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Getting the Worm

There are people in society who take the plunge when others, the less intrepid types, aren’t so willing.  I’m talking about those of you who bought a Toyota Prius or an iPod in the year 2002.  Yes, I’m talking about those risk … Continue reading

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Billy Idol Breaks Spell Check

My post about fatherhood wasn't meant to be.  I attempted to retype the entry last night and then we lost power.  The winds outside finally got the best of our neighborhood after flickering for more than three hours.  Instead you're stuck with yet another … Continue reading

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Lay Flat to Dry

Hello people! I’m back from a chaotic past week or so. The in-laws are tucked in their beds on the other side of the country. Our daughter was very delightful during their four day visit. Mother’s Day went off without … Continue reading

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I Have an Itchy Itchy Rash

You want me, moi to ask for help? This can be one of the most complicated and tedious tasks for humans.  Asking for help is something many of us fear.  As I’m halfway into my week of solo parenting while … Continue reading

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Can You See Me Now?

Mystify Me Week continues here at Les Singes.  (les singes is the plural form of monkey in French in case you don’t speak the language).  The last post I asked about some social behavior.  Now I’d like to learn more … Continue reading

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In My Office

You better believe it, we love to blog.  Or at least we like to put ourselves out there.  At times I wonder if this is a good thing or not.  Personally I started blogging to voice my dissatisfaction with the … Continue reading

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Flash Gordon’s Life Lesson

Happy October 1st. It’s the final quarter of the year. Which means it’s time for me to share a podcast with you. Click this bitchin’ link to hear me talk in a normal voice about my weekend. Previous podcasts I’ve … Continue reading

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