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My Posse’s on Broadway

Friendships.  They aren’t something to take lightly.  I treasure the friends I have.  Some I’ve known for 25 plus years, some I’ve known since college, and some are people I’ve met within the past year.  Friends are great.  They are … Continue reading

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Triple Threat

Look out people! This blog is evolving, or at least learning how to use some of today’s technology. This eight second video clip I uploaded to YouTube is the tip of the iceberg. Hold your horses, there will be future … Continue reading

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Beacon Hill

Look at the mountains, they’re beautiful. Our house is visible in this shot if you look very carefully in the upper left corner. (it helps if you enlarge the photo by clicking on it). I’m learning to embrace my new … Continue reading

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This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing. "At least it’s free!!"

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Jingle Sells

Okay, I may be "lyrically challenged", but I do have an attention span long enough to retain very old television ad jingles.  I have no idea why these are stuck in my head, but the below fifteen are just a … Continue reading

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All in the Family

Friday night my wife and I attended a fund raiser for the non-profit Room to Read I mentioned in my last post.  I got a tad bit drunk on the donated beer, but still had a great time.  What could … Continue reading

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Exhaling to the Oldies

Things some seem to forget about the blogging culture. even though it may seem like you know someone really well, keep in mind sarcasm (or what some may call "sarcasm") doesn’t always translate over the internet.  Don’t try to use … Continue reading

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