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Coming out of Retirement

My first work week at the new job is complete. I’m excited with how things are looking so far. The initial week at a large company can be daunting, mainly for security purposes. It’s no secret I’m (indirectly) working for … Continue reading

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Every Person Has Their Story

Well this time it seems official.  My nearly nine year run at my current company will come to a screeching halt May 7th, three days after my 37th birthday.  This was announced to me last Wednesday at the end of … Continue reading

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Time Changes Nothing

The weather outside was delightful, the discussion inside wonderful. I hung with my friends for the weekend in Bend, Oregon. It has been fascinating to learn what our friend Tod did during his two years in the Dominican Republic serving … Continue reading

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Bumping fists is for the emotionally weak

I reflect often. If you ask Mrs. Lessinges, she’ll tell you I love the expression “guess what we were doing two months ago?” more than life itself. 2 years ago = November 2007 – my Best Man Tod is settling … Continue reading

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Ebb and Flow Emotions

We did it. We took our first family vacation since Baby Singe was born in 2007. We’ve had other “vacations” since, but they were to visit family. Last week we drove down to the Oregon Coast to spend five nights … Continue reading

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I Love Humans

Okay, so maybe I borrowed the title of this post from a Facebook Status Update of mine earlier today. Sue me. This week has been a chaotic work week due to a three day onsite meeting. It was nice and … Continue reading

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Selling Out

The video above was sent to my father-in-law the same day it was recorded, June 12th. That day just so happens to be Mrs. Lessinges’ birthday. Thus the reason our little one chanted the morning of June 12th. I prepped … Continue reading

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