Nothing to Eat

I owe you this. I owe you many things, but I need to get this off my chest. A week ago Mrs. Lessinges had sharp abdominal pains. She took last Friday off work hoping a little down time would ease the pain. Not the case. Friday morning we visit the doctor’s office for some blood work, poking, and prodding.

I get back from work Friday night and learn via her doctor her white blood cell count was very high. The doctor suggests she go to the emergency room because of the discovery. Later Friday night we go to the ER after securing a babysitter for the evening. She spends all weekend in the ER and does get discharged Sunday afternoon.

At one point in time it seemed she was destined to go under the knife for her appendix, but they ruled that out. She’s currently on antibiotics and we’re hopeful the many pills will temper her inflamed colon/appendix. The source of the abdominal pain isn’t known and that is perhaps the tough part about all of this. You see a similar event happened in April of last year while she was in Japan. Talk about horrible, but she made it through and hoped to not deal with the associated pain again.

I’m just going to throw this out here since October is almost complete. 2009, not going down as one of my favorite years in recent memory. My job has been more stressful than I’d like. Mrs. Lessinges work has been much more insane than mine. My work, aww I can’t go there as I’d like to on my blog. I’ve lost touch with my blog and most of what’s happening in your lives. I’m more out of shape than I’d like to be.

Our daughter has been great, but don’t let any parent tell you otherwise… this parenthood gig is a lot of work. Having a verbal daughter who likes to assert her presence is fabulous, except when it comes to the bedtime routine.

Anyways, my wife is okay. Her health could be better, but I’m optimistic surgery or anything as invasive can be avoided. One more week of antibiotics and then she can put her mind at ease for a bit. Take care everyone and no, we’re not moving to Europe.


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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10 Responses to Nothing to Eat

  1. Amanda says:

    What your wife has sounds awful but its good to hear that she’s ok. Don’t worry…the new year is just a few months away. Hopefully it will be one you like much better.

  2. Heather says:

    I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to. I hate hearing that your wife is having a hard time right now, but I am hoping it will all clear up and you can go back to a nice peaceful life without work stress. Here’s hoping 2010 will be a lot better for you all.

  3. churlita says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, I hope they figure out what’s wrong with your wife, so they can treat it and it doesn’t happen again. Yeah, the parenting gig is a real challenge sometimes, but always worth the stress.

  4. meno says:

    I’m sorry Egan. The worst is not knowing WHAT THE HELL is wrong.

  5. Gwen says:

    I saw your facebook statuses but had no idea what was going on. I hope the meds work quickly, and that 09 ends on a happier note. Best to you, A, and N.

  6. Felisa says:

    Aww I’m sorry to hear about all of that =/ Definitely keeping your family in my thoughts. Even though 2009 isn’t awesome, I hope things will start to get better from here.

  7. egan says:

    Everyone – thanks for your kind sentiments. Things are much better a week later. Mrs. Lessinges and I had a normal weekend taking the little one to the zoo and to play with a friend. Aside from being a bit tired, we felt good. The fatigue is normal parent stuff. We hope to learn more at the end of the week when she has a CT scan.

  8. SM says:

    I am so sorry that your wife has been having such crappy health issues! And the not knowing what’s going on is the worst. That’s kind of what I’ve been dealing with with me lately. Very sucky.
    Also, about 2009 being a spec sucky?? I so totally hear you on that one. I’ll just say it straight – I hate this year for the most part. There are some good things that have happened throughout the year but there are too many negatives that have happened to make up for it.

  9. tori says:

    I’m sorry 2009 hasn’t gone great for you. I will hope that 2010 will be much better for everyone! This was a hard year on a lot of people.

  10. sari says:

    I haven’t been around much lately because you haven’t posted much lately, and now three posts! or is it four? I’ve missed!
    I hope your wife is doing better!!
    Your daughter is very cute and funny. I know how it is, my youngest is just two and ALWAYS is telling me what he likes/wants/doesn’t like, etc.

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