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Letting them Fly

I've had some thoughts on my mind about these topics in no specific order.  I do own a Toyota and think what's going on with the recall is shameful.  I think there's a media hungry for a takedown of Toyota. … Continue reading

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Not The Situation Room

Something is wrong. Something is completely amiss with our political system. I have to say it’s downright annoying me. Currently there’s much debate about the health care reform. I’ll just put it out there that I’m supportive of the President’s … Continue reading

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Sideways Spat

When someone proclaims something about you, sometimes you get defensive. Well this just happens to be a true story from a couple weeks ago. In late January I bought a bathroom cabinet from Target. I opened the box and the … Continue reading

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Kermit Won’t Like Me

Earth Day is a lovely day. It is made even cuter since it shares my brother’s birthday. Yes, he’s older than the actual Earth Day event which means I’m getting wiser in the process. Green is great. The environment is … Continue reading

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Q2 Goals

Ideally you play soccer when it’s sunny outside and not raining. More often than not, that’s not a reality when playing outdoor soccer in Seattle. Normally I play soccer games on Wednesday nights. This week I played a game late … Continue reading

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Relish the Excited Times

I’ve been told there are universal truths/traditions you come to accept in life. Many we learn as we go and some seem like we’ve known them since we could put on our own shoes. For starters, if you see a … Continue reading

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FKT: Kleenex

Ho hum… Wednesday afternoon was kind of slow at work. My cubicle mate and I chatted about life and shifted topics to marriage proposals. We discussed the intimate details of how I didn’t get down on bended knee to propose … Continue reading

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