Daddy Days

Well hello there!

It has come to my attention I’m employable again. If you were perhaps living in a cave the past nine months, you may not fully comprehend my jobless struggles. I will tell you this, it was fun for the first 3-4 months and rather unpleasant up until last Thursday’s fantastic news.

Last Wednesday I had a rather informal interview at Microsoft.  I met one person and sat in her office and chatted for 45 minutes.  I felt like things went well during our discussion.  I was hesitant though…  and with good reason.  Less than two weeks prior to this interview I was told by a hiring manager I was “perfect” and “awesome” for her Bing posting.  Did I get the job?  No.  So you can see my skepticism.

Rewind to last Thursday and the important call received on my quickly dying BlackBerry phone.  The amazing recruiter I’ve been working with since October calls and asks if I’m sitting down.  I was overwhelmed by emotions before she completed the next sentence.  My battle with unemployment would soon be vague recollection.  So much has happened in the last nine months sometimes I pinch myself and say, “remember the guys weekend in August last year, you weren’t working then either”.

The ride is over.  Now it’s time for new adventures.  After nine years working for the same company, I can ultimately put my previous job behind me.  I met some great people during those nine years, but sadly I still harbor tiny bits of bitterness towards the company.

Those feelings are out the window now as my first day of work is only a week away.  I look forward to the challenge of a new job.  I can’t wait to be relevant in the workplace.  One thing I most certainly will miss are the recently established and coined  “Daddy Days” spent with my daughter the past two months.  I enjoyed spending the extra time with her whether it was making snow angels at Snoqualmie Pass or playing Polly Pockets with her on her bed.  It has been a special treat.

Most importantly, I need to thank my wife.  Unemployment is damn stressful.  It tests you in many different ways.  My wife has been there and kept me going during the rough patches.  She’s a fighter and challenges me often.  It’s a tremendous asset of hers and a big reason I adore her.

Aright, enough with the sappy stuff seeing as Valentine’s Day is next week.  I’d like to conclude this post with a smile, $20,000 pay raise.  Now that my friends, helps the bitterness and angst dissipate faster.  Hello 2011!


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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20 Responses to Daddy Days

  1. Amy Reese says:

    Egan – congratulations and thanks for sharing what unemployment was like. I have a good friend that was unemployed over a year; and your story helped me better relate to what she was going through.

    and $20k!

    • lessinges says:

      Amy, so very nice of you to chime in. Unemployment really was a grind after a while. There are many more things I didn’t share which I may share in the future. It was quite bleak towards the end of October and totally ate away my confidence. Thankfully it all worked out though and I have a fun opportunity ahead. Hey, thanks for swinging by my blog.

  2. Michi says:

    Woo hoo!!!! 🙂 So glad to hear it!

    P.S. I LOVE Polly Pockets.

  3. kelwhy says:

    that is great news! 😉 we went through a similar situation… Fuddy was unemployed for 13 months before he found his current employer and so i can certainly empathize with at least some of what you went through. It’s straining, but it brought us together as well. I hope you enjoy your new job!

    • lessinges says:

      Kelwhy, I’m super happy to hear what you said about your hubby. It isn’t fun to be unemployed for a prolonged period of time. It has been brutal, but now I can start over and find new (work) passions. I will keep you posted.

  4. LesleyG says:

    Fantastic news! Congrats to you, and your family!

  5. megabrooke says:

    congrats again my friend. you’re so deserving of this.

    • lessinges says:

      Megabrooke – thanks, now don’t expect drastic changes from me. Actually I’m sure significant changes are in the works. Should be fun though and thanks for believing in me.

  6. Chris says:

    I am elated for you…may your new job be more than just that for you. Also, kudos to that fab spouse of yours 🙂

  7. sari says:

    Congratulations! I hope that you enjoy your new job.

  8. churlita says:

    Yea! good for you! i’m glad you found a job.

  9. Sizzle says:

    I’m late to congratulate you but CONGRATULATIONS!

    • lessinges says:

      Never too late to congratulate. Thanks Sizzle, now maybe we can actually meet for lunch. Seeing as it didn’t happen when I wasn’t working, maybe it will now that I’m back on my two feet.

  10. Amanda says:

    Congratulations! This is great news and I’m happy for you.

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