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Wiping Away the Smiles

A few weeks ago something rather embarrassing happened. I was late for work and thus late for dropping off our daughter at daycare. I sign her in, get her situated for breakfast, kiss her several times, and then exit her … Continue reading

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Relish the Excited Times

I’ve been told there are universal truths/traditions you come to accept in life. Many we learn as we go and some seem like we’ve known them since we could put on our own shoes. For starters, if you see a … Continue reading

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I’m driving around doing some errands. I pass by this department store and decide I will run inside to check a couple things off my list. I guide the Subaru through a messy interchange with Baby Singe in the backseat. … Continue reading

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The Fives Senses

Open your eyes, look around and tell me what you see. Nah, you don’t really have to do this exercise. The gift of sight is something many of take for granted. We can picture how we looked at our first … Continue reading

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Sometimes, they’re she’s the life of the party. You have to allow her to do what she wants and chalk it up as “learning”. How else is an extremely adorable (and chatty) toddler supposed to find out what works? As … Continue reading

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Let’s Get it Started

Black-eyed peas (the dish, not the band) aren’t actually peas , they’re beans. Perhaps this is an intentional misnommer. According to many, there’s this Southern tradition which involves eating 365 black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day to bring luck and … Continue reading

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The Shrooms are Loose

What is the opposite of chocolate? I’m convinced it’s brussel sprouts. Damn, it could be coleslaw too. Who eats coleslaw and why? That is vile food and it has the tendency to do wicked things to the body. Whenever a … Continue reading

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