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Coming out of Retirement

My first work week at the new job is complete. I’m excited with how things are looking so far. The initial week at a large company can be daunting, mainly for security purposes. It’s no secret I’m (indirectly) working for … Continue reading

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Routine Routine Routine

I’ve arrived at this point called employment.  Monday is my first day back to work since early May of last year.  I don’t exactly know my role, my department, my daily duties, or how things will play out.  To be … Continue reading

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Daddy Days

Well hello there! It has come to my attention I’m employable again. If you were perhaps living in a cave the past nine months, you may not fully comprehend my jobless struggles. I will tell you this, it was fun … Continue reading

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The Craigslist Savior

Life has been slightly different since our daughter was born in 2007.  In 2008 we bought a used treadmill to sneak in a workout here and there.  Getting the 500 pound beast into our house was a complete pain in … Continue reading

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