My Back Shouldn’t Ache


  • Some days I wish I could simply remember to zip my pants instead of the alternative.
  • I’m still not sure if curly hair is a blessing or not.
  • I wish we had one piece of truly comfortable furniture in our house, just one. Our couches are just alright and our chairs, not so relaxing for the body.
  • Thinks we have the best babysitter ever.
  • I enjoy this time of year because of apples, leaves, fog, rain, wind, decorations, candy, and peppermint mochas.
  • Can’t wait for my buddy Tod to get back from his two year stint in the Peace Corps November 20th.
  • Loves the clothes my mom marks for Baby Singe and this would be the only reason I approve of stunting.
  • I have absolutely no clue what I will be for Halloween, but cheerleader is out of the running

About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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11 Responses to My Back Shouldn’t Ache

  1. SM says:

    Too cute of a kid.
    I love curly hair. I don’t have it so I think that’s why.
    Candy rules.

  2. churlita says:

    Why not a cheerleader? I think you’d be adorable as that.
    I love everyone else’s curly hair, but my own kind of bugs me.

  3. sprizee says:

    Egan! I miss you! As well as your blog update. (As well as mine.)
    I think whatever you dress up as it should involve baby singes. Like! Dress her up like a wolf and you dress up as grandmother. Or you dress up as Milli and she can dress up as Vanilli. OR you dress up as Hall and she dress up as Oates. Holy freaking cute. That mustache on baby singes is going to kill. Think of all the candy you two will score. Squeal!

  4. egan says:

    SM – she is a very cute kid and comes up with the funniest damn things. I do love curly hair since I don’t really have much choice. Candy has been tasting way too good these days.
    Churlita – I dressed as a girl too much as a kid so my cross dressing days are behind me. Did you ever cut your own curls? I did and it wasn’t a good look.
    Sprizee – what’s going on? How the heck is the new gig? I’m working on the blog thing. I can manage mine, but I feel odd posting if I can’t make the usual rounds and read other people’s blogs.
    Hall and Oates could be interesting. Maybe Baby Singe could be Monticor and Mrs. Lessinges and I could go as Seigfried and Roy again? Baby Singe is dressing up as a ladybug. She’s had the costume since May. Funny you should say squeal since she was a pig the past two years.

  5. sprizee says:

    Hey, Sorry I missed you. I just noticed your domain isn’t setup to resolve if you don’t include the WWW. GoDaddy should totally fix that!

  6. egan says:

    Sprizee -oh yeah, you’re right. I configured this domain a year ago when I barely had any clue what I was doing. Now I manage domains for a living, true story. Anyways, thanks for the tip and lets do lunch soon. I’d love to hear all about your new gig.

  7. egan says:

    Sprizee – clear your cache!

  8. christina says:

    I hate my own curly hair, but I’m always enamored of it on other people.
    Anna is too adorable for words.

  9. egan says:

    Christina – yeah, I’ve learned to appreciate it more as an adult. It can still give me fits, but the good thing is messy curly hair goes unnoticed more often. Thanks, your boy has grown a bunch since I last checked in.

  10. mez says:

    I WISH I had curly hair.
    Why don’t you buy a comfy couch Sir?!! When I bought mine my one prerequisite was that if I fell asleep on it I wouldn’t have to get up and go to bed because it was too uncomfy. It’s ace, the only problem is that I fall asleep on it all the time.

  11. egan says:

    Mez – I’m really leaning towards getting a comfy one. We’ve made the mistake of buying Ikea couches in the past. Most recently we bought a sleeper from a very snooty furniture store. It’s magnificent as a bed, but so uncomfortable for lounging on the couch.
    I would love to fall asleep on my couch and refer to it as “ace”, but that just isn’t going to happen any time soon. Unless I remove some of the cushions.

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