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The Monkeys are gone

Hello folks, testing this out since I failed to renew my vanity domain, Maybe it’s time for a new vanity domain. That one served me well for almost twelve years. I’m back on the market. Not the dating market, … Continue reading

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The Shrooms are Loose

What is the opposite of chocolate? I’m convinced it’s brussel sprouts. Damn, it could be coleslaw too. Who eats coleslaw and why? That is vile food and it has the tendency to do wicked things to the body. Whenever a … Continue reading

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Names Will Never Hurt Me

No, go get him. Tackle him, he’s got the ball… not me. When I was little I had a tremendous group of childhood friends. We did many things together to keep ourselves busy. I was rarely home after the bus … Continue reading

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Tu Mama Orina Como Caballo

Nope, I really don’t handle my liquor well. It’s perhaps a good thing I didn’t start drinking in earnest until I was older than 21. Not that I didn’t have my share of drunken experiences before turning 21, because I … Continue reading

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Like Luke with One Hand

Crapola, I spent 20 minutes typing a thought provoking non-sarcastic post only to have it lost in the bowels of Internet Explorer.  I blame those damn enhanced security permissions of Internet Explorer 7.  I gave it permission to open a … Continue reading

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Rage Against the Driver

We’ve all heard the expression, patience is a virtue. Last Friday I got to personally witness what happens when people stop being polite. Just north of my work building is a busy Starbucks. I make daily visits there to keep … Continue reading

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FKT: brave or stupid?

Today’s post is in video format yo! A little bit of background here.  On Wednesday’s post I asked readers to submit a question which I would respond to via my first video post.  You can read the comments in their … Continue reading

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