Two shots of coffee and some cinnamon

Going on two hours sleep isn’t something I recommend. It makes it challenging to be bubbly. It makes it more challenging to be peppy when training software to the masses. I feel sluggish and I think my head is struggling to keep up with my body’s movements. Sure, I hope to take a short nap, shower, shave, and all that other good stuff. Work calls first, then comes time to clean nice and clean. The cats let me pet them longer after I’ve taken a shower and don’t smell like some tech guy working in his garage.

Tomorrow is Halloween, anyone dressing up? I had some good ideas earlier this year and now they’ve all escaped me. My daughter’s going as a devil, I like it very much.


About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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4 Responses to Two shots of coffee and some cinnamon

  1. ClownLover says:

    I hear that women can’t resist men in clown makeup.

    Happy napping.

  2. Amy says:

    I think the world is about to end. Either that or we’ve gone back in time. You posted TWICE today! I started a new blog this week… What the heck?

    I can relate to the no sleep thing. I’m having hormonal issues that are keeping me up at night (not to mention all the other “lovely” symptoms). I thought the problem was resolved months ago, but it has returned, and it’s worse than last time. Last time I had this problem I was awake late into the night but I’d eventually fall asleep. This time I’m falling asleep earlier (12-1 ish) and waking up anytime between 3 and 5 am. Worst of all… I always seem to manage to fall asleep again minutes before my friggin alarm goes off. I’m going as a zombie for Halloween. I don’t even need a costume.

    • lessinges says:

      Something must be in the water. Blogging twice in a day seemed like the right thing to do, like an ode to ten years ago.

      These symptoms of yours don’t sound very fun. Burning the midnight oil not by choice sucks. I love being up late at night, but it’s by choice.

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