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Italia schmalia

More Italy and impressions on present day. Continue reading

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What’s on My Mind?

Sign of the times? There are three houses on our street for rent. The owners moved out of their houses within the past 6-9 months to pursue new job opportunities and/or a new home elsewhere. A year ago, Breeder’s Row … Continue reading

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146 Years in the Making

What were you doing in 1863? Most of us weren’t around to answer this question. Most of America was in the midst of a bitter civil war. A civil war I’ve read much about courtesy of books passed down a … Continue reading

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Shared Drives

My time on this shared MacBook has been compromised. It started out innocently a couple months ago. I sent my wife a photo of one of my brother’s found on Facebook. I unexpectedly unearthed the photo of him on a … Continue reading

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Shhh, they might hear you

Secrets! We all have them. With whom do we share our innermost secrets? What constitutes a secret? On some level do we want people to know our secrets? Got a secret you want to share? Post it in the comments … Continue reading

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Beeping the Pavement

My wife did her breast cancer 3-Day walk over the weekend. Tons of walking in unseasonably warm Seattle weather. I did my best to see her as often as possible on the course during those three days. I witnessed the … Continue reading

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Discourse, of course

Blogs, what is it with blogging?  I noticed something about blogging a couple years ago which sort of ruins the experience for me.  I noticed almost everyone who comments on blogs agrees with the author no matter how lame or … Continue reading

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