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The Craigslist Savior

Life has been slightly different since our daughter was born in 2007.  In 2008 we bought a used treadmill to sneak in a workout here and there.  Getting the 500 pound beast into our house was a complete pain in … Continue reading

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Here, There, and Everywhere

Nothing says Happy New Year like civic duty, errr, I mean jury duty. Wednesday morning I’m supposed to show my face downtown to participate in the process. Whether or not I will get picked to be part of an actual … Continue reading

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Brett Favre Moments

A change is happening. It’s not happening as quickly as I’d like to see, but I feel butterflies waiting to emerge. It’s akin to how I felt back in 2004 after completing first triathlon. The excuses I’ve used the past … Continue reading

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Q2 Goals

Ideally you play soccer when it’s sunny outside and not raining. More often than not, that’s not a reality when playing outdoor soccer in Seattle. Normally I play soccer games on Wednesday nights. This week I played a game late … Continue reading

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Discourse, of course

Blogs, what is it with blogging?  I noticed something about blogging a couple years ago which sort of ruins the experience for me.  I noticed almost everyone who comments on blogs agrees with the author no matter how lame or … Continue reading

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Ask a Swimmer

It's your turn folks.  The Michael Phelps hysteria is near its climax.  If you don't know who the guy or don't give a crap about swimming, you can skim this post.  Basically I'm offering my services up to anyone who has … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Vélo

Eleven days ago I begrudingly signed up for a local triathlon.  I’ve only been in a pool three times since Anna was born in August of last year and on my bike twice.  However, I told myself I would do this triathlon no … Continue reading

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