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Sideways Spat

When someone proclaims something about you, sometimes you get defensive. Well this just happens to be a true story from a couple weeks ago. In late January I bought a bathroom cabinet from Target. I opened the box and the … Continue reading

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Prop Hate

Allow me to relive a story from my first day back to work this morning. The following interaction took place at the Starbucks next to my office. Characters: seated customers, myself, standing customers awaiting drink orders, Starbucks staff The scene: … Continue reading

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A Bucket Full of Hate

Holy cow, there’s a lot of angst on the internet recently. I’ve read a fair share of “hate” posts. So I thought I’d add to the misery since we love company. Are all bloggers melancholy or what? How’s that for … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Vélo

Eleven days ago I begrudingly signed up for a local triathlon.  I’ve only been in a pool three times since Anna was born in August of last year and on my bike twice.  However, I told myself I would do this triathlon no … Continue reading

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Spanks for Nothing

"Damnit, come over here now!"  You better believe I heard those words as a child.  Contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t an angelic child 100% of the time.  I was pretty good, but I also misbehaved when I was feeling attention … Continue reading

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Parking Redemption

Yesterday I was in a fiestier mood than normal, just ask Mez.  I know, shocking as it may be.  Every work day I park in the infamous garage.  Wednesday I spotted this truck taking up two spaces.  A healthy well-adjusted … Continue reading

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Public Enemy #5A

So everyday my wife and I carpool to work.  I typically drop her off in front of the building and then I park our car in her company’s parking garage.  I work across the street from her so this makes … Continue reading

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