifted (for the moment). Life is in complete unheaval – some good, some bad – but I’m just hanging on for the ride, knowing that – once things settle – things will look different, and that’s okay.
    Not striking out is always good! 😉

  9. JLee says:

    I feel retarded, but what’s a Kindle?

  10. egan says:

    Jaded – not really the tourist in my town because it’s my bro and I would hope he remembers Seattle still. You read 1.2 books a week? I’m impressed.
    SM – reading off the screen is very easy on the eyes in any light. No more using two hands to hold a paperback open. There are some really cool advantages. I will miss the smell and the ability to share with others. Not that I’m really good at book sharing. You already figured out the iPod touch software thing.
    furiousball – the upgrade has some cool features. I’m a huge fan of easy searches like Spotlight so adding it to the iPhone/iPod touch is the bomb.
    We still have our streak intact.
    Tori – where does one go to the beach in your neck of the woods? Lake Michigan? Yeah, I’ve heard it has been wet since we left Chicago. Oops.
    SM – really, ten bones is nothing if you ask me. The last big update was $25 I think. Yes, I do love capri pants. Ankles!
    Meno – I had a feeling you’d approve of the gift. It’s a sweet device and I bought it based on your love of it. I love reading the paper on it as I can’t stand the newsprint on my fingers and all that pesky folding.
    Thank you so much for actually giving some feedback about your well-being. Nobody else shared until your comment. Houses seem to be selling a bit faster than they were in my neighborhood. It doesn’t sound like this is the case near you. Good luck. When is the move-in date for your new pad? We should meet for lunch.
    Brookem – the Kindle is simple to use. There really isn’t anything to it as the books automatically download from Sprint’s wifi network. You’re wearing capri pants? So cool. Are they white too?
    Emma – hey, did you leave the country yet? Striking out sucks.
    JLee – it’s an electronic book of sorts. It’s like the iPod of books and so damn handy to read versus a laptop or book. It’s not mine, but I love it.

  11. Kailyn says:

    I too upgraded to three point 0 last night as well. And then today I went into the store to order my new phone. Right before I did, a coworker asked how much I’d be selling my 3G 16G for. And the inquiries kept coming throughout the day. I’m almost tempted to have an auction.
    My buddy, Zombie Mom, has a Kindle. She showed it off on our recent trip to NYC. But I still love the feel of pages too much.
    I still have a job even though the receptionist was let go last week. As a result, this week has been extra busy for me.
    And yesterday I put my new refills into my planner. (Yes, I have an iPhone but I still also carry a paper planner. I told you. Sometimes I just need to touch pages.) I got to September and almost lost it. My two aunts and my stepmother were all born in September. And in a couple of weeks, it will be the anniversary of the first of these deaths. Give me strength.

  12. egan says:

    Kailyn – seriously, auction your old one to cover the costs of the new one. It’s the way to go and how so many have been doing it. That’s why AT&T are trying to prevent it by offering the cheaper rate to new customers. I’m guessing you already this since you put down a deposit.
    I love the smell of books. I love feeling the pages and covers too, but there’s something very cool about the Kindle. You sound like me work wise. I have a job, yet others have been losing them so I’m much busier at work. No time to blog really.
    You really use one of those Day Runner things? That’s pretty awesome given that you have an iPhone. I still prefer handwritten notes, however I totally see the advantage of electric calendars. I so often screw up things I stick in calendars and address books. I love me an electronic version of those something fierce. Wow, good luck during September. Sounds like you will need it.

  13. Felisa says:

    I’ve been wanting a Kindle! So what if it isn’t the most romantic gift? Haha My sister received a Wii from her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. I think it’s better than another big stuffed bear! As much as I love turning pages and the smell of old books (I like that scent better than the smell of new books because to me, I feel like I’m reading with someone who has read the book in the past), I think a Kindle will be more eco-friendly in the long run.
    I think it was actually raining when I left work at around 11 PM. Very lightly. I agree with you though… this amount of sun is quite unusual for Seattle this time of the year. I like it but my allergies have been killing me! They were especially bad during finals week because I spent a lot of time studying at Green Lake until my body just gave up on me. But at least that’s over for now!
    Very excited for your daughter to meet her cousins! I still remember the very first time I met every single cousin who I did not grow up around. 🙂 Some of them are like best friends to me now.
    Oh and in case I forget, happy father’s day in advance!

  14. Felisa says:

    I just reread my comment and I feel like it was written so weirdly. Like my grammar was off in some places but it’s 4 in the morning and I haven’t slept so I can’t figure out which parts I need to correct.
    And I wanted to say that I’ve been terrible with keeping up with blogs too. It’s too nice out… and I don’t have to spend as much time in front of the computer anymore because I don’t have homework! …and now I’m just babbling…

  15. SM says:

    You’re right $10 is nothing. But I don’t have a job, technically, so $10 on an upgrade that I don’t really need? Well, you know where this is going.

  16. Essentially Me says:

    The Kindle seems so awesome. I think I’d miss books though. But, yay for technology!

