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Arobas Home

I’ve been a supportive guy. I pushed the agenda when my wife worked at Starbucks, promoting the hell out of drinks my wife helped launch and the plight of Starbucks global reputation. When she worked for an apparel company, I … Continue reading

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Ikea Equals Love

I’ve talked about how this week is my daughter’s first week in her toddler class. I may have mentioned it will require some changes for me. To break my habit of visiting the daycare unannounced, I have some things planned … Continue reading

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Tunnel Vision

Next week my daughter transitions to her toddler class.  She has been in her infant class full-time since the beginning of last December.  This means I've been paying her daily lunch visits for the past eight months, but will have to … Continue reading

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Discourse, of course

Blogs, what is it with blogging?  I noticed something about blogging a couple years ago which sort of ruins the experience for me.  I noticed almost everyone who comments on blogs agrees with the author no matter how lame or … Continue reading

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Olympics: the drinking game

If you're hooked on the Olympics like I am, here's a perfect opportunity to make it even more enjoyable.  Maybe you hate the Olympics, here's a way to make it digestable.  This game won't involve ice cube trays, quarters, fingers … Continue reading

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Ask a Swimmer

It's your turn folks.  The Michael Phelps hysteria is near its climax.  If you don't know who the guy or don't give a crap about swimming, you can skim this post.  Basically I'm offering my services up to anyone who has … Continue reading

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Replacement Blogger

Hi, my name is Melvin.  I will be blogging when Egan isn't available.  Mr. Singe was running late this morning because he didn't sleep so well last night.  He says his late soccer game is to blame and why he didn't attempt to sleep until … Continue reading

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