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Crib Notes

I have a daughter, she likes things. She enjoys learning and making up stories with her stuffed animals. I’m not so sure she likes napping though. I dread the day when she stops napping because it gives us a chance … Continue reading

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It Rhymes with Mulva

I’m not stellar with first names. I’ve been on a mission as of late to improve this skill, especially at our daughter’s daycare where parents are understandably linked to their offspring. Such as Colin’s mom or Audrey’s dad. The kids … Continue reading

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My Back Shouldn’t Ache

Some days I wish I could simply remember to zip my pants instead of the alternative. I’m still not sure if curly hair is a blessing or not. I wish we had one piece of truly comfortable furniture in our … Continue reading

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Nothing to Eat

I owe you this. I owe you many things, but I need to get this off my chest. A week ago Mrs. Lessinges had sharp abdominal pains. She took last Friday off work hoping a little down time would ease … Continue reading

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Ebb and Flow Emotions

We did it. We took our first family vacation since Baby Singe was born in 2007. We’ve had other “vacations” since, but they were to visit family. Last week we drove down to the Oregon Coast to spend five nights … Continue reading

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