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Riding the Light Rail with Baba

Here she is, Miss Bota. That's Albanian for Miss World or so I've been told by one of her daycare teachers. I just have to say the past few weeks have been nothing short of magical watching her discover the … Continue reading

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Love is All You Need

Please take time to read the post below regarding a friend’s partner and his uncertain future. Thanks! My name is brandy. And I have a blog. And a plea. I use my blog to showcase the crazy I meet everyday, … Continue reading

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Ballet World

When I was much younger I’d remember certain things about people. For example, in high school I’d commit to memory which people smoke and what cars they drive. Mind you, that’s not all I tracked about each person, but I … Continue reading

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State of the Blog

A couple years ago I received a cool gift. A bunch of people I met online, known as bloggers, banded together to throw me a virtual baby shower. It was a remarkable thing I must admit. I was overwhelmed by … Continue reading

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Time Changes Nothing

The weather outside was delightful, the discussion inside wonderful. I hung with my friends for the weekend in Bend, Oregon. It has been fascinating to learn what our friend Tod did during his two years in the Dominican Republic serving … Continue reading

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