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This posts needs advertising

You bet, this will be short and sweet. I’m about to write a blog about the weather. The deal is it has been a pretty miserable last five months in Seattle. I want to enjoy a long sunny summer day. … Continue reading

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Put an M Before the Word and Call it Good

People like to talk about the economy these days. It’s sort of important I suppose considering how bleak things were a few months ago. I do feel like things have rebounded a bit, yet I’m not basing this on any … Continue reading

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Relish the Excited Times

I’ve been told there are universal truths/traditions you come to accept in life. Many we learn as we go and some seem like we’ve known them since we could put on our own shoes. For starters, if you see a … Continue reading

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Egan 7:14

Damn, I can’t figure out a clever way to start this post. So here it goes, 14. Fourteen kids. What the hell is going on? I’m one of seven kids so I can’t imagine what it would be like to … Continue reading

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Longer Than Expected

You know, I can’t promise there will be heaps of thought in each post. It’s a busy time so you have to know what’s coming next. There’s an abandoned car which has been parked across the street from our house … Continue reading

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Two Panes, Two Countries, One Take

A few bloggers inquired about the attempted break-in which happened a couple weeks ago. Here you go! Monday (10/27) afternoon around 2:00pm, a rock was thrown through our basement door window. A grapefruit sized hole in the window was discovered … Continue reading

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En Bref

Oh my, he’s finally online after a week without. He could be a junkie. I know for a fact Mr. Singe has heaps on his mind, but it will have to wait. Potential topics: 90210, Palin, teething, travel, foreign languages, … Continue reading

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