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State of the Man

In three days time I will be on a plane headed to Arizona with my girlfriend. It will be our first trip on a plane together. It’s my first flight in two years when I went to Vegas for my … Continue reading

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Coming out of Retirement

My first work week at the new job is complete. I’m excited with how things are looking so far. The initial week at a large company can be daunting, mainly for security purposes. It’s no secret I’m (indirectly) working for … Continue reading

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Every Person Has Their Story

Well this time it seems official.  My nearly nine year run at my current company will come to a screeching halt May 7th, three days after my 37th birthday.  This was announced to me last Wednesday at the end of … Continue reading

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Ballet World

When I was much younger I’d remember certain things about people. For example, in high school I’d commit to memory which people smoke and what cars they drive. Mind you, that’s not all I tracked about each person, but I … Continue reading

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