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Software updating addiction

I train software for a living so it’s very hard for me to ignore software updates for any electronic devices when prompted. However this may not always be a good idea. In fact I’m thinking I may need a rule … Continue reading

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I’m all about mobile

A summary of our trip to Italy and why I switched my blog from TypePad to WordPress. Continue reading

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State of the Blog

A couple years ago I received a cool gift. A bunch of people I met online, known as bloggers, banded together to throw me a virtual baby shower. It was a remarkable thing I must admit. I was overwhelmed by … Continue reading

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Shared Drives

My time on this shared MacBook has been compromised. It started out innocently a couple months ago. I sent my wife a photo of one of my brother’s found on Facebook. I unexpectedly unearthed the photo of him on a … Continue reading

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Shhh, they might hear you

Secrets! We all have them. With whom do we share our innermost secrets? What constitutes a secret? On some level do we want people to know our secrets? Got a secret you want to share? Post it in the comments … Continue reading

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Fruit Fight

The past week I’ve been obsessed with my new gold BlackBerry Pearl. I’m a Mac guy so I was quite skeptical about the BlackBerry’s charms. I don’t have an iPhone, but I have an iPod touch. It’s essentially the same … Continue reading

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Arobas Home

I’ve been a supportive guy. I pushed the agenda when my wife worked at Starbucks, promoting the hell out of drinks my wife helped launch and the plight of Starbucks global reputation. When she worked for an apparel company, I … Continue reading

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