  17. brandy says:

    I want to be a kindle girl but like someone else said, I would feel like I was cheating on my books. I’m old fashioned that way- I almost handwrote this comment and sent it in the mail. Okay, that’s a lie. I’m just lame that way- some things- like books, I need to feel. (And apparently lug around. Seriously. If I got a kindle that would be why- it would be so much LIGHTER than carrying books around with me all day. Hmm. Maybe I could be a kindle girl. I need to reflect on this some more).
    Also, I feel like I have your rain. And I’m loving it.

  18. sari says:

    I’m doing well. Summertime is busy around here, I never seem to be able to read around to my favorite blogs much (or do anything else) with three boys home, but it’s my favorite time of year with the boys home.
    We’ve been refinishing our pool (two weeks without it, today’s the first day I get to swim in the new pool) and gearing up for Ten’s 11th birthday, one of my sister’s bridal shower, another sister moving to England for two years, Father’s Day and my dad’s birthday.
    I think that’s it.
    Have fun with the brotherly visit!

  19. Amy says:

    The Kindle sounds awesome, I would love to have one. I can’t stand clutter, and seeing a shelf full of books of different shapes, colors, and sizes drives me insane. The Kindle would put an end to that forever in my house. Also, it would have been a Godsend in University. Lugging all those heavy books back and forth was such a pain. I’m pretty sure the Kindle isn’t available in Canada though. I looked for it on Amazon.ca and it isn’t there (but it is on the American Amazon site).
    I’m doing great. It’s getting warm here. I’ve been wearing my army green Capri pants lots, but my grey ones are kind of too big for me, so I haven’t been wearing that pair much. There hasn’t been much rain here either. I’ve been watering the plants daily, which is kind of a pain because some of the flower beds are so far away I can’t reach them even if I connect all 6 of my garden hoses (and borrow my grandmothers from next door too). Oh well, all those trips with the heavy watering can are giving me a bit of an extra workout.
    Glad to hear you’re doing well. Don’t be a stranger.

  20. egan says:

    Felisa – hey, funny you should mention the Wii. Before you started reading this blog, a bunch of very very friendly bloggers banded together and bought me (and the family) a Wii as a baby shower gift. It is truly one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. I loved it then and I still love it now. It was an amazing gesture. It happened about two years ago, man time does fly.
    The rain is refreshing. I missed it a bit and enjoy not watering the plants whenever possible. I hope my daughter will really get to know her cousins well. I don’t know a single one of mine and it’s a bit sad. Maybe I can chalk that up to a large immediate family too.
    Felisa – four in the morning? You’re either a very early riser or more of a badass night owl than me. Either way, I didn’t think your comment was awkward in the least. So babble on I say.
    SM – I know and I agree. I don’t think the upgrade to the OS is a show stopper. I do love Spotlight on the Mac so it’s handy to have on the iPod touch too. That’s my favorite new feature. Other than that, I can do without the other additions.
    Essentially Me – it is very cool. I think you would still buy books. It’s nice for instant gratification, kind of like Twitter.
    Brandy – I love that you called yourself out on this by mentioning a handwritten note and shit. So true. It would be like lugging around all your CDs instead of carrying an iPod or making mix tapes. I did notice we weren’t getting much of our usual precip because the jetstream was pushing much further north into your parts. Glad you like it. Should keep the forest fires to a minimum this year. I predict a relatively calm wildfire season.
    Sari – without the kids in school I can only imagine how busy you’d be. Now you’re giving me pool envy because I loved swimming in the pool during the summer months.
    Amy – your reasoning for wanting a Kindle is outstanding. I like you. You really would like it. Very odd that it’s not available in Canada. Must be an issue with buying the books online in Canada. I know the guy at Amazon who brought the Kindle to market. Let me ask him why it’s not in Canada.
    Army green capris? They aren’t camo though right? Well, some women can pull off camo, but guys always look dumb. You really do have huge yard if six hoses pieced together can’t reach your plants. it only takes me two at the most. Like you said though, it’s a great workout. I will do my best to not be a stranger. I hope business is doing well.

  21. Chris says:

    The kindle is a very impressive device – I’ve seen it up close and while I can’t justify the expense for me, it is quite the sweetness.
    Are you good, bad, indifferent? Probably somewhere between bad and indifferent with random spots of good on occasion.
    Fretting about relationships, money, jobs, upgrading phones, or some cute capri pants. Yes, especially on the cute capri pants, I just can’t pull them off.

  22. egan says:

    Chris – the price tag is still a bit steep. I’m hopeful in the next few years it will trickle down a bit, but I remember the iPod was pretty spendy when it arrived on the scene. Sorry to hear things aren’t so great with you. As long as there’s some good making an appearance, then I would assume you’re okay. Capri pants are the shiznit.

  23. judi!!! says:

    crap, i’m late to the party again.
    you don’t return e-mails these days, so i’m forced to clutter up your blog with nonsense.
    Texas has given me a sense of peace i’m not sure i’ve ever had (minus, of course, the crappy guy situation). work is great, life is fun, i quit smoking, am in line for a promotion, blah, blah, blah. i think i just farted butterflies.
    i miss you, monkey boy.

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