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Don’t let the door…

How will I remember 2011? It will go down as one of the most trying years of the past twenty. Testing my patience and views on life. I felt like a punching bag most of the year. I was bruised, … Continue reading

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Protected: Things Will be Different

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Leaving Vegas Behind

A week ago twelve friends wandered south to Las Vegas for the weekend.  My previous, and first, visit to Vegas happened in 2006.  That trip was a reunion of sorts for a bachelor party I didn’t attend in 2001 since … Continue reading

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Daddy Days

Well hello there! It has come to my attention I’m employable again. If you were perhaps living in a cave the past nine months, you may not fully comprehend my jobless struggles. I will tell you this, it was fun … Continue reading

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Riding the Light Rail with Baba

Here she is, Miss Bota. That's Albanian for Miss World or so I've been told by one of her daycare teachers. I just have to say the past few weeks have been nothing short of magical watching her discover the … Continue reading

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Time Changes Nothing

The weather outside was delightful, the discussion inside wonderful. I hung with my friends for the weekend in Bend, Oregon. It has been fascinating to learn what our friend Tod did during his two years in the Dominican Republic serving … Continue reading

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Bumping fists is for the emotionally weak

I reflect often. If you ask Mrs. Lessinges, she’ll tell you I love the expression “guess what we were doing two months ago?” more than life itself. 2 years ago = November 2007 – my Best Man Tod is settling … Continue reading

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