Holster Your Weapon

If things don’t work out for me in my current line of work, I have some options. Consider the following.

a) I phoned the non-emergency number because I saw a man walking down the street with a gun on his right hip. It seemed very odd and out of place. The police said they’d dispatch an officer. I was told by a neighbor, who happens to be a prosecutor, within the city limits of Seattle it’s not illegal to wear your holstered gun, provided it’s registered and not loaded. I’m not really in the business of learning either facts.

b) I may have sent a text message to someone about litter in our streets. I get sort of pissy about rubbish not being properly maintained.

Both stories highlight a part of me that feels the need to get involved. Sometimes this is good and sometimes it’s not so good.
Weather, can you blog about the weather? Well I’m going to since it was 94 degrees in Seattle on Monday and it’s supposed to be 97 on Tuesday and remain in the mid 90s through Thursday. Did you know bees love heat? I’m fairly certain we have at least one wasp nest in our attic. If I never see a wasp again, I will be okay with that. NOTE: I do love bumble bees and honey bees. Wasps are not my friends though.

Quiz: there are two cities in the U.S. that have never reached zero degrees and 100 degrees, that would be Fahrenheit. I’m sure you’ve figured out Seattle is one of those ciites. However, can you tell me the other one? The winner gets an iPhone sock.

Around Town: this weekend we will be celebrating my daughter’s second birthday. Her birthday isn’t quite next weekend, still I can’t believe two years have ticked away. What has happened to me since then? What’s up with my blog? Am I still doing triathlons? Let me answer the triathlon bit right away… I did one about a week ago and did alright considering my utter lack of training. The Chicago relatives in-laws will be here to join in the festivities. Our little girl isn’t so little anymore. I wish you all well on this lovely Tuesday!


About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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12 Responses to Holster Your Weapon

  1. kirk says:

    C’mon 97 isn’t hot.

  2. meno says:

    Supposed to b 97 today and 100 tomorrow. Almost makes me wish i had a job so i could be somewhere w/air conditioning. Almost.
    Two years old? No way!

  3. justrun says:

    I tend to get involved in those very things. In fact, I also saw a man with a gun walking downtown yesterday. I called police, it was scary.
    I can’t believe two years have gone by! One thing is for certain, you still stay up way to flippin’ late.
    Happy Birthday to your little girl!

  4. Amanda says:

    I really can’t imagine seeing a guy walking across the street with a gun on his hip. Actually…I’ve never even seen a gun!
    Here’s an early “Happy Birthday” to your daughter. We’re celebrating my son’s 3rd in 3 weekends from now. While all moments are special the year when they mature from being 2 to 3 seemed to be the most exciting (so far) for me. You’ve got a fantastic year coming up as a dad.

  5. jaded says:

    That’s an impressive heat wave for Seattle. Last Summer was hot and dry on the east coast, but at least most homes have A/C.
    Happy Birthday to the little one!

  6. egan says:

    Kirk – you’re right. Do you use A/C in your fancy schmancy car?
    Meno – after sweating up a storm in my house this morning, I was stoked to get in my Subaru Impreza and crank up the A/C. Work is pretty nice too. Yep, she’s two already. Sadly that means I’ve aged two years as well. Damn that time!
    Justrun – you’re right about the late thing. I got to fix that. Last night the house was so hot it felt nice to be in the basement. I might have to sleep down there tonight. What is up with the gun thing? That’s interesting timing. I don’t like seeing those and the guy I saw didn’t seem well-balanced.
    Amanda – consider yourself lucky to have never seen a gun. My dad had one when I was little and that freaked me out. I’ve seen them many times on cops, but never on some dude just walking down the street. So strange. Awww, you just made me tear up a bit. The past two years have been very special. I wonder how they can keep getting better, yet they do. Thanks Amanda.
    Jaded – correct, I’m glad someone not from Seattle gets it. 94 degrees is no big deal if you have A/C. However I can only think of a couple friends with A/C in their house. It’s just not needed.

  7. Felisa says:

    After I got off work yesterday, I wished I was still about two like your little one because little kids can run around in diapers and no one bats an eyelash. I couldn’t fall asleep until 4 in the morning last night because it was freakin’ 75 degrees outside (I checked) at 2 in the morning… and it must have been in the 80s indoors. So today that I’m not working? I’m chilling (ha) in the library.
    So excited to hear about the festivities for the little one’s birthday! Two’s such a fun age for them to have a birthday because by that age, they kind of already know what’s happening 🙂

  8. Gwen says:

    Happy 2nd birthday to Anna! How’d that happen so fast?
    Eek! about the gun. I hate guns with a passion. And why walk around with it if it isn’t loaded? That makes no sense.

  9. egan says:

    Felisa – I thought the same thing as my daughter played on our front lawn with no clothes, only sandals. It was very adorable. As adults, we’re not really able to parade around our front lawn in our birthday suit without spending a night behind bars. Chilling in the library is a good way to go. I heard Bellevue Square an absolute zoo today.
    You’re correct, she does understand what’s happening now. In fact, she has been singing “happy birthday to me” the past week. So damn cute I tell you.
    Gwen – I do not like guns either. They creep me out and I have no clue why someone would parade theirs around town. I really didn’t want to know if it was loaded or not. Two years really does pass in the blink of an eye. Crazy.

  10. Jen says:

    Happy Birthday to your little girl!! Two is a fun age!!
    I am not a fan of guns since I was in a hold-up…but at the same time, I am not one to take away constitutional rights from people. I just wish they would choose not to wear them publically. On the other hand, if you are going to steal from someone on the streets, it won’t be that guy with the gun…

  11. i totally call the cops when people park outside of my place in front of the fire hydrant. sometimes, it’s people I know and they dont know I called the cops. but damn, they should know better.

  12. egan says:

    Jen – I can’t imagine how much more I would hate guns if I was actually in a hold-up. I’ve seen a man murdered and that was enough for me thank you very much. I won’t tackle the constitutional rights topic since I know that’s usually never very fun. I’m just not sure people should be packing heat in the event someone tries to steal from them. Paranoia is never good.
    So far, so good. Wait, our daughter isn’t two until Wednesday. She loved her party though so we’re off to a very good start. How’s your little guy?
    This New Place – I think it’s awesome you call for that sort of thing. Can you call them for the boat that has been parked around the corner for months now? That sort of stuff bugs me too because really… they ought to know better.

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