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Canadians are a Rare Breed

Melliferous Pants, you owe us! Pants got me hooked on this Canadian dude last night. I must warn you the links and songs may not be appropriate for the average weak mind. Consider this your parental advisory! Warning, Jon’s videos … Continue reading

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FKT: Onesie

Enter your own caption. Onesies are abundant in our home so I snatched one and placed it atop my head. Creative? Not so much. This post proves no political affiliation whatsover and hasn’t been endorsed by any candidate, including Ralph … Continue reading

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Replacement Blogger

Hi, my name is Melvin.  I will be blogging when Egan isn't available.  Mr. Singe was running late this morning because he didn't sleep so well last night.  He says his late soccer game is to blame and why he didn't attempt to sleep until … Continue reading

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Every Step I Take

… they’ll be watching me… every move I make, every vow I break, they’ll be watching me. Okay seriously, the last place you’d expect to see quoted Police lyrics is on my blog.  I mean, come on, the guy is … Continue reading

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A Rose isn’t Just a Rose

Jesse: 26, professional snowboarder guy with long hair.  He doesn't really seem ready to get married, but he's a fun guy to be around.   His dad wears hats with fake hair.  Did I mention the fact this guy loves snowboarding? … Continue reading

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FKT: vogue

It's not just how you bump and grind it. I was lacking a bit in the creativity department for this edition of Full Klothed Thursday. Yes, that’s my daughter's sock on one of my paws. The stocking hat is one … Continue reading

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FKT: the sicko

I’ve been under the weather recently. I’m usually quite healthy so this bout with sickness the past couple months is really starting to annoy me. What does one do to combat that icky feeling? Well put on some of your … Continue reading

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