Time Changes Nothing

Wiication09 The weather outside was delightful, the discussion inside wonderful.

I hung with my friends for the weekend in Bend, Oregon. It has been fascinating to learn what our friend Tod did during his two years in the Dominican Republic serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. Whether it was bolstering hurricane weakened aqueducts, youth AIDS awareness, building wood stoves in the mountains, or his work with the local youth groups. It has been fun learning about culture and life the Dominican Republic, more commonly known as “The DR”.

We booked our second mancation of the year for Central Oregon so we could catch up with our friend. The drive to Bend, Oregon from Seattle takes about 6-7 hours through scenic areas of Oregon. Seeing Mt. Hood with the full moon shining on its glaciers is awe inspiring. It was one of those amazing late night drives I will always remember.

I’ll cherish this specific drive to Bend not only for its scenic goodness. The marvelous HD radio in the Subaru never got used, Tod and I had much catching up to do. It was fantastic and something I’ve missed amongst friends in the last two years. As a parent it’s rare where/when I have a deep uninterrupted serious talk these days.

With a yellow line to my left and a white one to the car’s right, I listened to how his life had unfolded in The DR. I discussed the joys (and heartaches) of parenthood while hardly noticing vast amounts of miles ticking away. We discussed relationships, friendships, triathlons, parents, and everything in between.

To me, this is what friendship looks like in the dictionary. The talk we shared reminded me of a car ride I took with Mrs. Lessinges in 1998 when we drove together from Chicago to Seattle. A ride so pleasant the radio wasn’t needed as a social crutch. You just go from one topic to the next until you finally arrive at your destination, puzzled how you got there as fast as you did.

This my friends is what defines friendship. You can pick up where you left off as if nothing has been lost. Two years away from home, aw…. no big deal.


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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10 Responses to Time Changes Nothing

  1. emma says:

    Yeah! How great that you guys got to spend so much uninterrupted time catching up. You are right – it is a very rare opportunity and makes a true mark of friendship. I recently orchestrated the same kind of situation for my best friend from college and myself by “kidnapping” her for a weekend in Vegas (purely chosen for geographical location) where we spent whole time ferreting out quiet corners (a feat in that city) to just talk, talk, talk.
    Friendships that don’t need a soundtrack are very valuable indeed!

  2. Gwen says:

    Uninterrupted talking with a good friend. Bliss!! I call that your early Xmas present.

  3. Jason says:

    Great to hear E. Glad you two had some time to catch up. Hope all the homeys had a good time.

  4. egan says:

    Emma – it really is true about the soundtrack thing. It’s nice to sit and catch up on all the great (and not so great) things happening in one’s life. That’s exactly what we did. Kidnappings work well too.
    Essentially Me – hey, this forum isn’t Facebook silly monkey.
    Gwen – I think you’re right. It’s nearly impossible to find good time to chat with kiddos in the mix.
    Jason – nice to see you around here. We thought of you often during our WiiCation. Next time you’re coming whether you like it or not. Your presence was most definitely missed. I had to spoon some other dude instead.

  5. meno says:

    You are lucky to have such friends. But i bet you know that already.

  6. egan says:

    Meno – true that, we have a good time together and I couldn’t be more happy to know them.

  7. SM says:

    This is different than the first time I read this…
    Two mantrips in a year, eh? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous…I have a very hard time getting my girlfriends to commit to a coffee date – so you can imagine a girl trip would be difficult. Maybe it’s easier with guys?
    At any rate, I’m glad you had a wonderful time. I enjoyed this post – both versions!

  8. brookem says:

    this post makes me happy. i think it’s awesome that you make time for mancations, and your wife time for her excursions too. and also, your own trips together, and as a family. i think that’s so important and i can tell how much you enjoy it.

  9. egan says:

    SM – you’re correct. I originally typed up the post on my iPod touch. That is never an ideal way to type a blog entry. I did it while chillaxing in the snowy environs of Bend, Oregon. I added the photo, corrected some grammar mistakes, and added some new tidbits. I think my friends do a good job pulling their share with their familial/life obligations so it doesn’t make getting out for a weekend too difficult. Let’s hope that becomes an easier for you.
    Brookem – it works out pretty well. I’m glad we can take time to do this sort of thing with our friends. I’m sure in the future we’ll be incorporating family into some of these gatherings. I do love getting together with the boys though. Fun times. Thanks for the nice comment.

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