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Q2 Goals

Ideally you play soccer when it’s sunny outside and not raining. More often than not, that’s not a reality when playing outdoor soccer in Seattle. Normally I play soccer games on Wednesday nights. This week I played a game late … Continue reading

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Power, Sketchy, and Beneath Me

Have I mentioned my short-term jobs on this blog before? I can’t remember much these days so bear with me. I’ve had some brief jobs in my life which might make some think I have commitment issues. I’ve had numerous, … Continue reading

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Chirp #1

I'm putting my socks on, gonna piss, and go to bed. ================================================== @Cléa – you make me laugh, very funny and let's Tweet together.  @Kirk – no, that's an auto signature I need to disable.  I will get to it … Continue reading

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Tweet You

Get ready to learn about the awesomeness that is Twitter, on my blog.  For a little bit, this blog will be transformed into a Twitter-esque outpost.  Some of you may not understand Twitter, consider the following posts to be your … Continue reading

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So That’s What Foundation is For

It is good to meet people. It is good to dance. It’s good to dance and meet people you might find attractive. See, this is type of thought process which got me in trouble during college. When you’re underage, your … Continue reading

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The Shrooms are Loose

What is the opposite of chocolate? I’m convinced it’s brussel sprouts. Damn, it could be coleslaw too. Who eats coleslaw and why? That is vile food and it has the tendency to do wicked things to the body. Whenever a … Continue reading

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Look Me in the Eyes

I’ve had my Yahoo! email address now for over 13 years. This is only mentioned because I spend a fair amount of time reading Yahoo’s cheesy headlines. They have a lame way of sucking you in with their news blurbs. … Continue reading

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