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With Sugar on Top

In four short days my friend Scott will tie the knot.  This has been on my mind ever since our Vegas bachelor party a couple weeks ago.  It blows my mind I have known my college friends for nearly twenty years. … Continue reading

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Routine Routine Routine

I’ve arrived at this point called employment.  Monday is my first day back to work since early May of last year.  I don’t exactly know my role, my department, my daily duties, or how things will play out.  To be … Continue reading

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Nothing to Eat

I owe you this. I owe you many things, but I need to get this off my chest. A week ago Mrs. Lessinges had sharp abdominal pains. She took last Friday off work hoping a little down time would ease … Continue reading

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Put an M Before the Word and Call it Good

People like to talk about the economy these days. It’s sort of important I suppose considering how bleak things were a few months ago. I do feel like things have rebounded a bit, yet I’m not basing this on any … Continue reading

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Power, Sketchy, and Beneath Me

Have I mentioned my short-term jobs on this blog before? I can’t remember much these days so bear with me. I’ve had some brief jobs in my life which might make some think I have commitment issues. I’ve had numerous, … Continue reading

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Sometimes, they’re she’s the life of the party. You have to allow her to do what she wants and chalk it up as “learning”. How else is an extremely adorable (and chatty) toddler supposed to find out what works? As … Continue reading

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Nobody Rolls on the Floor While Laughing

Rewind eight years and you’d find me and my fiancée in our spacious suburban apartment planning our late April Hawaii wedding. She would have just started her brand new job at the Starbucks corporate office after leaving a boring job … Continue reading

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