Bumping fists is for the emotionally weak

I reflect often. If you ask Mrs. Lessinges, she’ll tell you I love the expression “guess what we were doing two months ago?” more than life itself.

2 years ago = November 2007 – my Best Man Tod is settling into his Peace Corps assignment. He will spend the next two years helping youth in The Dominican Republic make themselves healthier. Believe it or not, he returns to Seattle this Friday evening and I couldn’t be happier.

3 years ago = November 2006 – miraculously conception occurs after wearing bike shorts for half the year. It was a nervous time as my wife and I learned she was pregnant. We couldn’t tell anyone other than a few close friends. I wanted to tell all my friends and family, but it wasn’t appropriate. I was so anxious to share the news with everyone reading my blog. However, there are rules about sharing things of this nature. To me, fall of 2006 seems like ten years ago.

I’ve never had a close friend spend two years away for humanitarian reasons. I’m so very proud of my buddy for his charitable acts. Deciding to spend two years away from family and friends to selfishly help others is most impressive. My friend may not return home the same person he was a couple years ago. He may return a changed man in many respects. Think about the sacrifice it takes for someone to join the Peace Corps. I can hardly find two free hours to read/comment/type blog entries these days. To take two years out of your life is inspiring. And by “out”, I don’t mean it in a negative sense in the least bit.

Todyanna5wks Tod – I can’t wait for you to meet the girl who was conceived three years ago. Two years ago she barely fit in your forearm. Your mother deemed purple to not suit Baby Singes well. I’ve bragged about you since the day you left. At the age of 36 you’ve accomplished many things in your life. I look forward to hearing if you were lovestruck in The DR and what truly happens in the Peace Corps. Welcome back to Seattle my good friend. Your presence in the Pacific Northwest has been missed. Leaving the island of Hispanola will most likely be bittersweet so let it be known Téo, wherever you go hombre…you’re loved.

Un abrazo fuerte…


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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16 Responses to Bumping fists is for the emotionally weak

  1. Amanda says:

    You and your friend have an enviable bond. Its great to be as excited as you sound to have a good friend coming back into your everyday life.

  2. JLee says:

    That is a special person to do such work. You are just making me misty eyed, you sappy man! lol

  3. justrun says:

    What a great thing to share! Welcome back to your friend!

  4. Lora says:

    Welcome back! and thank you! to Tod

  5. Essentially Me says:

    Holy crap three years?!?! WOW!

  6. jaded says:

    Whoa time flies…unless you’re the one living in a tent, digging wells, and pooping in the woods. Then again, maybe it passes quicker when you give of yourself.

  7. Gwen says:

    Why did I think this was going to end with another pgcy announcement? No? No fist bump for you then.
    Welcome back to your obviously super cool friend.

  8. egan says:

    Amanda – he and I just got along. I’m not sure how or why, but we can spend lots of time together and not get on each others nerves. Not that it doesn’t happen though. We lived together for three years in college and rarely had any disputes. We’re good mates.
    JLee – I got sappy eyed typing this post. Be thankful I omitted some really sappy stuff that would have you questioning my manhood.
    Justrun – thanks, it will be great and now I will have my training partner back. He wants to do the Ironman in 2011. I have my work cut out for me if that’s going to happen again.
    Lora – agreed so much, I’m so happy and proud of him for doing the Peace Corps work. I would talk myself out of doing something like that no matter what. I’m glad he stuck to his guns and did it.
    Essentially Me – it catches me by surprise all the time. I browsed through a bunch of new and old Baby Singe photos tonight. I hardly remember those first few months now. So glad we took pictures every time she blinked her eyes.
    Jaded – that’s what I was going to say. Two years probably seems like a long time ago for him. For me, it seems to have passed pretty quickly. It will be great to see him tomorrow night.
    Gwen – pgcy? Now you’ve got my head spinning. I can’t figure out this acronym and I have a feeling that’s by design. Fine, no fist bumping. He is super cool, he’ll fist bump me and give me a hug or something like it.

  9. SM says:

    pgcy = pregnancy. I rule at figuring out abbreviations since my mother always writes with them.
    Ok, anyway. Welcome back to your friend, Tod! I have to say that it takes an especially amazing person to do something like what he did and I applaud him heartily.
    I also do a lot of reflecting. Some might say that I’m stuck in the past but it’s not like that. I just like to see where I was compared to where I am now. I think it’s important for us to grow, don’t you?
    It’s crazy to think that it’s been 3 years since we learned about Baby L. Give or take…I know you followed that first trimester rule and all (a rule that I flipped off when I was pregnant because I can’t stand not sharing things going on in my life with people!). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is wow. Time flies.
    I hate that saying. Time flies. But it does and it’s madness. Madness, I say!

  10. SM says:

    OOh. Wow…I haven’t written a long comment like that in awhile.

  11. egan says:

    SM – thanks for the abbreviation clarification. I should have figured that out, but it was late when I responded to Gwen’s comment.
    I definitely think it’s important to look back so we can see how we grown or how we’ve changed.
    We followed the first trimester rule because of a previous pgcy issue which I’m sure you know about. To each their own though when it comes to all these pregnancy/child rearing issues. It was definitely not easy to not share the info with the world especially when there were complications early on. Three years later, I’m sipping a triple grande peppermint mocha. That’s how life has changed me.
    Gwen – now that I know pgcy means pregnancy I will make sure to clear the air. We have no plans for a second child in the near or distant future. Not saying we’re ruling it out entirely, but we may go down the route of adoption instead. We’ll see. One child is more than enough for us to handle right now.

  12. meno says:

    DUDE! High five! *palm slap*
    Sorry couldn’t help it.
    I remember all this stuff. Guess i’ve been around here for a while.

  13. egan says:

    Meno – yeah, the time moves fast when you’re just raising a kid while friends are out doing good things in foreign lands.

  14. Steph says:

    Aww very sweet. What a great influence on your little girl too………Not that you aren’t of course. lol, I’ll be leaving now.

  15. egan says:

    Steph – no need to leave. That was a nice comment Steph. I know I’m a good influence on her, but I like to hear that our friends also having a lasting impression on our daughter.

  16. DR lady says:

    I think reflection is great.

    We were able to spend 3 months in Dominican Republic back in 08. They are a beautiful people. That’s so cool your buddy spent two years there, we would have loved to be there longer. DR will always have a special place in my heart.

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