Put an M Before the Word and Call it Good

People like to talk about the economy these days. It’s sort of important I suppose considering how bleak things were a few months ago. I do feel like things have rebounded a bit, yet I’m not basing this on any scientific financial data. Hell, our house just appraised for $125,000 less than it did two years ago. Does it make me happy? Nope.

I mention the economy because it’s been talked about ad nauseam. I think there’s something to this though. As someone who was slated to be laid off at the end of January this year, I’ve survived layoffs. However, my new role at the same company is very challenging. There’s lots of work to be done by fewer people. Those people, myself included, have much less time available for nefarious internet wanderings. I used to get home, chill out in front of the TV and read blogs for a couple hours. That’s hardly the case anymore.

I don’t take work home with me very often because my days in the office are chock full of work. The last thing I want to do at home is sit on the computer doing stuff for The Man. I’d rather tend to the family, the yard, or some other household tasks like folding laundry or killing wasps. It’s a bit disheartening because I’ve lost contact with some great blogs and not by design. The wonderful thing about blogging is it’s usually pretty easy to pick up where you left off.

To combat the challenge that is work we’ve planned our second annual “mancation”. I know it’s a cheesy name, but we’re sticking with it. Last year’s event was a complete surprise my wife slyly coordinated with my friends. We spent two nights in Eastern Washington doing little more than riding mountain bikes, drinking coffee/beer, and shooting the shit. It was my first true weekend away from my daughter. Since then I’ve been away from her a couple other times when I traveled to Toronoto for work last year.

So bring on the vacation. Oh, just in case your memory is shorter than the year is long, my wife went on a little surf adventure to Mexico earlier this year. I’m hardly leaving the state, but for four days I will be certain to leave work behind. That’s what mancation is all about.


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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7 Responses to Put an M Before the Word and Call it Good

  1. Gwen says:

    You don’t get to leave the state? Does that even count, then? I’m thinking you should smush the words mancation and staycation together for this adventure. What you would get: manstation? staymansion? mancastaytion? (really, I could do this all day …)

  2. meno says:

    Will you have a bromance on your mancation?
    Sorry, couldn’t resist using another cheesy term. Have fun. Wish i could go with you, but then it wouldn’t be a mancation.

  3. churlita says:

    Sounds like a great escape. have fun.

  4. jaded says:

    Mancation is always a good idea…just don’t let the Missus see The Hangover before you leave.

  5. Felisa says:

    A once a year mancation sounds like a good tradition! 🙂 I’m with Jaded. Don’t let the wife see The Hangover but YOU have to go see it!

  6. JLee says:

    Hell, I’m thinking of a womancation up there to beat the heat down here! My bro lives in Renton, so I could come by and say “hi” 😉

  7. egan says:

    Gwen – carry on. I like the names you’ve created. Maybe manstacation is the winner? I do get to cross over the Columbia River and watch a soccer match with some buddies. It will be a good time.
    Meno – ha, as you’d really want to come. We’d probably get our car stuck on a logging road and take an hour to decide how to free it.
    Churlita – that is the goal, to have fun. Thanks. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Jaded – we’ve seen the movie. Don’t worry, my days of getting that drunk are long gone and usually only happen in either Canada or Oregon. Oh shit, that could be a problem.
    Felisa – I have seen the movie and will be wary of Mike Tyson if we cross paths. He scares me very much.
    JLee – Renton is fairly close to where we live. “hi” is always welcome. Does your bro like Renton?

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