Brett Favre Moments

A change is happening. It’s not happening as quickly as I’d like to see, but I feel butterflies waiting to emerge. It’s akin to how I felt back in 2004 after completing first triathlon. The excuses I’ve used the past two years are gone. I’m a dad, now deal with it and move on. There’s no reason I should be letting parenthood get in the way, if anything it should create motivation.

Sure there are some x-factors making training more difficult such as work and my training partner being in the Peace Corps, but there are many others who are able to manage this workload and train on their own. There’s no reason I can’t step it up and make that happen for myself.

Monday morning I will run a half marathon. This half marathon is sort of sentimental to me since I will be pounding the pavement on streets where I used to ride bikes as a youth. Five years ago this was my first sporting event after registering for Ironman Canada 2006. I was fresh off a trip to Canada to watch the Ironman and lo and behold I signed up for the damn thing. The adrenaline was pumping September 2005 when I ran 13.1 miles faster than I ever have before.

Perhaps I don’t chat about my athletic pursuits much anymore because I’m ashamed of how inactive I’ve become the past few years. I figure there’s no time like the present to correct this and shed a few pounds. While I will never be a professional triathlete or runner, there’s something incredibly rewarding about completing a triathlon or run. The sense of accomplishment is etched in your mind. I can still recall the euphoria of finishing my first half marathon in a driving November rain storm. It’s these memories I miss and will achieve going forward. I ask you to keep me honest folks. Don’t cut me any slack as I come out of retirement for only the 18th time since September of 2006.


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12 Responses to Brett Favre Moments

  1. justrun says:

    Cheering you on from CO!

  2. Logo says:

    Im way more into you than Brett.
    Feel free to take that as a compliment but my complete indifference to Mr. Favre would not be detectable by the most sensitive of measuring devices.
    Tell us all about, E Fo.
    oh, and
    Run, bitch, run!

  3. jaded says:

    Slack? Uh yeah right…

  4. emma says:

    I will cheer you on from my couch. More power to you. I’m winded just reading this.

  5. brookem says:

    good luck!!! i know you’ll get back into it! ill be cheering you on!

  6. egan says:

    justrun – thanks for the well wishes. I actually read your comment en route to the run, nice surprise.
    Logo – I’m impressed you remember the Run Bitch Run mantra. I need to hear that more often.
    Jaded – well it’s not false though, I really haven’t been very active since oh I don’t know.. August of 2006/2007. That’s going to change.
    Emma – winded from reading this, ha. Maybe I should limit my blog post to 140 characters then.
    Brookem – thanks, keep me honest.

  7. Gwen says:

    Good for you.
    (for some reason, I am compelled to chant “Kill the pig!”)

  8. churlita says:

    I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing a very abridged triathalon in the future. I’d have to really work on the swimming part though.

  9. egan says:

    Gwen – kill the pig? I should have figured you’d quote Lord of the Flies. Do I look like an island refugee? Am I a savage?
    Churlita – most people struggle with the swim so don’t worry about it. The good part is it’s usually such a brief portion of any triathlon so by the time you cross the finish line, you’ve forgotten you even swam.

  10. Essentially_Me says:

    Yay you! 🙂

  11. Jennifer says:

    I’m cheering for you, too! And hey! If you wear a Minnesota Vikings helmet during events, we can spot you easier in pictures!

  12. egan says:

    Essentially Me – thank you very much. I’m doing another one next month and then again at the end of November. I have to redeem my lackluster performance on Monday.
    Jennifer – the helmet idea is a good one. Maybe I could wear one during the run portion of my triathlons. Any way to stand out I say.

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