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Leaving Vegas Behind

A week ago twelve friends wandered south to Las Vegas for the weekend.  My previous, and first, visit to Vegas happened in 2006.  That trip was a reunion of sorts for a bachelor party I didn’t attend in 2001 since … Continue reading

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Bumping fists is for the emotionally weak

I reflect often. If you ask Mrs. Lessinges, she’ll tell you I love the expression “guess what we were doing two months ago?” more than life itself. 2 years ago = November 2007 – my Best Man Tod is settling … Continue reading

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Prop Hate

Allow me to relive a story from my first day back to work this morning. The following interaction took place at the Starbucks next to my office. Characters: seated customers, myself, standing customers awaiting drink orders, Starbucks staff The scene: … Continue reading

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They Named a Town After Me

Last we spoke, I drove through boring Kansas, staying overnight in a lonely Wichita motel room. From there it was on to southern Arkansas where my friend and his wife were living. It was my first chance to see a … Continue reading

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Names Will Never Hurt Me

No, go get him. Tackle him, he’s got the ball… not me. When I was little I had a tremendous group of childhood friends. We did many things together to keep ourselves busy. I was rarely home after the bus … Continue reading

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FKT: vogue

It's not just how you bump and grind it. I was lacking a bit in the creativity department for this edition of Full Klothed Thursday. Yes, that’s my daughter's sock on one of my paws. The stocking hat is one … Continue reading

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I’m Uncomfortable with Your iTouch

Six hours.  That’s how long I’ve been sitting here trying to think of something to post.  Absolutely nothing came to mind so I dug through some random pictures and this is what you get. My wife’s friend and me at … Continue reading

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