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Dress Me Up and Call Me Pretty

Hmmm, is this a clue or not to how I look today? Sometimes it’s necessary to improvise when your local retailer nearly sells out all of its Halloween gear. I searched the store and wasn’t able to find what I … Continue reading

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Pleased to Meet You

Handshaking is a common greeting ritual here in the United States. We tend to shake hands with other people as a welcome gesture. What happens after you shake someone’s hand? You meet someone for the first time and you extend … Continue reading

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Alright folks.  Today Mr. Maytag is supposed to come by and magically fix our malfunctioning fridge while providing me with a reach around.  This got me thinking about other fridge mishaps and how I’m not really cut out to fix … Continue reading

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But What About the Cheese?

Saturday night we hosted a little gathering of my college buddies.  Most of us still live in Seattle and a few made the three hour trip up from Portland.  My wife and I graciously agreed to host after one of … Continue reading

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Love Him, Touch Him…

My monkey, Schweetheart™, says hello.  He’s prevented me from blogging all day long by squatting on my keyboard.  He’s cute and all that shit, but he’s got to move sooner or later so I can type up something incredibly lame … Continue reading

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Insurance Schmurance

I have a simple question.  Does anyone drive without car insurance?  I see cars that you can tell the driver clearly doesn’t have insurance because there’s more duct tape than glass.  I’m just curious how many people truly drive around … Continue reading

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I Can Get Satisfaction

Oh yeah!  I finally get to see the Rolling Stones live in concert.  I’m very psyched.  My father-in-law is a huge Stones fan so naturally my wife knows all their songs.  She attended many Rolling Stones concerts with her dad … Continue reading

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